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  1. That knife turned out amazing man good job
  2. Very nice, your welds look solid keep it up man can’t wait to see more.
  3. Wow Gary that pattern is amazing, any idea of the type of blade you’re going to make with it yet?
  4. Well guys thank you all who followed this build and offered advice, this community is amazing! Here she is.
  5. Here she is, next will be the sheath. Does anyone have any good tutorials on doing a 3 piece sheath like a sandwich i also want to incorporate some Levi material into it.
  6. Thank you for the information! I shaped the handle today and got it sanded too 400 grit and it looks and feels great thank you again gerhard. I also got the blade and bolsters hand sanded the way i wanted and etched the blade i will be putting on the handle and gluing it tomorrow!
  7. Spent the day making some Levi micarta i didn’t get any photos of it but does anyone have an idea of how to finish this stuff, like what grit to take it up to or any type of finish i should apply like super glue or leave it as is? i also put the blade in the oven at 400 for two 2 hour cycles (thanks to Gary for his hunter post on here, it worked perfectly). I then sanded the blade to 400 grit. Tomorrow i will be shaping the handle and bolsters.
  8. Those are amazing ideas guys I’m going to try and find some of those rivets! Thank you so much. I got more work done on the knife, i squared the bolsters, heat treated, and ground it down to a decent edge i couldn’t wait so i did a test etch. So here it is.
  9. Hey guys, I’m in the process of working on a very special knife. Here’s a little back story, I had a friend pass away at a very young age do to a car accident a few years back, so i am making this knife for his father who is an avid hunter and dairy farmer in memory of his son. His name was Levi so I’m going to be making micarta out of Levi’s for the handle. This is by far the most challenging knife i have attempted i do not have pictures of the forging process but this is where i am currently at, it is 4 stacks of twisted Damascus the knife is 10” overall with the same 4 stack twisted Damascus integral bolsters you can kind of see the pattern peaking through in the photo. Please feel free to offer any advice as i go.
  10. Stag it is! Got the blade sanded to 600 and etched. Don't mind the wifes feet in the background.
  11. Well another hickup in the build, I was looking at state laws and they banned the sale of all ivory including fossil so I can't get a hold of mammoth ivory sadly so any suggestions? I kinda want to stick with bone so I was thinking stag maybe?
  12. Thanks Alan! Didn' get much done over the weekend had alot of family over but I spent a lot of time "surface grinding" the blade bolsters and liners to within a few thousandths of eachother... I hope it's accurate enough too were it doesn't bind anywhere once I get it all peened and glued together! Started at 80 grit and moved up too 220, also had to forge and twist another bar to make the spine lock.
  13. Oh and if someone could change this from framelock folder wip too lockback wip I'm not sure how to change it. Thanks!
  14. Okay so for two days I was messing with the design trying to get everything to fit and work properly, by the end of it all I had a mountain of cardboard, and decided to go with a lockback instead of framelock anyway here is what I came up with. Then transferred it too plexi to make sure it all lined up properly and everything was in working order. Then transferred to metal once it all lined up and I liked the look.
  15. So I cleaned the bars and stacked them in the orientation I wanted then welded them together and into the forge they go. Now when I'm forging this stack the most important thing in my mind is light tiny blows to set the weld really well, then forge down with heavier blows later. After some work you should end up with a solid bar this was 3/8" thick and just under 4" long. Ground clean down to 120 grit and etch checked, not what I was really going for but none the less excited that I successfully forge welded my first multi bar Damascus by hand and only my second attempt at anything Damascus! I owe a huge thank you to everyone on this forum I learned pretty much everything from you amazing people. Now I need a beer its 5-oclock somewhere right?
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