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  1. AndrewB

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    Nice angle grinders and cut off wheels scare me lol. I wouldn't have done that myself. What are you planning on using for the handle material?
  2. AndrewB

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    Nice what did you use to cut them out? Plasma cutter?
  3. AndrewB

    Frozen tongs

    Mine personally have never gotten that hot... those were just the instructions that came with the tongs when I bought them. But that is very true they shouldn’t get that hot.
  4. AndrewB

    Frozen tongs

    I air cool mine, if the tongs are made from mild steel then yea you can dunk them in water but if they are made from knife steels you may want to find out you might have to cool them in oil and not water. My tongs were made from 5160 I think and I have to dip mine in oil to cool instead of water. But if yours are mild steel you should be in the clear, it just depends on the material that they were made from.
  5. AndrewB

    Recent lucky aquisition

    Total score on that one. Good find. Hopefully the fire bowl is still in good shape.
  6. Okay guys as you know I do on my non forging time game. Recently I've been playing quite a bit of World Of Warships. A fun little game. Can get annoying at points but still fun. I also do a lot of recording. I'm hoping to get a Non gamer's prospective of the video I have recorded and edited. I'm just looking for criticism on if it is bad or good or could use more work or its okay the way it is. Even if the back ground music I added in was too loud. I choose techno because it just fits the game. So please let me know what you guys think. The video is only about 9 minutes and 45 seconds in length so it's not that long it's bearable lol. I know there should be Umlouts on the u in Kurfurst lol I know but I don't have those on my keyboard. If you get a laugh out of me playing like garbage then that's okay too lol. Kurfurst only has a range of 20 Kilometers in case you had the question. Thanks ahead of time.
  7. AndrewB

    Cleaning damascus

    That would be awesome to know. I wonder if over time washing it with scrub pads if that would degrade the pattern in the steel you know.
  8. Lol speaking of TONGS lmfao, I actually gotta run down to the ace or in a couple of hours and get some more steel so I can make some tongs lol I messed up but I am going to use that steel for another project the steel that I messed up anyway lol. So starting over lol. At least tongs are good practice I need to make at least 3 sets of knife makers tongs and I found a style that I like that I wanna use its just for me... Making the reigns is well some what challenging lol because the very first pair I made I guess I didn't thin out the reigns enough so they'd get stuck on each other. OPPS Learning experiences.
  9. AndrewB

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Got a new vehicle yesterday so I spent yesterday at the dealer and a bit in the evening trying to learn how to operate all the little new gadgets that I've got in my new ride. Subaru Outback Limited. It's a very nice little car way better than my old one at least. Today I was trying to get my cell phone paired to it but GAH it's so danged frustrating. I originally wanted a truck but I am perfectly happy with this vehicle. Glad I got it. Sorry the pics a bit dark guys but I took this yesterday.
  10. AndrewB

    Completed Mosaic Bowie

    You guys might finally be getting the storm we just had out here in the NW. It was brutal even for my standards.
  11. AndrewB

    New knifemaker's second attempt

    Say, that is pretty good, 20 times better than the first one I made OMG was that horrible lol. His looks good.
  12. AndrewB

    Completed Mosaic Bowie

    Dang that is a nice looking Bowie Gary. I like the finished look of the Iron wood too, I think I might have some of that in my own stock if I don't I sure as heck am gonna get some now lol. I like the look of that.
  13. So I'm looking for honest opions about these https://www.harborfreight.com/portable-torch-kit-with-oxygen-and-acetylene-tanks-65818.html https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0775ZLT7P?pf_rd_p=c2945051-950f-485c-b4df-15aac5223b10&pf_rd_r=2HTTPNJPXT7FSAY5D4J5 I'm wondering if any of you guys have used these particular ones. I don't need that much for cutting material because of the band saw but a torch would be nice to have in my arsenal of tools. So if you guys have used these particular items and have decent feed back on them. I know the bottles might be tough to exchange but that's okay I'll check with the local gas suppliers here before I actually buy the set up. But I think for myself it would be a worthy investment into a torch set up. Thanks in advance. Still snowed in here but it's finally starting to melt out.
  14. I can't do the big tanks that's the only problem I do not have the space to house large tanks. Once I get my shop set up then I'll look at getting the larger tanks but for now it needs to be small and portable.
  15. Yea that's why I'm actually going to go with one of the ones from my local weld shop so I wont have to worry about the regulators giving out hopefully.
  16. So after going stir crazy being stuck inside my house because of the snow we just had. Today was finally a good day to get out side nice and dry I shoveled out some snow so I could set up my forge and got cranking. I used up the last bit of my coal I only felt like doing a bit of general blacksmithing starting on another set of knife makers tongs since I didn't like the way the first set turned out even though they are functional. So here we go again with round two. I've still got a lot of work to do on them yet and thankfully the plow is coming through the park this afternoon I can actually get out and do what I need to do. If you guys have any criticism I'll take it. No shame in being told I'm screwing something up lol.
  17. AndrewB

    Knife Makers Tongs- TAKE TWO- W I P

    Yea this time I was trying some different things out. That's actually how I did it hanging some material over the side of the anvil lol. I still gotta lot of work to do on them yet lol. I also gotta thin out the reigns too. I only forged what I could today with the slight break in weather we are having before it starts raining tomorrow. Even though I probably didn't forge the bosses right they still should work okay at least right? lol. The reigns like I said are still too thick Ive got to thin them out. That will happen on the next time I get the forge lit up.
  18. AndrewB

    Little Edc WIP

    Sanding blocks are going to be your best friend on this one Conner. Get a block of wood and wrap or tape the sand paper to the block of wood and do it that way.
  19. AndrewB

    Todays grind

    Yea in those heats standing on concrete lol yea that's NO fun AT ALL. When it's that hot here I usually stay in doors and run the ac all day lol. Hope you have air conditioning and your not in the desert area like my buddy nigel is lol.
  20. AndrewB

    Todays grind

    Thats a bit on the warm side for you guys inst it?
  21. AndrewB

    Knives are.........?

    Ouch ouch ouch. When I was in Baghdad I went to cut open a frozen bottle of water to drop into my camel pack. Welp the blade slipped went right through to the bone. Hope he’s alright. In the calf to gah that had to be painful.
  22. AndrewB

    Coil spring

    That sounds like fun lol I’m going to have to try that one.
  23. AndrewB

    Just a Rant

    The buyer also doesn't realize at how much effort and time it actually takes to make a nice piece of damascus steel alone. Not only that on top of the pattern welding not to include the time it takes to finish forging it into a blade and the finishing touches with the handles. Hand made and hand forge knives are not cheap yet people just don't seem to understand this. I'm just starting out and I'm actually understanding how difficult it is to make that stuff so I get the higher prices for a hand made object. Just gotta stick to those prices you may have to explain to them what it actually takes to make one of these things maybe then they would understand.
  24. Egads yea I bout did the same danged thing today.