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  1. It may be an UGLY forge stand. But I used what I had available. Which was Cinder Blocks and fire bricks. I had more than enough of the hard fire bricks on hand to do a two layer height of fire brick. I think that should be more than sufficient to help protect the cinder block stands. I haven't gotten tot he forge build yet since I've got to wait for the mortar to set and cure not sure how long that actually takes lol. But at least it's all mortared in place and yes its actually LEVEL LMFAO. Don't criticize me for building an ugly stand. I don't care about looks as long as it wont fall over with a lit forge on top I'm happy.
  2. I can't believe how in expensive mortar is. I just picked up a 50 pound bag of it for 6 bucks at HD. WOW. This afternoon I plan on getting my stand put together for the forge. Yep I'm using Mortar and cinder blocks for the base of the stand and stand. But I will use the hard fire bricks as the top where the actual forge will be siting on. Then I will move into the soft fire brick. That should work and at least I will have a pretty secure stand lol. I wont have to worry about it going anywhere. I just still can't believe how in expensive it was.
  3. Why not just do both there problem solved lol.
  4. I know how to do leak checks lol I just gotta figure out how I'm going to close up the burner so I can do the leak checks.
  5. Well that's always a good thing I just gotta figure out how I'm going to do the leak checks since there is no choke on the burner lol. And I always prefer cheaper rather than spending 200 bucks for one burner lol. I like the burner just looking at it. I've been trying to figure out the mounting of it in the brick. I gotta get some mortar since I have some cinder blocks going to use those as a stand. But I want to use mortar to secure them to the pavement. Then Im thinking of using the hard fire bricks on top of that to protect the cinder blocks and then putting the forge on top of that. So it would be like a permanent forge stand. I have enough cinder blocks to do that I think at least. If I don't I have regular brick lol. I just don't want to build this forge on my wooden cable spool.
  6. Wow for a 50 dollar forge burner I’m kind of shocked at how simply built this item is. Fortunately for me one of my brass fittings I already had fit the burner connection and fit the 3/8ths inch female end of the propane hose . No extra money spent. Now I’m just curious is to how well this is going to work and how I’m going to drill this hole in the fire brick lol since this burner is quite small. Planning for a side mount for this burner rather than the top. This seems like a good buy so far.
  7. Oooo space rock knife this otta be good
  8. Well if this hole propane forge thing works out for me I'm going to try using propane for a while. Plus I wound up spending a bit of extra cash this month and I wound up getting an 8 foot stainless steel braided propane hose as well. Just gotta get a brass fitting that will go from 3/8 and reduce to 1/4 lol. At least that will be no more than 5 bucks lol.
  9. this is the one I was looking at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078PPNVYC/?coliid=I2REEPWFKMXO8&colid=JHVHTKURXUVA&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  10. So in the next day or so I plan on getting this forge put together. It will be interesting if it successfully works and I can get over my issues with propane gas. How ever I'm also wondering if it would be wise to invest in a thermo couple so I can monitor the heat when it comes time for heat treating. I found one I could easily get for about 73 bucks. I'm wondering if this would be a good thing to add to the propane forge rather than doing things by sight all the time.
  11. I was just planning on making a box forge kind of like an oven. I was going to use the refractory to hold them together lmfao
  12. looks like you hit a mother load lol. Id pick up everything you see you can smelt into material. try it out.
  13. Alright Soft Fire Brick IN hand. Let me tell you for 15 bucks it was just shy over 100 dollars. These things are not cheap what so ever. I think they should work quite well though. I was really surprised at how light and brittle they are holy jebus. Just need to pick up some angle iron and the forge burner will be here either on Monday or Tuesday and I'll be set to go. Yes I still have a crap ton of refractory lol. But I think 15 bricks should be more than plenty to put together a small forge Id think.
  14. https://trugrit.com/ https://www.combatabrasives.com/ Types of belts I'm learning is up to your preference on how well you want your finish to look. From my understanding it's all on a personal preference. Everybody here is going to say something different. So you will probably get different answers on here.
  15. actually talked to them yesterday 55 bucks lol for 15 so I may do that this week. Clay art center doesn't open until 10 my time so I'll be hittin the road here not to long and be heading up there to get some bricks. At least that way I wont have to pay for shipping. Its just a pain when all the supply stores for this hobby aren't even in your city lol.
  16. I've looked every where in town for a store that sells them and I can't find any. I'm almost wondering if I could use the fire brick I have as the shell because I was planning on using most if not all of the refractory cement I have left unless I do an entire forge out of the refractory lol that's always an option too.
  17. Welp back to square one on bricks lol gonna have to place an order for some only problem is they are danged expensive.
  18. @Gary Mulkey another nice one... @Robert D. Everybody's gotta start somewhere.
  19. I went outside to test this fire brick. I used my little cordless drill on it. I think of course it will work a bit better if I have a hole saw. How ever the 3/8 inch drill bit went through the brick like a hot knife through butter. The end came out just like it would be made of sand or what ever is what it looked like. I think they might work good thing I have plenty of these things lol.
  20. That's where I got these bricks. These were the ones that I was planning on using. These came from the local place.
  21. I've got a mask and yea it's nasty to breath lol. It did lmao I'm going to have to shop around for some because I don't want to build a huge forge. I want to make it just big enough that I can get it hot and keep it hot for now and be able to forge weld with it when it's raining outside and days I cant run my coal forge. I'll hunt around on amazon for some soft fire brick.
  22. Well Id planned on using the fire brick as the shell of the forge and then lining the fire brick with the Refractory cement that I still have half a bag of out in the shed lol. I'm hoping that combined with the bricks as a outside shell will work. I'm only going to be using 1 burner the black beauty burners when that gets here. I'm just always tired of getting rained out when I want to forge lol. I'm pretty sure I've got the soft fire bricks because if I drop them they will instantly break in two when they hit the concrete lol. If I drop them from a high enough height. I'm also planning on mounting the burner to the side hopefully this go around.
  23. Okay so I just placed an order for my Jock Dempsy Black Beauty forge burner. Should be here in a couple of days. I'm planning on picking up a steel propane hose for that burner as well. I have a regulator already somewhere in my shed lol. I also plan on at some point this weekend building my forge. I'll be doing this out of angle iron and the fire bricks I have. I wont need it to be huge. But I think I should be able to figure something out with the bricks and refractory cement that I have. I just have to figure out the best way to carve out a hole for the burner in the fire brick lol. I also hope these burners are well worth the money.
  24. Just ordered one lol... I should have it either on Saturday or Monday LOL.
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