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  1. I just looked up how to make the induction forge and it's all geek to me! Any way to improvise with a welder?(Mine, [Dad's, properly speaking.] is a Lincoln 225 amp stick welder that my dead grandpa bought used 40 years ago.), or would that damage the welder?
  2. Update: I'm working on forging the blade blank, and it's definitely tool steel. At orange heat a 4 pound hammer barely makes an impression, been using a 12 pound long handle for drawing out. Might have to put it on hold to build a hydraulic press. I got 13 inches (of 36) drawn out. -Dave
  3. I'm working on a somewhat similar project, and I was thinking to hold the pommel on I might get a bronze pin (3/8), drill a 3/8 hole in the tang, and drill and file the pommel a bit undersized, heat it with a torch, put it on the tang and drive the pin in, and let it cool so it shrinks down around the pin and tang, then polish it all as one piece, so it appears as if nothing is holding it on. Think that might work?
  4. Thanks everyone. What kind of wire rope should I use if I decide to go that route? And can mild steel be used in place of wrought iron for a soft core? Bear with me here, I'm probably going to have nothing but questions for quite a while. - Dave
  5. Okay, so I am a rookie bladesmith, made a few knives and 1 sword, and for my next magic trick, I want to make my personal sword. It will be a traditional Viking sword, 30" blade, bronze pommel and guard. I have an unknown type steel bar (supposedly some kind of tool steel, which would not surprise me, considering how hard it was to cut) for basic blade blank, and would like to forge weld a 1" wide pattern welded strip down each fuller, just for looks, but I have never done pattern weld before. So, 1) Am I better off finding a more experienced smith, and have him help me with it?(not such
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