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  1. Here is some video of it running. feedback appreciated 813D6CB9-1AE2-4063-BDD0-050A3D15496D.MOV
  2. the 6 minutes was from first lighting. I used a 2 inch ceramic blanket and cast o lite. I havent put in the ITC 100 yet but i am going to
  3. I finished my new forge from a propane tank. I got a railroad spike up to cherry red in 6 minutes. Is that good? or is it slow?
  4. I just soaked my ceramic blanket in rigidizer. How hard should expect it get. Instructions say full cure takes 24 hours. Just wanna make sure its totally done before i apply refractory.
  5. ok, good to know. if i get it from anvilfire. is 1 burner good enough to get up to welding temperature. and do they sell all the connections i need to hook up to my tank?
  6. would either of these get me up to welding temperature or are they to small? They look big to me what size would u consider a large burner. According to seller they are made with 3/4” x 8” pipe and 3/4” tees and a 1 1/4” x 3/4” reducer
  7. I found these 2 burners for sale. would the 1 burner or 2 burner be better for my propane tank forge https://www.etsy.com/listing/654227569/dual-xl-propane-forge-burner-setup-with https://www.etsy.com/listing/640333952/high-output-precision-tuned-xl-propane?ref=related-2&frs=1
  8. is the mizzou necessary if you rigidize the insulation. from what I gather you only need 1 or the other, is that correct?
  9. I have a wire feed mig welder. I was thinking what you jerrod suggested and weld it the best i can then try and seal it up with some high heat jb weld
  10. I found this piece of scrap steel pipe I want to use it as a quench tube. I will have to put an end cap on it but I am not a good enough welder to make a watertight weld. Are there any high heat resistant epoxy i can use to just glue the pipe onto some sheet metal?
  11. Greg R


    it is east indian rosewood
  12. Greg R


    Any tips on how to bring a rosewood handle up to a nice shine?
  13. there is legitamently not 1 thing I would change about any of those. I can only hope to get somewhere close to your level someday
  14. holy moly. by far my favorite chef knives ive ever seen
  15. wow I didnt think it would be that simple
  16. So this is far above my current skill level and i have no intention of trying something like this anytime soon but im curious how a pattern like this is done.
  17. Mine is a rotary/hammer drill. and i was using rotary mode
  18. I finally got the holes drilled. After trying a number of different cobalt bits I found this and it went through it like butter.
  19. I actually normalized the steel by heating it up then letting it cool back down to room temp. then realized I forgot to drill the holes so Im now trying to do that before I quench. is that the wrong way to normalize it? did I accidentally harden it?
  20. yes I am drilling before heat treat. however right now I am working on a piece of 1095 that seems to be inpenetrable. brand new cobalt bit drilled half way through and just stopped cant find any bit that will finish this hole even another brand new one of the exact same bit.
  21. I drill at low speed and use cutting oil but I still seem to be using more and more bits. What brand bits do you use?
  22. What kind of drill bits do you guys use? I have cobalt bits and they are usually good for 1 or 2 holes then they are toast
  23. thanks for the suggestions guys!
  24. I am starting a sheath for my new hunting knife. Since I hunt frequently in the rain I need some good waterproofing for the sheath. What do you guys reccomend?
  25. do you think miniwax wood hardener should do the trick?
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