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  1. I was thinking about getting this burner https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Foundry-Burner-Regulator-Gauge/dp/B01FTGA720/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=forge+burners&qid=1554940501&s=gateway&sr=8-7 yea its a venturi. But I'm also wondering what the best way to drill out a hole in fire brick is. I'm planning on building a small propane forge for heat treating and working on crappy days.
  2. So I've reached a point where I think I am ready to give propane another try. Don't get me wrong I love working with coal it's a blast and fun. Heat treating is very simple with it. Just tough to see the descale part. How ever as I said because of weather that's been limiting my time outside running my forge. I've been considering strongly considering giving propane another try. I do not necesarrily want to go large on a big forge. I have several soft fire bricks on hand that I could easily assemble a small propane forge. Main reason I was considering this is because with a propane forge I could safely use this underneath my carport. Where as with the coal forge that would have probably burnt it to the ground LOL. That would have been no good especially for insurance. Not to mention I would probably never be allowed to run a forge in here again lol. How ever I was thinking about this because I also thought of heat treating. Especially on those rainy days I could just go out under the carport and fire up the forge easily. I still have the bits and pieces for my blown burner. How ever I would still like to be able to use the same fan for my coal forge as the blown burner. At this point I'm still trying to work things out on what the best way of going about this is. I know many of you guys on here have both a coal and propane forge. Plus I'm finding that I've been really enjoying building things as well. Guess that just comes with the territory of this hobby.
  3. @Gerald Boggscan you post some photos maybe? Of each one it would be interesting to see the differences.
  4. I was just curious sometimes the cameras play funky tricks.
  5. Yup Gary I like this one. Is it me or does the tang look a little wavy? Unless it's just the camera angle that's doin that to it.
  6. Okay Okay Okay.... I broke down, the weather was good enough this afternoon to fire up the forge. A bit on the windy side but it was managable. So I also set up the forging press. I am still a bit worried about it but I guess that's just my safety cautious side on me not allowing the forging press to go down full bore on the material. How ever I heard one snap But it didn't sound like it came from the top more of the bottom on the plate that the jack is sitting on so I'm going to have to check that. I checked the top welds they seemed to be holding quite well. How ever I took my time with it. I wound up going very slow and only doing 2 presses in the same place and then moving down the piece. I didn't hear any other snaps or anything from the press. I'm thinking it was just the first run that it was doing that. So Where did that leave me? I think it's half way forge welded I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get this flat enough from the side of the billet. First run was successful. I do think that billet is forge welded now though!
  7. Yea, I did put a level on it. So it was good when I welded it up. But my driveway also has some problems as well so it's not perfectly flat either.
  8. It's the angle you're looking at lol. it wasn't a very good one. But yea the bar is flat.
  9. Okay so I opted for the first lift bar to be a flat faced dye. And yes it is permanent. No big deal but I can dismantle everything. I'd have to take the jack out of course but that's not a big deal most of the forge welding I plan on doing is flat surfaced and I only require a flat dye at this point. Not going to try anything too intriquite. On the plus not at this point the forging press is done. I will hopefully be able to test it out on Friday. I still have a 5 layer billet of 1075/1080 and 15N20 Welded up on a rebar handle ready to go from the last hand hammer attempt. I do plan on making a fullering dye for this but for now this is good enough. I can say at least I have a forging press now. I just hope it works LOL and doesnt go snap snap on me the first time I use it.
  10. Yea I saw that the only reason I would set an anvil on a table like that is if I'm getting ready to put it on a proper stand LMAO and only if the table could support the weight of it.
  11. Lol that's an accident waiting to happen. Broken foot maybe. Shattered foot bone.
  12. Ive been trying to learn with out jigs. It’s rough going but at least in the long run I’ll be better off knowing how to do it free hand with out them. It’s a difficult learning curve but it’s been fun.
  13. I think the way I’m going to do the dyes is only have one type for this bar that’s currently on the press. I still have a second piece of tube that I could use for a different type of dye.
  14. Just gotta put dyes on the press and then I think she's done. I'm just not sure exactly how I'm going to do the dyes. I dunno if I should go over to HD and buy a chunk of 1/4 by 1 inch flat bar and weld it on with an over lapping piece so I can slide a dye in and out or what on that. Or if I should just go with just a flat dye for this particular press. I have 3/4 inch flat bar that I'm planning on using for the flat dyes. I mean I'm not sure what else I would really need for it to forge damascus as far as dyes. But yea I got the hydrolic jack fixed so it wont move. Yes I did it up this way so I could tear it all down and remove the hydrolic jack. So if I wanted to build a second press for say I can use that same jack. I know my welds don't look great right now I'm still getting use to this little stick welder but hey they hold LOL.
  15. Dont feel bad I haven't been able to forge lately either same been stuck inside lol. But at least I've been getting to work on my press under my car port at least. Being sick sucks I hope I dont get sick haven't been in almost 2 years now. With out a cold.
  16. Dont judge me too hard on this project lol I'm not the worlds best fabricator. I'm mediocre at best. How ever I did get more progress done on this thing today. A lot A lot A lot of welding. But that little inverter is a blast to weld with. Worth the money spent. Anyhow I do realize that my right or left side depending on how your looking at is a bit off. I am working on a solution for that. I'm thinking about welding on some steel to the bottom of that pipe so that it will come in contact with the ground. I just had to call it quits today because of my back. But at least I'm sticking with the project and not giving up on it. LOL I just hope it works. I do have one more 10 inch cut of pipe should I double up again?
  17. Okay I'll have to clean up and grind off the pieces I made on the other piece of tube I have for that. I'll do that today. Fortunately I just got myself a stick welder too lol. Working on welding that structure support across the dye plate. I must say, this little harbor freight welder is a blast to weld with. Its so much more enjoyable and yea it was a good buy. At least electrodes will be pretty cheap for it to replenish lol.
  18. Just picked up a small stick welder this morning hoping to try it out later if everything dries out enough. But wow this little 80 amp HF arc welder IS TINY. Lmfao I could carry it in my backpack if I needed to. There were lots of good reviews about it. Plus it will save my back unlike my 50 pound flux welder.
  19. I'm not exactly sure how I would beef it up more. Should I add another bar on top of the bar that I have there for the dyes. I've been wanting to beef it up more just not sure exactly how to go about that. I'm getting ready to run over to harbor freight to pick up a stick welder since that will work better for me than the flux welder. (Not to mention LIGHTER too lol) If I have to grind that bar off I'll grind off the welds and re do it.
  20. Welp I think I'm actually starting to get somewhere's with this little project. I did a test up prior to welding everything together. I wanted to judge the time that I would need to make a forge weld. So in the long run I had to cut off about 5 inches of the legs of the frame. How ever it made it a bit short but I'm sure it will work just fine for forge welding damascus steel. But for something coming from my end and my building skills. I can't complain lol. This has been a learning experience and quite fun getting this going.
  21. I've just never heard of it before it is after all a nice looking knife
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