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  1. Thanks! What is the muffle option? I have not heard of that before.
  2. Thanks! I definitely could go with one layer, of insulation which would give me 6" of workable diameter. That might be a good start, then we can shrink it later if it is inefficient for some reason. I am curious to hear some more responses.
  3. I have a scrap 8" x 24" air tank that I am planning on building into a propane forge with my brother in law this weekend to give to him for his birthday. I have an adjustable propane regulator and the pipes/fittings to make one venturi style burner. I was planning on lining the inside with 2 inches of kaowool and skinning with refractory cement then having a fire brick or two to set the metal on. This would leave a 4" diameter hole in the center of the tank. Here are the two options that I would like an opinion on though since for now I only want to do a single burner setup. Option 1: Shorten the tank to 8 or 12" and run one burner in the center or offset towards the front. Option 2: Leave the tank at 24" and run one burner about 5" from the front but leave the option to add additional burners if he sticks with the hobby and wants to do longer items. Will I have heat or combustion problems if I have such an offset burner and nothing behind it for the last 19 or 20"? I don't care if the back of the forge doesn't get hot enough for now since he is just learning and probably playing around with smaller pieces of metal. Other question. Is there any standard/formula for hole size in the front and back of the forge? Should one be larger than the other? I see a lot of guys putting a moveable plate on the front to hold some heat in. Any tips/feedback would be greatly appreciated! This would be my first attempt at a forge and I am guessing some people on here have learned a lot of little tricks to improve things...
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