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  1. Well I got it hot and straightened out the handle which added a little length, but it's definitely a little short. I was planning on using it sort of like a small axe. I do landscaping and find myself going to my hand held stuff over the chain saw a lot. I've got a few rail road ties I've been working on too. Burnt the first few to a crisp, but gotta learn somehow ya know.
  2. Thanks a lot guys! I'll hit up eBay later when I get home, and maybe poke around on Craigslist for something used so I can maybe get it a little cheaper.
  3. Looking for a good strong Vice that's around $100 that's not some hollow cast-iron piece of sh*t that's going to break in a year after moderate to heavy abuse. Very aware that the $100 mark makes that difficult but does anyone have any suggestions
  4. Just realised I never posted my knife, unfortunately it's not finished. As we all know life gets the best of us sometimes. Our daughter was born a little earlier than we expected and with Summer rolling right in after that work kind of took priority over any potential projects. But with winter around the corner and cooler temperatures outside and obviously my daughter's health, I've started working on an area outside where I can start doing this a little more often. Look forward to posting more again soon. As far as the knife it was an old chilling blade from a John Deere tractor. To be honest I didn't do a whole lot more then beat it into a flat shape and shape the handle as much as I could. Still being pretty new to this I did do quite a bit of grinding to get the shape. Definitely got some metal to move as I don't feel the handle is quite long enough but I do really enjoy the shape. I have a small landscaping business I do on the side of my full-time job and thought this would be a neat knife to make into a kind of Axe butcher knife combo. Cutting down small trees or limbs. Let me know what you think, I know it's pretty novice work but other than online forums, YouTube, and forged in fire, I don't have a lot to go off.
  5. Wow, they look exactly alike to me. So... maybe just stay with rusted metal from the junk yard till I'm more familiar with the different types of metals and whats safe/best to use.
  6. Hushpuppies man! Thanks for all the help everyone, I cant wait to finish and post my first knife!
  7. Great, I'll give it a look tonight. While I have your attention though, Ive been reading about quenching oil. What i found is that there are many types of oil that can be used. Some are better than others but I want to use cooking oil, as I think it is my cheapest option over using old motor oil. I want to use Canola oil cause I can get 5 gallons for dirt cheap. What Im wondering is, one, is Canola oil ok, and two, is USED filter canola oil ok?
  8. Thanks fellas. I know I need to add a bigger pipe for air, but no time till this weekend. I think I can manage some hooks with the way its running now, and I'll look around to see if i can find some plans, or videos on making some tongs. Thanks again
  9. Thanks. it is totally rusted. Also, if i have something that is plated but I would like to use, can you grind the plating off?
  10. I have just started forging using coal forge. I found an Old wrench from god knows when and threw it in thinking it would look kool as a knife but was told after I had started that plated metal can be dangerous. How can I tell if it is plated, and if its covered in rust, does that even matter??
  11. Thanks again for the help. What is a good first project? I can't Believe what a stress reliever this hobby is. I guess beating the hell outta something with a hammer is therapeutic to me haha. I see myself doing a lot with this skill once I get going, but I would like to know that you suggest as a good first project
  12. Well shit..... guess I know what I'm doing next weekend.
  13. Hey Alan! Thanks for the Welcome and knowledge. I had noticed after the video when the chunks of coal had broken apart a little bit that I was getting a Much better flame, I'll definitely be breaking them down more from now on. My anvil is a 1.5 ft or so section of old I beam that I got from the PCL Construction place down the road. Working great so far.... well, as far as I can tell haha, I'm still new. As far as the plated wrench.... I have no idea. It was a mostly rusted POS I found sitting in the garage. I will probably just chunk it and start over. No need in causing my any harm. I know you mentioned using a bigger pipe, do you think increasing air flow would have the same effect or should I just bite the bullet and change it. I welded it in place so changing it now would be a pain. Ill go check out the safety forum when I get home tonight (probably should have started there) , getting off work soon but I gotta admit, I was really excited to see a response already! Couldn't wait to reply. Thank you for your Info! I hope to posting a lot more soon! Jonathan
  14. Got all my stuff together this weekend and finally build my coal Forge. I need something pushing a little more air I think. If you see something I'm doing wrong or have any advise I would love to hear it. Brand new to all this. Thanks! 20180416_204026.mp4
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