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    Southern Indiana, USA, Norway, Isle Of Lewis
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    Finding the riddles of steel, Ancient Ancestors ways, Hiking off trail exploring the forests since I was a kid, Caving, Norse viking age Scandinavian culture, Edda's, Picts, Archeology, Paleontology, Metallurgy, History, DNA, Guitar, Philosophy, Meeting good cool people, Learning, Metal smithing, swords, seaxs, axes.

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  1. Great artist work as always in all the things you make Jacek! Differently earned that firery beard :)
  2. Exquisitely and artistically done and you are a true master of the seax, nice!! How do you the silver wire wrap, like the last of the wire?
  3. Great thread! Hear is some more. Check out this seax from the Thegns of Mercia two years in the planning bottom picture here's a link. http://www.thegns.org/recent-reconstructions/atororn-a-kingly-late-7th-century-killing-seax
  4. Wow, most excellently done and artistically pleasant very nice.
  5. Hello Maciej, it's good to see you on here your work is always impeccable. Mam nadzieję, że wszystko jest w porządku z tobą i robisz dobrze.
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