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  1. I'm going to give it a go, i don't have anything to lose.
  2. Hello everybody! A couple small knives up for your consideration. #1) 4'' Utility knife Steel: 1070 high carbon steel. Handle: Burned oak wood with brass pins. Dimensions. Overall lenght: 23cm-9.11'' Blade lenght: 10cm-4'' Blade widght: 2.7cm-1.06'' Blade thickness: 4mm-0.157'' Handle lenght: 13cm-5.11'' Weight: 157grams-5.53 ounches Textured flats and belt finish on the bevels. It comes with a leather sheath and belt loop*. Price: 70$ Free international shipping with priority mail and a tracking nu
  3. Hello everybody! My latest project is finished, a nessmuk style camp knife. It feels great in the hand and it's shape and weight are perfect for camp style tasks! Due to it's size is capable of doing chopping as well. Steel: 1070 high carbon steel Handle: Burned oak wood with lanyard tubes as pins and a lanyard hole Dimensions. Overall lenght: 30cm-11.8'' Blade lenght: 17cm-6.69'' Blade widght: 4.3cm-1.69'' Blade thickness: 3mm-0.118'' Handle lenght: 12.5cm-4.92'' Weight: 236grams-8.32 ounches It has a satin finish on the flats and a be
  4. Just finished the sheath of this bad boy, it's done and ready to chop!
  5. To be honest, my plan was to ask 200$ for them. The proble is, I had a motorbike accident and the medical bills pile up, that's why i started at 150$, believing that it would help to sell them faster. Now that things got tougher with the bills, I bit the bullet and dropped the price to 100$(not going to go any lower than that tho). On my future knives i'm going to apply your advices, i'm sure they are going to help a lot!
  6. Guys, thank you for your advices, i really appreciate it! I'm going to try using these advices and see how it goes.
  7. At least now i know that i'm not the only one.
  8. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, i do have them on sale on a few facebook pages and one more knifemaking forum. A few people were interested on facebook but when i messaged them, none of them replied.
  9. Almost finished! All that's left to do is some cleaning and sharpening. (super crappy picture incoming!)
  10. Just finished the HT and tempering, now it's time for the handle!
  11. Good evening everybody! Profiled and did the rough grinding on this bad boy!
  12. Hello everybody! A few lovely knives for outdoor activities, they feel really light feel in the hand! Steel: 1070 high carbon steel Dimensions:Overall lenght: 25 cm - 9.8''Blade lenght: 13 cm - 5.11''Blade widght: 3.3 cm - 1.29''Blade thickness: 4mm - 0.157 inchesHandle lenght: 11.5 cm - 4.5''Weight: 180 grams - 6.34 ounches Handle material: Burned oak wood with aluminum pins and lanyard tube. One of them does not have a burned handle but oak wood as it is. Differentially heat treated by drawing back the spine with a tor
  13. A simple design yet proven over the time! Steel: O1 tool steel Overall lenght: 30 cm - 11.81 inches Blade lenght: 17 cm - 6.69 inches Blade height: 3 cm - 1.18 inches Thickness: 6mm - 0.236 inches Heat treated using clay at the spine of the knife to achieve a differential heat treatment. The handle is made with brass pommel and guard. Oak wood with leather spacers and deer antler. The pommel and the guard have a textured satin finish. The handle is secured with epoxy and pinned at the end of the tang. It comes with a simple leather sheath. I ship world wide.
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