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    Classical folding knives from the XVI centuary and so on.
  1. Let me share with you guys the post of a close friend of me, he is one of the best artisans from Albacete that I have met. “My name is Juan Matinez Ortega and I recently posted my project called “HEXAI: Hexagons & cryo stainless steel EDC folding knife”. Hexai is a folding knife inspired in Hexagon, it is quite a looker but more than that: compact, light, sleek, rugged and more than that, functional folding knife with a refined touch You can check our campaign at the following link. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juanmartinezdesigns/hexai-hexagons-and-cryo-stainless-steel-edc-foldin Hexai is a sleek folding knife, incredibly sharp and highly durable folding knife unlike any other. It has passed our most important test: the past of time, using it for months and yet being as deadly sharp and beautiful as the first day. Our goal is to marry understated and elegant aesthetics with practical features expected of an EDC folding knife Would you like to know more? You can visit our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1Gf3opDs64
  2. My name is José, many of you already know me as a folding knife artisan from Spain. I have been posting my folders for a some time and I have the honor of counting many of you as my friends. Today I am posting something unusual, I am here to try to get a bit of help for my close friends from Hydra Knives, in fact, the company has been funded by my son and they are fighting hard to earn a piece of the cake. They are a new Spanish cutlery brand trying to launch their products to the market, however, starting a new business is never an easy thing so they are lacking of enough funding. They decided to start their brand showing the world their new knife, an U.S-Inspired multitool EDC neck knife. It is available on Kickstarter and it would be amazing if you could lend me a hand here and share their work. I know this knife might not be of everyone taste, I trully do, I better than anyone (I make replicas of Spanish folding knives from XIX centuary) know that, anyway please, just give it a try. The most exposure they can get the best, and if you like the knife you can support their project as well on Kickstarter.They sent this knife out for testing to already 30 testers worldwide (some of you pretty famous YouTubers and other stuff for modern people I don't know about haha) I wouldn’t ask you all guys if this wasn’t important to me, thanks a lot for your big love, and I will come soon with more of my folding knives :) P.S: For those who don't know me yet you can visit my website as well or my threads (and related threads) :). Thanks a lot in advance you all, have an amazing weekend! José https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieLXx0666NM
  3. Good day guys and blade lovers! How you doing? I hope this little post finds you well and everything is good. Tomorrow it’s a big national holiday on Spain but I am not pretty sure about other countries, anyway, have a really good day This post is just to introduce you two of my newest folding knives: The first one is a sailing/rigging folding knife made on a beautiful walnut wood handle, it’s the first time I make a sailing folding knife and I shouldn’t say it since it’s one my creations but I think it looks good so far. The second one is a vendetta corso folding knife with a tanto point and ram horn handle (in fact it’s mouflon but not everyone knows it), I don’t know why but most of my customer wants them. As a customer recently said me “it has the vibe since it’s not a common thing”. Also, let me use this post to thanks everyone for being so supportive, bear with me guys, I would be nothing without you. Here are some quick links to both of them: SAILING FOLDING KNIFE: https://artesaniaherreros.es/en/producto/rigging-sailing-folding-knife-walnut-wood-handle/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfhNUDdOleQ [/URL]NAVAJA CORSA TANTO POINT: https://artesaniaherreros.es/en/producto/vendetta-corso-tanto-folding-knife-ram-horn-10-cm-blade/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyugF2-gRZU I hope you like both! P.S: For those who are interesting on knowing more about the Spanish folding knives typology and where it comes from (spoiler alert, XV century) I made a blog area on my website where I will be posting folding knives stories and typologies. I would love you to join in and discuss about everything you find interesting or even proposing me new topics for future updates! I have attached the portrait image of my first post, and here’s how to access it: https://artesaniaherreros.es/en/blog/
  4. Thanks a lot Brian! Thanks Joshua, and thanks for the advice, will do! haha I try! thanks a lot man for your words, giving this much support only encourages me to keep going on, Thanks you three guys! have a nice day! José
  5. Thanks a lot Alex! I'd love to see your knife and how you manage to put an accent on it! it's a classy touch which makes the blades even cooler. Haha, thanks a lot C Craft! I am not sure if they are the best, but they are my best The furniture can be done in brass, nickel silver or even stainless steel, I'd say I used stainless steel on this one since silver would make it too expensive and not many of my costumer like them (since it tends to oxidize adquiring a black aesthetic)
  6. Thanks a lot Jeremy Blohm, I am quite new with the forums thing :P, if an administrator could move it I would be forever thankful
  7. Good day people, After a long and well deserved vacations “I AM BACK” (Schwarzenegger-like voice in Terminator) I am back to the business and today I bring two you two new folding knives of my recent creations. The first one is a deer stag antler handled folding knife with a straight point and a beautiful cooper incrustation on the blade. This blade of 9 cm length is elegant and functional. The idea behind this folding knife is to break with the curved pattern of almost every Spanish folding knife. The second one is a mini-carraca folding knife, a classic and small folding knife with a deer stag handle and a 8,2 cm blade. This Sevillian like folding knife comes with a carraca, so it cuts like a demon and sounds like an angel, a classic piece which I love to show my colleagues while lunching together and leave them with their mouths open. I hope you like them guys :D. Here a few links if you would like to see more (thanks in advance guys :D) Straight folding knife: https://artesaniaherreros.es/en/producto/straight-point-folding-knife-made-from-dear-stag-antler-handle/ Sevillian carraca: https://artesaniaherreros.es/en/producto/sevillian-carraca-folding-knife-deer-stag-antler-handle/ My catalog: (Since last time there are at least 6 new designs so be my guest!) https://artesaniaherreros.es/en/shop/ Video of the straight blade folding knife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJSwrxjFicg Video of the Sevillian carraca: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-S97fAsPbM *Edit: removing images of the bottom*
  8. Thanks a lot Clifford! haven't we met before? I think I know you from somewhere else! Thanks a lot Alan :), and thanks for the warn welcome! gotta be around so much! hahahaha thanks a lot Adam, for real, it wasn't neccesary but I am glad you have liked it! In fact, vendettas are my main product since I don't know why but they are my top sold models (funny thing I haven't sold any vendetta to France lol). As you know they are all handmade so it will take a few days to be manufacture but as soon as I ship it I will let you know by email the shipping number! I just would like to ask for a favour... would you be able to let me know your first impressions once you receive it? Wow , thanks a lot man! it's one of the most beautiful things someone has ever told me (no kidding hahaha), maybe thanks to me you recover an interest for reading, who knows , stay tuned I will be updating from time to time and thanks again man!
  9. Good day guys, I have hit a new millestone! I have finally fully translated my website to English! I know it's not a proper English and it's not flawless but I did my best. The idea came up when a few of you let me know that google translator was working fine with my webpage; and since my intention is to publicy the classic Spanish cutlery I thought "what the h***, I will translate the website so everyone could visit it" and so I did, I am gladly to announce that Artesania Herreros is now available on English which will ease a lot my communication with you all! You can access it from HERE- Also, following the advice from some of you I have hired the .com domain and it will be automatically redirect to the .es version soon! In order to thank you all for your constant support and advices I have decided to upload three really special pieces. The first one is a hunting orange G-10 folding knife fully handmade with black liners and brass studded handle. The blade is manufacture on 440 steel. The palanquilla and the spring is beautifully bedecked with filed notches and engravings. Here’s some images: And you watch it live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqhGGXtYk8g The second one is a Vendetta corso folding knife made on a polished bull horn and deer stag antler handle separated with a brass cord. The blade and “palanquilla” are made from 440 steel. The spring, palanquilla and the blade’s spine is beautifully bedecked. It’s one of our top sold designs. Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prV8XvWc7Zc Finally, one of my latest creations, a pocket-size folding knife made of mirror polished bullhorn handle bedecked with a nice turquoise incrustation. The handle comes with a nickel silver palanquilla and bolster to highlight the beauty of the folding knife. You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytkKqpG_JpI I hope you all like them as much as I do, and let me thanks you all guys, it's a pleasure to be part of this little family and I am sorry if I cannot post very often, I have to do it on the weekends from now on! Best regards, José Antonio Herreros Gómez
  10. Than Gracias Alan ! I will try to keep things updated!
  11. Good day you all, My name is José Antonio Herreros. I am a knife and pocket knives artisan from Spain. It has been more than 44 years when I started making my own knives (when I was 13 years old) and today I can proudly name myself as an "amateur" (everyday you learn something new) artisan. I have been working with the most famous and finest cutlery brands from Spain, thanks to that, I have been awarded with the most important titles inside the Spanish handmade cutlery. Recently, I decided to make my own webpage https://www.artesaniaherreros.es/en/ since the Spanish handmade cutlery is dissapearing. Sadly, I have to start from cero since I have no photos (or the ones I have are really old) of my oldest creations, but, I try to keep the webpage updated with more products (with quality photos), videos, etc. so one day I could proudly look at it as my own catalogue. I have attached you a few photos of my latest products, they are just a little glimpse of my daily work, but I hope you like it. Thanks a lot to everyone who told me on facebook about this marvelous forum, and thanks everyone for letting me part of this awesome community! Greetings from Spain - José Antonio Herreros, Knives and folding knives artisan from Spain.
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