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  1. Do you have your passwords saved in google? If so that’s why.
  2. Id like to cast stuff just not sure yet gotta start saving it up
  3. So guys I think I found my favorite bit of this entire world of processes learned. I melted down 3 12 packs of soda cans worth today and poured my very two first aluminum pucks. I honestly can’t believe how easy it is. I recommend doing aluminum outside though how ever the crucible and foundry handled extremely well. I guess I need more charcoal and aluminum lol.
  4. Okay quick question. I do want to do some melting of metal either tomorrow or monday. Now I see most people usually preheat their ingot molds. I'm wondering if you do this with the muffin tins as well. What I'm wondering is I do not as of yet have a release agent. Would I still be able to pop the aluminum puck out of the tin just as easy. Every youtube video I've seen I've never seen anyone spray in a releasing agent. I'm almost wondering if I'm making this a bit more complicated that in should be LOL. Any thoughts and suggestions yea I did read threads on this but I had to double check appreciate it ahead of time.
  5. wheres the bevel? nah I don't think so did you heat treat them?
  6. Yea I get my terminology mixed up quite a bit LUL bit melting would be correct for some reason I was probably thinking Smelting LUL. I'm still considering blocking the end and drilling holes in the pipe I may get a more concentrated air flow on each side. I'll just have to wait for the pipe to cool off to do that.
  7. So update note I will be smelting cans and aluminum pieces in NO time this little foundry was cheap to make and in expensive. It just took me a while. But I will say it works considerably well. I did temper my crucible in the same go. No melting on the bottom, it didn't even crack. I did heat it up slowly. It is cooling down currently so next time I'm ready to fire this thing up I should be able to smelt with absolutely ZERO issues. So I've just successfully killed off two birds with one stone. Worked well. I will also say I am using over the counter LUMP bbq charcoal for this. It still got incredibly hot with forced air into the foundry. The pipe will heat up quite a bit at the end but thats not a big deal, there is also no need to drill holes in the pipe what so ever. The crucible seemed to heat up fairly evenly all around. So in the end I think I'm going to have a blast using this thing I've just gotta acquire the sand and clay.. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  8. I was contemplating on that one Alan because I just didn't want to waste any of the charcoal I have because I have one shot at the moment to fire cure and temper the crucible so I figured it might be a decent thing to try to kill off two birds with one stone the only thing I really have left to do is get the air intake fixed up I'm not sure if I'm going to drill holes or just leave the hole open at the end of the pipe not sure what would be the best option at the moment so I've been waiting on that. I've also got to get a 1 inch to 2 inch adapter for the pipe so I can hook the dryer pipe up to it ffrom the fan.
  9. Okay so random quick question on this. Would it be wise to fire cure the refractory and at the same time temper the crucible while I'm fire curing the refractory? I was considering going that route because it would just kill two birds with one stone and I wouldn't have to waste any coal doing that.
  10. So guys I know its been a while between posts but I've been pretty busy lately been chat modding for people on twitch throwin the ban hammer at problem chat trolls and what ever else. The never ending game of WHACK A TROLL LOL. Too much fun doing that. How ever I've recently got my foundry in the works. Its simply a 5 gallon steel bucket you know the ones you can buy on Amazon lol for like 11 bucks or what ever. I drilled out and had to cut out a hole for the air pipe to go in. I still have to drill the holes in the pipe for the air but I think that will be sideways. I do have the air pipe raised up a bit higher than normal so I could get a nice big bed of coal underneath the crucible. I know its rough looking but I opted to go with the Kaowool and Refractory I think that should be a good enough barrier since the refractory can take heats of up to 3000 degrees.
  11. Yea @Jeremy Blohm I've looked into those links, @Jerrod Miller I haven't fully dived into that thread as of yet. I will be fully diving into it at some point soon. How ever I did happen to make a phone call to the Clay Arts Center here out of Tacoma and they happen to just have the type of sand and clay that I need. So I'll be ordering a 50 pound bag of each to start out with. I'm still going to have to forge out my crucible tongs and what not and things I need for that. Fortunately I have a smlaler crucible. Muffin tins for first poors are already in hand as well as stainless steel skimming spoon. I'll probably need to make a smaller one to fit the crucible LUL. Amazons kind of a cluster for not having a good size estimate. Either way I'm so far on a role with everything. I've still got to acquire a couple more things to fully get started still a bit concerned about using a bottom blase air source I'm considering re designing it a bit so it doesn't have a bottom blast and go for the side blast which would make a bit more sense to me. Also @Jeremy Blohm I've looked at all of those links when I was hunting around for information about casting sand LOL. So I saw those the other day.
  12. I'm not sure if I plan on doing brass right away, I'm going to stick to aluminum since I'm finding that it's the noob thing so for now it will be strictly aluminum. I've just been having issues on where I can locate the proper sands for making the molds just a pain. I've been doing a lot of research and looking for where I can get. I still am not happy with the bottom blast with a foundry I'm also not sure how well that will effect everything even with the coal. I just dont want the crucible to over heat and get ruined. I mean yea it was only 30 bucks so its not bad to just go buy a new one but still LUL Id like to keep the crucible intact. How ever on the sand I'm just having a hard time finding it for cheap.
  13. Well the good news is folks I've made some progress on everything, its just been slow because of the heat we've had here over the summer too hot to run the forge. But what I've basically done was I re purposed my old break drum forge for the smelting and casting forge. It should still hold up great for that purpose. I doubt I have what it takes to be able to cast steel but that would be a fun attempt LOL. Anyhow I've been working on modifying my break drum forge just a bit so I can place fire bricks around the edges of the drum fortunately the height wasn't an issue and I only needed one brick to barely go just above the top of the crucible I may have to add more once the coal is in the forge but that's alright. At least I'll have a furnace up and going pretty soon, I also ordered myself some muffin tins got 2 for the price of 1 thank you amazon for that LUL. I wouldn't mind attempting on casting a few brass knives at some point that would be an interesting experiment to do or attempt. I'm not I've kind of taken a break from making knives at the moment since I've gotten a bit on the frustrated side with it LOL. But I'll go back to it sooner or later. I figured Id give casting the try out for the time being.
  14. Welp LOL the Crucible is a good decent size for me. You guys weren't kidding this mold is TINY LOL. but it would probably be perfect for smelting gold into bars if I ever get there. LOL but yea I'm very happy with the crucible not bad for 30 bucks. The ingot mold is about the size of a small candy bar.
  15. The problem with using charcoal is the sparks lol I don’t think I could get away with it I’d probably have to build a foundry that sits on the ground if I go the regular charcoal way. Just because I want to be careful and not catch anything on fire and because of the open flame policy here. So I wouldn’t be able to do the charcoal in my main forge. Unless it was almost sitting on the ground
  16. Okay yea I can do that I've got plenty of soft fire brick and then that would be easier than just buying material to build a foundry. But with the coal forge being a bottom blast how would that effect the crucible? wouldn't it get hotter at the bottom of it? because of the air blast?
  17. That's what I was primarily concerned with @Alan Longmire was the crucible cracking due to un even heating. That's kind of why I was opting to build a small coal foundry as well before the summer is over. Just for that crucible to sit in so I could get an even heat around the hole thing.
  18. Ahh damn I fazed that one LUL I will hunt around on amazon for some aluminum rods and stuff I wont do the soda can stuff. unless I really know what I'm doing. but with running the crucible in the forge would that work as good as any foundry or would i just have to pile on the coals? I picked up this crucible https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H1DSTKN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and this ingot mold https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DHVLBOM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 not sure how well those will work actually but I just typed in coal forge crucible and that's what came up. Just not sure because of the depth of the forge on how much coal I would actually have to use LOL.
  19. okay so like a bunch of old lead tire weights or fishing weights would work great? Thanks guys.
  20. Hey guys sorry haven't posted much here lately in the last couple months or so but I've been pretty busy with IRL stuff. I haven't had much time to do any forcing. How ever I do have all of my fire bricks still I'm in the consideration of starting to do a little bit of aluminum smelting with left over soda cans and what not. So I'm also planning on sticking to a coal foundry I did order a crucible for coal forge I did pick that up as well as an ingot mold. So those will be here on Monday. Not a bad price either. I know I could use my coal forge fire pot to do the main smelting. But I wanted to put together a smaller foundry so I didn't have to lug the big forge out every time I just wanted to smelt down aluminum. What would you guys recommend on this build? I have the soft fire bricks and still have half a bag of the 3000 degree satinite powder. Thanks in advance guys. I am looking to stick to coal on this build since I've got plenty of it.
  21. @Bruno I've been pretty busy with things but I still gotta straighten out the tang of that knife so its gotta go under the fire again I'm probably gonna do that tomorrow or Saturday. I've just been going a heck of a lot slower with this blade since this one will actually be going to a friend of mine that's yes a gamer and a Twitch Live streamer LMFAO. She found out that I did this kinda stuff just for fun. So I gotta make it look extra clean and good I wont be putting any high mirror shine on it. But I don't want it to look like crap either. I'm still trying to work out how I'm going to get the tang to seat correctly into the scales since I'm using scales again and not blocks of wood. But I'm slowly learning. With this one I actually forged out the tang first I cleaned up the back end of the blade with the angle grinder and cleaned up the rest of the blade with the angle grinder to discover I gotta straighten the tang LOL. I ooofed just a little bit. Sorry for the delayed reply just been busy.
  22. So I started working on a new blade with the 1 1/2 wide material. I actually like this better than the 2 inch wide. I'll save the 2 inch wide order some 15N20 at the same width for damascus. How ever I did start forging out the tang first and it worked quite well. I still gotta refine the tang I left it a bit thick so I could carve in a ricasso before it hits the blade. But I think a lot of reading watching videos I think this is finally working to the way I want the steel to go. OOOOOF its been so hot over the last week here I didn't even want to light the forge. But at least I have plenty of steel to last a while now. I also do really like where the tang is going and taking shape to. The tang looks more kitchen knife like tang to me. Anyhow any criticism is accepted cheers. Hope you guys have a good weekend. Yea just been busy with IRL stuff.
  23. Update note anvil is mounted. I had to carve out a slot into the top of the stump for the anvil front foot to sit in so it was level. But if I did this correctly and I'm hoping I did and my math panned out it should sit fully level on even ground. :D But at least I have a proper anvil stand now LOL. I opted to also leave the bark on for now instead of debarking it. Where the bark has been scraped off already is from the chainsaw.
  24. Thanks for the feed back guys just an update it's not a huge stump but I do have a photo of what Im getting it's not here as of yet but I mean its a simple small round so it will work for my anvil. Someone is hauling it over for me after the trees are finished being cut down from what I've seen over there today they are about done. But at least I will have a sturdy anvil stand and another great thing my steel should be arriving on monday as well so a double bonus. But this picture should give you guys an idea of it. No it's not on level ground either at the moment. I wasn't gonna attempt to move that thing lmfao. It is yes 25 inches in over all length. The anvil comes up to about 4 or 5 inches higher than that so it's right at the perfect working height for me. So I kinda lucked out.
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