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  1. does ram horn need to be stabilized?
  2. I am making a chiefs knife with a ram horn handle as a wedding present. Do you guys put anything on the horn to protect it from staining? Also after I set the pins do u guys have any suggestions on grinding off any exces pin sticking out without accidently touching the surface of handle scale?
  3. Is there a standard to how many times you can use your quencing oil before you replace it? Im using canola btw
  4. so I got it cleaned off and did the finish sanding. Overall not to happy with the result as I got grinder happy and pretty much took away the bevel and ended up with very uneven grinds but I learned alot. Im confident the next one will look much better. I think next time im going to do the bevel after hardening. I know this will be harder to do but I think the end result will be better.
  5. just took it out of the tempering oven going into the vinegar bath now. just a thought, what about a bath in pb blaster
  6. The first quench is complete. I did had an ever so slight warp that I was able to easily straighten by hand. Does all this scaling and discoloration look normal?
  7. thanks for the help guys! I will let u know how it goes
  8. I would say a bit thinner than a butter knife edge
  9. so I fixed the shoulders and the bevel is even now. but in doing so I took the edge down to more thin then I wanted. Its almost sharp, and now im concerned that its going to warp or crack when I heat treat
  10. It is 9 inches long then back edge is not sharp made of 1080 forged then profiled with the belt sander not treated yet. Handle is going to be cocobolo. I have an idea for a home made pommel, well see how it works out I am going to try and fix the shoulders and the bevel however im not sure there is enough material left to bring the plunges even
  11. My first knife. Its not perfect. The bevel is a bit uneven but im proud of it.
  12. This may be a dumb question but do you put the knife in the sand or on top of the sand?
  13. hmm... I guess I thought doing good heat treat was more difficult. maybe ill try doing it myself. Is there any particular type of oil I should quench in? will any old motor oil due?
  14. Im making something similar to a bowie
  15. ok, thank you. I will ask those questions. I am using 1080 forging steel. About what hardness do you think would be ideal for that steel?
  16. So I know alot of people send their blades out for professional heat treating. I live in the cleveland area so I can throw a dart at map and land on a metal heat treating place. I found this place and its only 15 minutes away. It says they do induction heat treating and tempering. They do firearms and hand tools so stands to logic they can do knives. What do you guys think. Is induction heat treating what I want or is traditional heat treating better for knives? http://www.zioninduction.com/ This place is 40 minutes away but it says they do knives and what seems to be normal h
  17. Well im chomping at the bit for my forge materials to get here. I cant start my first knife until then. In the mean time I made a bevel grinding jig from what saw that other people have done.
  18. Can anyone reccomend some good beginner dvds. keep in mind I dont have a power hammer or a press
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