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  1. That last photo is the 215 east right? Near State St? My house isn't actually very far from there.
  2. Lived in Utah all my life. Mostly in the north where the forests and mountains are, spent A LOT of time camping. But we would go to southern Utah (the red rock desert) very often. Haven't been south in about 6 years but I still visit the forests often. The pictures aren't mine but rather google searched, I don't take photos of anything other than my kids really because when I try I don't do it justice, but they are places I've been/places I spent my childhood and remember the most.
  3. Novice question, what are the "shadows" you refer to? Just dark (cold) spots of the metal or is there a deeper meaning to this?
  4. If I may ask what was it about that handle that stopped the knife from being sold? beautiful blade. Beautiful handle although a bit bulky for my taste. Was that the handle change? I'm just asking for my own information.
  5. springs promise is good. I was going to say "Strength of Life" but then I realized the post was nearly a year ago.
  6. too flat for my taste. I prefer forests myself but even I can admit that those are some beautiful shots.
  7. What do you typically cook your chili garlic paste for? The only thing I love as much as knives and D&D (yes I'm a nerd) is food.
  8. That's an interesting bird. I haven't seen a bird with such a big head and little body/tail before.
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