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  1. Thanks! What is the muffle option? I have not heard of that before.
  2. Thanks! I definitely could go with one layer, of insulation which would give me 6" of workable diameter. That might be a good start, then we can shrink it later if it is inefficient for some reason. I am curious to hear some more responses.
  3. I have a scrap 8" x 24" air tank that I am planning on building into a propane forge with my brother in law this weekend to give to him for his birthday. I have an adjustable propane regulator and the pipes/fittings to make one venturi style burner. I was planning on lining the inside with 2 inches of kaowool and skinning with refractory cement then having a fire brick or two to set the metal on. This would leave a 4" diameter hole in the center of the tank. Here are the two options that I would like an opinion on though since for now I only want to do a single burner setup. Option 1
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