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  1. Let me share with you guys the post of a close friend of me, he is one of the best artisans from Albacete that I have met. “My name is Juan Matinez Ortega and I recently posted my project called “HEXAI: Hexagons & cryo stainless steel EDC folding knife”. Hexai is a folding knife inspired in Hexagon, it is quite a looker but more than that: compact, light, sleek, rugged and more than that, functional folding knife with a refined touch You can check our campaign at the following link. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juanmartinezdesigns/hexai-hexagons-and-cryo-stain
  2. My name is José, many of you already know me as a folding knife artisan from Spain. I have been posting my folders for a some time and I have the honor of counting many of you as my friends. Today I am posting something unusual, I am here to try to get a bit of help for my close friends from Hydra Knives, in fact, the company has been funded by my son and they are fighting hard to earn a piece of the cake. They are a new Spanish cutlery brand trying to launch their products to the market, however, starting a new business is never an easy thing so they are lacking of enough funding.
  3. Good day guys and blade lovers! How you doing? I hope this little post finds you well and everything is good. Tomorrow it’s a big national holiday on Spain but I am not pretty sure about other countries, anyway, have a really good day This post is just to introduce you two of my newest folding knives: The first one is a sailing/rigging folding knife made on a beautiful walnut wood handle, it’s the first time I make a sailing folding knife and I shouldn’t say it since it’s one my creations but I think it looks good so far. The second one is a vendetta corso folding knife wit
  4. Thanks a lot Brian! Thanks Joshua, and thanks for the advice, will do! haha I try! thanks a lot man for your words, giving this much support only encourages me to keep going on, Thanks you three guys! have a nice day! José
  5. Thanks a lot Alex! I'd love to see your knife and how you manage to put an accent on it! it's a classy touch which makes the blades even cooler. Haha, thanks a lot C Craft! I am not sure if they are the best, but they are my best The furniture can be done in brass, nickel silver or even stainless steel, I'd say I used stainless steel on this one since silver would make it too expensive and not many of my costumer like them (since it tends to oxidize adquiring a black aesthetic)
  6. Thanks a lot Jeremy Blohm, I am quite new with the forums thing :P, if an administrator could move it I would be forever thankful
  7. Good day people, After a long and well deserved vacations “I AM BACK” (Schwarzenegger-like voice in Terminator) I am back to the business and today I bring two you two new folding knives of my recent creations. The first one is a deer stag antler handled folding knife with a straight point and a beautiful cooper incrustation on the blade. This blade of 9 cm length is elegant and functional. The idea behind this folding knife is to break with the curved pattern of almost every Spanish folding knife. The second one is a mini-carraca folding knife, a classic and small foldin
  8. Thanks a lot Clifford! haven't we met before? I think I know you from somewhere else! Thanks a lot Alan :), and thanks for the warn welcome! gotta be around so much! hahahaha thanks a lot Adam, for real, it wasn't neccesary but I am glad you have liked it! In fact, vendettas are my main product since I don't know why but they are my top sold models (funny thing I haven't sold any vendetta to France lol). As you know they are all handmade so it will take a few days to be manufacture but as soon as I ship it I will let you know by email the shipping number! I just would like to
  9. Good day guys, I have hit a new millestone! I have finally fully translated my website to English! I know it's not a proper English and it's not flawless but I did my best. The idea came up when a few of you let me know that google translator was working fine with my webpage; and since my intention is to publicy the classic Spanish cutlery I thought "what the h***, I will translate the website so everyone could visit it" and so I did, I am gladly to announce that Artesania Herreros is now available on English which will ease a lot my communication with you all! You can access it fro
  10. Than Gracias Alan ! I will try to keep things updated!
  11. Good day you all, My name is José Antonio Herreros. I am a knife and pocket knives artisan from Spain. It has been more than 44 years when I started making my own knives (when I was 13 years old) and today I can proudly name myself as an "amateur" (everyday you learn something new) artisan. I have been working with the most famous and finest cutlery brands from Spain, thanks to that, I have been awarded with the most important titles inside the Spanish handmade cutlery. Recently, I decided to make my own webpage https://www.artesaniaherreros.es/en/ since the Spanish handmade cu
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