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  1. Welp LOL the Crucible is a good decent size for me. You guys weren't kidding this mold is TINY LOL. but it would probably be perfect for smelting gold into bars if I ever get there. LOL but yea I'm very happy with the crucible not bad for 30 bucks. The ingot mold is about the size of a small candy bar.
  2. The problem with using charcoal is the sparks lol I don’t think I could get away with it I’d probably have to build a foundry that sits on the ground if I go the regular charcoal way. Just because I want to be careful and not catch anything on fire and because of the open flame policy here. So I wouldn’t be able to do the charcoal in my main forge. Unless it was almost sitting on the ground
  3. Okay yea I can do that I've got plenty of soft fire brick and then that would be easier than just buying material to build a foundry. But with the coal forge being a bottom blast how would that effect the crucible? wouldn't it get hotter at the bottom of it? because of the air blast?
  4. That's what I was primarily concerned with @Alan Longmire was the crucible cracking due to un even heating. That's kind of why I was opting to build a small coal foundry as well before the summer is over. Just for that crucible to sit in so I could get an even heat around the hole thing.
  5. Ahh damn I fazed that one LUL I will hunt around on amazon for some aluminum rods and stuff I wont do the soda can stuff. unless I really know what I'm doing. but with running the crucible in the forge would that work as good as any foundry or would i just have to pile on the coals? I picked up this crucible https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H1DSTKN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and this ingot mold https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DHVLBOM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 not sure how well those will work actually but I just typed in coal forge crucible and that's what came up. Just not sure because of the depth of the forge on how much coal I would actually have to use LOL.
  6. okay so like a bunch of old lead tire weights or fishing weights would work great? Thanks guys.
  7. Hey guys sorry haven't posted much here lately in the last couple months or so but I've been pretty busy with IRL stuff. I haven't had much time to do any forcing. How ever I do have all of my fire bricks still I'm in the consideration of starting to do a little bit of aluminum smelting with left over soda cans and what not. So I'm also planning on sticking to a coal foundry I did order a crucible for coal forge I did pick that up as well as an ingot mold. So those will be here on Monday. Not a bad price either. I know I could use my coal forge fire pot to do the main smelting. But I wanted to put together a smaller foundry so I didn't have to lug the big forge out every time I just wanted to smelt down aluminum. What would you guys recommend on this build? I have the soft fire bricks and still have half a bag of the 3000 degree satinite powder. Thanks in advance guys. I am looking to stick to coal on this build since I've got plenty of it.
  8. @Bruno I've been pretty busy with things but I still gotta straighten out the tang of that knife so its gotta go under the fire again I'm probably gonna do that tomorrow or Saturday. I've just been going a heck of a lot slower with this blade since this one will actually be going to a friend of mine that's yes a gamer and a Twitch Live streamer LMFAO. She found out that I did this kinda stuff just for fun. So I gotta make it look extra clean and good I wont be putting any high mirror shine on it. But I don't want it to look like crap either. I'm still trying to work out how I'm going to get the tang to seat correctly into the scales since I'm using scales again and not blocks of wood. But I'm slowly learning. With this one I actually forged out the tang first I cleaned up the back end of the blade with the angle grinder and cleaned up the rest of the blade with the angle grinder to discover I gotta straighten the tang LOL. I ooofed just a little bit. Sorry for the delayed reply just been busy.
  9. So I started working on a new blade with the 1 1/2 wide material. I actually like this better than the 2 inch wide. I'll save the 2 inch wide order some 15N20 at the same width for damascus. How ever I did start forging out the tang first and it worked quite well. I still gotta refine the tang I left it a bit thick so I could carve in a ricasso before it hits the blade. But I think a lot of reading watching videos I think this is finally working to the way I want the steel to go. OOOOOF its been so hot over the last week here I didn't even want to light the forge. But at least I have plenty of steel to last a while now. I also do really like where the tang is going and taking shape to. The tang looks more kitchen knife like tang to me. Anyhow any criticism is accepted cheers. Hope you guys have a good weekend. Yea just been busy with IRL stuff.
  10. Update note anvil is mounted. I had to carve out a slot into the top of the stump for the anvil front foot to sit in so it was level. But if I did this correctly and I'm hoping I did and my math panned out it should sit fully level on even ground. :D But at least I have a proper anvil stand now LOL. I opted to also leave the bark on for now instead of debarking it. Where the bark has been scraped off already is from the chainsaw.
  11. Thanks for the feed back guys just an update it's not a huge stump but I do have a photo of what Im getting it's not here as of yet but I mean its a simple small round so it will work for my anvil. Someone is hauling it over for me after the trees are finished being cut down from what I've seen over there today they are about done. But at least I will have a sturdy anvil stand and another great thing my steel should be arriving on monday as well so a double bonus. But this picture should give you guys an idea of it. No it's not on level ground either at the moment. I wasn't gonna attempt to move that thing lmfao. It is yes 25 inches in over all length. The anvil comes up to about 4 or 5 inches higher than that so it's right at the perfect working height for me. So I kinda lucked out.
  12. I may have a small hatchet laying around here somewhere I don't have big knives that I would feel comfortable batoning the bark off. I should be able to figure out a way to get it off though. yea that was the other thing I was worried about was it cracking once I removed the bark and mounting the anvil to it.
  13. So a few days ago my parents said they were having a few trees removed. I asked them to tell the tree cutters that I wanted a 25 inch length of trunk cut for an anvil stand. So yes I'm getting a new anvil stand. Still not quite sure how I'm gonna get it to my house exactly but at least I'll have a proper stand. How ever what I'm wondering is how I should treat it so that it doesnt rot. It will eventually but I want it to last me for quite a while. I know I will need to debark the piece of truck that I get immediately. So that will be a big project for me. Any suggestions on the best ways of going abouts this? Thanks. I currently do not have a debarking knife.
  14. So I got on the belt sander today ground out a blade profile I semi like it. As well as I kept contemplating about giving damascus another go. I think I finally came to the realization of where I had been going wrong. The thicker steel that I was buying was not meant to be hand hammered into damascus rather the fact of just simply forging a plain old fashioned blade. Working with this thinner material the 0.070 thickness has taught me a very valuable lesson. I think on the next steel order I'm going to get a touch smaller width maybe an 1 1/4 and I'll get 2 or 3 48 inch pieces of that and I'll get 2 or 3 piece of the same width of 15N20. I think I will have a far better success rate at forge welding the smaller and thinner pieces together rather than going from a thick pieces of steel to a thin piece of steel. I guess I've just been kinda dumb about the hole damascus thing. I think now that I understand it and the proper way or better way rather I think I'll give it another go what you guys say?
  15. You werent late LOL I've just never worked with material this thin before so its gonna be interesting to heat treat so grind bevels AFTER being key Heat treatment is a must on this thin of material. Okay. That basically answered my question. I mean I do like the thickens of this steel for working it on the grinder makes life a heck of a lot easier.
  16. Playing around with a design drew it out on the steel first. Nope I did not lite the forge this has all been done on the grinder. I will say those shredder belts just litterally TEAR through this stuff. So yea I think I'll definately keep using this thin stuff for when I wanna grind a blade out. How ever heat treating will probably be a bit on the tricky side with this thinner steel. I do believe it is the 0.070 thickness. But I think I'm going for the kitchen/ filet style knife blade I've still got lots of work to do on this as of yet. But if yall have any suggestions on how I should do the bevels on this I'm almost tempted to just do a noob bevel grind on this and call it good only because the material is so thin LOL.
  17. Okay I am gonna be ordering some thicker stuff as wel but that will be next month, but at least with that steel I can grind it to shape soly on the grinder if I didn't feel like forging it. I mean I could forge weld it together to get it thicker in theory.
  18. nothing I wasnt sure if I got metal that was too thin or if thats the stuff for basically grinding out blades. I'm gonna get some more eventually but it seems like that stuff I don't even actually have to put in the forge to thin out.
  19. I'm thinking its the .070 its pretty thin I could bend it by hand if I needed to.
  20. I think I ooofed on the steel thickness LOL. I got the steel this morning. How ever its 2 inches width by .70 thick which I would have thought would have been a 1/4 thickness but I'm assuming what I bought was more for grinding blades out on the grinder and then going in for the heat treating. Am I correct on this or am I just a doof and got the thickness wrong. I think I can make a decent kitchen knife out of that thickness I don't have to do much to it LOL. If I want to forge weld it all together I know I can do that too. Dang shoulda ordered some more 15n20 in that bat LOL this is SO not the steel thickness I'm use to. I don't want to waist it I'm open to comments and suggestions.
  21. Not real shop wise but got the pc upgraded so I can do VR glad I got that done should have steel next week hopefully so I’ll be Abel to get back to forging.
  22. I think it's .70 thick and I wasn't exactly sure on that one. I guess I just haven't quite gotten down the movement of metal that well yet so I just wind up with a Bleh knife you know @Alan Longmire. I can change the steel but I also wanted to see what I was able to accomplish with a bit wider material. Since I seem to have issues using the anvil getting some things right when forging out the blade. But I mean at least I'll have more than enough material for a few knives at least. I did get the other stuff as well the 1/4 thick by 1 1/4 wide by 48 as well. I just wasnt sure if it would be better to get a wider chunk and use less material every time or get a narrower piece and use more or less either way. Seems like I go through quite a bit of metal by learning. LOL.
  23. Okay so I made a metal order this morning and I should have that at least by the end of the week so I can do some forging. I was wanting to try something a little bit different I'm wondering 2 inches should be about plenty for the width of some kitchen knives? Right? Anyhow I wanted to try it to it was only about a dollar difference in the size. I also order some more of the 1/4 inch thick material that I normally use. But if I wanted to say like I said make a kitchen knife for someone that should be perfectly fine right? Yes I did order from NJ Steel Baron.
  24. Okay so I've been taking sort of a break from forgin and buying metal I've been getting the PC upgraded to be able to run virtual reality games. How ever I was bored just browsing through twitch. and I happen to come across an interesting channel. I normally watch PC gamers living streaming on Twitch how ever, this was the first live stream blacksmith channel that I have EVER seen on that platform. So I figured I would help the guy out and post the link to the twitch channel so if you guys wanted to watch. ragnar_forge on twitch here's the link if you want to watch. https://www.twitch.tv/ragnar_forge Found that quite interesting so I thought I would share it with the rest of you guys. Not sure if he's a member of the forums or not.
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