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  1. Thank you so much for the info Joshua I will be buying a fish tank bubbler tonight! I currently spent 2 days hand sanding up to an even and smooth 800 grit alternating between 45 degree and horizontal strokes, and will be etching tomorrow!
  2. Hey everyone, so I have been dealing with this knife all weekend and during heat treat it had a pretty bad warp, was able to grind most of it out luckily. Currently have it sanded to 400 grit. This is usually where I stop but will a 600 or 800 look better? Sometimes my etch comes out a little muddy looking and I feel like it's because I don't go to a high enough grit. Alex, thank you so much for the advice I will now try and incorporate brass into the knife! As well as using some fire hose in the sheath as well, I never thought of that. And thank you for offering to get some supplies but luckily I have a really good friend who is a firefighter that will be getting me alot of supplies! Joshua, I am so sorry for your loss. I might not be able to make it because my wife is due with our child any day now. But if God willing, I look forward to meeting you this weekend.
  3. This WIP is going to mean alot to me, for those of you who dont know Tim Hancock passed away a few months back. This man took me into his house for a week, free of charge and taught me almost everything I know about knife making. He forged me a ladder pattern damascus fighter which we both worked on together and still sits in a case unfinished, it means more to me where we left it rather than finishing it.... Anyway there was an off cut piece of the billet that I saved for a future project which leads me to today. My buddy just found out that his father is suffering from a pretty aggressive case of Parkinson's (which is what Tim also suffered from) and it dawned on me that this is the project Tim would have wanted me to use the off cut piece on, my friends dad is a pretty avid elk hunter so I was thinking of making a decent skinner that he can use, he was also a battalion fire chief so I was thinking of making micarta from firehose and using that as the handle, I would love some input from this community if you guys wouldn't mind. I'm trying to finish it before Tim's memorial mid november to bring it with me. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this.
  4. Thank you guys so much! And very good eye Alan, sadly I didnt get any good pics of the filework. And JohnK go to yard sales or old estate sales you would be surprised what you may find!
  5. Little hunter out of one of my great grandfathers old german files, not sure on the steel quality but she holds a good edge.
  6. That knife turned out amazing man good job
  7. Very nice, your welds look solid keep it up man can’t wait to see more.
  8. Wow Gary that pattern is amazing, any idea of the type of blade you’re going to make with it yet?
  9. Well guys thank you all who followed this build and offered advice, this community is amazing! Here she is.
  10. Here she is, next will be the sheath. Does anyone have any good tutorials on doing a 3 piece sheath like a sandwich i also want to incorporate some Levi material into it.
  11. Thank you for the information! I shaped the handle today and got it sanded too 400 grit and it looks and feels great thank you again gerhard. I also got the blade and bolsters hand sanded the way i wanted and etched the blade i will be putting on the handle and gluing it tomorrow!
  12. Spent the day making some Levi micarta i didn’t get any photos of it but does anyone have an idea of how to finish this stuff, like what grit to take it up to or any type of finish i should apply like super glue or leave it as is? i also put the blade in the oven at 400 for two 2 hour cycles (thanks to Gary for his hunter post on here, it worked perfectly). I then sanded the blade to 400 grit. Tomorrow i will be shaping the handle and bolsters.
  13. Those are amazing ideas guys I’m going to try and find some of those rivets! Thank you so much. I got more work done on the knife, i squared the bolsters, heat treated, and ground it down to a decent edge i couldn’t wait so i did a test etch. So here it is.
  14. Hey guys, I’m in the process of working on a very special knife. Here’s a little back story, I had a friend pass away at a very young age do to a car accident a few years back, so i am making this knife for his father who is an avid hunter and dairy farmer in memory of his son. His name was Levi so I’m going to be making micarta out of Levi’s for the handle. This is by far the most challenging knife i have attempted i do not have pictures of the forging process but this is where i am currently at, it is 4 stacks of twisted Damascus the knife is 10” overall with the same 4 stack twisted Damascus integral bolsters you can kind of see the pattern peaking through in the photo. Please feel free to offer any advice as i go.
  15. Stag it is! Got the blade sanded to 600 and etched. Don't mind the wifes feet in the background.
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