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  1. You can also build one for far cheaper than just out right buying one as well. If my building skills were better and up to par I'd build one myself and I'm actually considering building one just to be able to say I did build one.
  2. That one turned out quite nicely I like the handle never heard of lacewood.
  3. Iron looks like maybe copper as well?
  4. Surprisingly this build is going very smoothly for me no hickups big ones anyway. Nothing that I couldn't work though. The frames basically done as well as the lift bar is in as well as the top piece for the top die. I still have to make the base I'm trying to figure out where I should buy the steel pipe from because I am using 2 inch tube with a 3/16ths inch wall thickness. So I got a lot done on it and I feel quite accomplished. Starting this project was well worth it, and if this works good as a press it will be a worthy investment and learning experience. I really should have invested in a stick welder instead of the Flux welder maybe mid month I'll spend the money and get a stick welder that I can play with. I weld far better with them lol.
  5. So after reading through on my post and on the Mini Hydaulic Press build post, I decided to start working on my own. So far I'm working on the frame of the press. It's going together quite quickly I'm quite surprised. I'm waiting for one of the pieces to cool down currently so I can weld back brackets on to keep the center bar in place on the frame itself. The piece of tube that will move up and down with the ram of the Bottle Jack. I'm still trying to work out what I'm going to do for the base of this press. But hey at least i'll be able to say I accomplished a DIY project LOL. Yep I'm also welding in the rain (Under cover of course.) Base plate will be next. Oh yes on my welds they may look horrible only because of the welder but I did sit on the frame at the end on its side and I weigh almost 200 pounds and it held up quite well. So they should do alright. More photos to come as the project gets near to completion.
  6. Well when I had went to harbor freight to pick up a jack I was originally shopping for a 12 ton jack just because of price. But the only ones they had in stock when I went in were the 20 tons so I had to pay a bit extra for more than what I needed lmfao. Oh well. Got the steel for the press frame this morning I still got to get the steel for the base of the frame as well. I'm not a terrible welder if I had the right machine I could lay down some really really nice welding beads but the welder that I have is basically a hot glue gun. So I'll have to make a couple of semi decent passes and hope the welds hold up. I'm going to start welding up the vertical frame of the press hopefully this afternoon. If it gets too wet I will have to stop.
  7. Just got most of the steel for the frame of my forging press today. So that's a good start, now I just gotta figure out how I'm going to weld it up with the welder I have lol. I may have to make multiple passes with it and go extremely slow and hope to god I get a good weld bead and a good weld lol. I'm not kind of wishing I had really bought a stick welder instead LMAO.
  8. So I'm picking up some of the steel tubing to start building the frame today. I'm planning on getting 2 30 inch sections of 2 inch square tube hopefully with a decent wall thickness. As well as 3 10 inch sections for the top of the frame and the section that will sit on the hydrolic ram. I'm also contemplating on using some of the 4x4's I have as a base rather than using steel. I'm not sure how well that would work or if it wont work at all. I know most of the ones I was reading on the thread have a steel base. But I was wondering if the 4x4s but they probably wouldn't be able to hold the vertical portion of the frame very well I'm assuming. So I'll probably just wind up using the steel.
  9. Nice... and YIKES that could do some serious damage
  10. For some reason I wasnt thinking that they got that big. Maybe I just grew acuston to the automotive type files where they are just short about 10 inches at max. Lol But at least now I have a decent file.
  11. I’ll hopefully be sharpening a couple soon myself going to do what I can with the belts first.
  12. Compared to the harbor freight files I was kind of shocked it was that big that’s the one you recommended the one from eBay lmfao. It shipped quite quickly.
  13. I mean come on guys does size really matter this much (file size humor)
  14. You could make a 2x72 if you have proper tools to do it. You can order the idler wheels and platen. I bought mine off ebay for around 700 bucks so it wasnt total price gouger. I've had pretty decent luck with the Das Toobinator from ebay. Forge wise are you planning on using propane or coal? Coal is quite forgiving from my experience with it. I haven't been forging that long at all. This is my set up on the forge though. I only forge outside as well. Id also suggest taking a few classes. I haven't because I really can't afford it. But I've been learning the processes the hard way everybody here on the forums is pretty danged helpful with things. But if you wanted to build your own 2x72 if you have access to a welder and a drill press it can be done. Best of luck on getting started.
  15. That's the thread I was actually trying to find but couldn't lol thanks.
  16. Yea I like that one. I definitely need to start doing more blades just so I can practice my plunge lines and get better at it. For some reason it seems like I can put as much pressure or little pressure on it when grinding and still not get a straight line lol. Guess I need more practice.
  17. Basically what my intentions are for is forge welding Damascus steel. As well as when and if I start getting into making axes it will assist with the forge welding of the eye piece to the blade of the ax as well. Those are the main reasons behind it.
  18. Okay so it's been a long time coming. But I had some spare funds to be able to get one. I finally was able to pick up a Hydrollic Bottle Jack from HF. Yea it was from HF but I'm going to be modifying it. So I'm getting ready to build a press. I spent some time going through the forums last night and this morning looking for the pinned thread on these things but for some reason I couldn't find it. I was trying to get a general idea of how much square tubing, and channel beams I would need for this build. But at least the bottle jack I'm planning on using is in my possesion. I was going to go with a 12 ton only because of price but when I went to HF this morning they had NO 12 ton jacks only 20 ton. But in the long run I'm probably better off with that right? I'm planning on building this with the tools and welder that I have. IE the "Hot Glue Gun" So I'm going to have to probably double and even triple my welds just to make them sturdy. I'm just hoping I can purchase all the steel I need for under 100 bucks lol. The bottle jack wasn't cheap even for HF. Any suggestions on how I should do this with the tools that I currently have?
  19. Just picked up a 20 ton hydrolic lift from HF. Gah they didn't have any of the 12 ton ones so I was kind of stuck buyin the 20 ton but it was probably the better option to have. Either way now just got to start acquiring the steel to build my mini forging press. I'm also planning on heat treating those two blades today as well since it looks like the weather is going to play nice so later this morning I'll break out the forge and get it going.
  20. The belts I got are the 36 Grit ceramic shredder belts from combat abrassives. It probably maybe the same but felt like 20 minutes or so lol. When you don't actually work time just seems to melt in and just disappear. I plan on heat treating both of these blades Hopefully today. Speaking of which should a normalization cycle be done even though the blades have been ground to shape instead of forged?
  21. I may have to consider that. Get my hands on a power hammer. I just don't like driving much lol. But I may just have to.
  22. For a first run cutting plunge lines on the belt sander it probably could have been much worse. I fixed the blade as much as I could. I also got the pin holes drilled out, but made a mistake one is just a bit higher than the other so they’re off center. UGGGH operator error. Oh well. I got the blade pretty much finished it coul look twenty times better, but this one was more of an experimental with learning to do plunge lines. I did these free handed, no tool rest, no guide, no layouts on the blade. I did this all by eye sight. The only place I really had the mark was to tell me where the tang ended and blade began. I mean it’s not perfect but I’m happy with it.
  23. Not bad. I gotta get me a press built so I can eventually do damascus lol. I like the pattern. Is it just a random Mosaic?
  24. Two blades ready for heat treat tried as best as I could to straighten out the bevels. But at least I’ll be able to do two at once. And I tried my first go at plunge lines. Just realized on my EDC knife the smaller one, the pin holes were not exactly line up. One is a bit higher. OPPS. Operator error. Oh well. Lol.
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