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  1. Well that was easy. Rather than waiting for cutlers rivets that I would have to have shipped I picked up some brass rod. 3/16 inch. Along with a cobalt drill bit thats just a hair bigger than the 3/16 inch brass rod. I got a foot of the brass rod and of course I also picked up some epoxy sadly the Ace hardware store near me did not have the G Flex Geoff Was suggesting. They had the Plastic Steel Epoxy so I'm hoping that will work okay. If it doesn't lol it was only 5 bucks. So no harm no foul. It should work though. But man I can't believe how cheap grand total spent 15 bucks lmao. I was happy about that though. Now it's just hurry up and wait for the scales to get here..... Alright guess I should go drill holes in the tang lol. Hope this works out.
  2. This is all still experimental at this point still yet. This first knife is just the test run. After I'm done with it I'll wind up being glad I'm done with it but ready for the next one. So it's kinda been non stop questions from me about it lol. Once I actually gain more experience though questions will be less and less frequent. But I also lack space and tools so things can go kind of difficulty on trying to figure out just exactly how I'm going to get it done. But I'm sure I'll figure it out and manage.
  3. Okay Vern I'll give that a try, the pins would basically be there to help with the epoxy holding everything together, they wouldn't really be more of say a structurally thing I would think. Unless I make them into a structural piece. Course sand paper? Well I think I'll have to pick up some 60 grit regular old sand paper from HD I need some anyway for other things lol. I am still a bit nervous with the hole epoxy thing. Lol But do you blame me being a noob. That doesn't want to mess up his first knife and make himself look like a complete JA lol. I'm a little weary on actually grinding in slots into the tang itself. If I mess it up Id be afraid that I'd mess up the hole knife. That's my only draw back. That's kind of what I was planning for was letting the epoxy do most of the work. The pins would be to just help with keeping it in place. I guess you would say. I know I'm such a noob. Lol.
  4. Okay now the question boils down to this. I think I've figured out what I'm going to use, and I think I'm going to stick simple and use a brass rod for a pin. I'll have to pick some up. No big deal how ever the question I now have is what would look better. Having one pin or two pins. Also when I do these do I basically need to pound them flat like a rivet? Or do I leave them straight and use the epoxy to secure everything with the pins being the extra support for the epoxy to secure the scales to the tang. I was watching some videos last night but they did not fully explain that.
  5. Yea I get that cheaper is always better. But I'm not sure when I'll be able to pick any of that sort of material up, lol I've still gotta buy clamps. Good thing those are cheap at least.
  6. I'm honestly not going to be that bold lol. I do not have the skill to even think about trying to match that lol. That does look quite cool though. I'm not even going to attempt to do that. I'm a noob remember lol. I was looking at cutlers rivets, but I'm not only going to be using this knife just not in the kitchen. It will be used for example opening boxes tearing them down. You know every day knife use. But I also want to be able to use it to cut up a piece of meat if I wanted to. So a very multi use knife. I want to have a good solid handle. So I was actually having second thoughts on the cutlers rivets. Yes I did look into those. I'm hoping to have this blade done before Christmas Eve lol I know that's pushing it a bit waiting on materials to get here. The next thing I'll have to pick up is epoxy and even there Im not exactly sure what to buy and I'm hoping it can be something as easy as picking up from Home Depot so I don't have to send away for it.
  7. I honestly wasn't really wanting to go totally crazy. I just was unsure if I should just skip the pins altogether and just use epoxy. Or what not. I'm in all honesty really unsure of how to do this the right way so that it looks decent and holds together well. I mean I just don't want the scales breaking off the first time I go to attempt to use the knife for the first time lol. That's my real worry. I just want it to stick to the tang. So you're saying that I should hallow out slightly around on the insides of the scales to match the tang? But not too deep.
  8. So I should go with the pins for this first one? I would think that would be the best option at the moment. I'm going to look around at some different scale material I think at this point I'm going to stick with wood. I'm definitely not going to start out with bog oak lol I don't want to make an expensive mistake even though it looks really nice on handles. With the scales do I want to order them already pre cut? Since I do not have a band saw at the moment? I'm planning on ordering them today. Just ordered myself some blood wood scales. That should look really nice when they are done.
  9. Yes, which brings me to the next point on pins and or rivets. What size would be the best. I was considering 1/4 as the option there. But I'm not even sure on exactly what size drill bit I need to pick up in order to drill out the holes so that the 1/4 would fit snugly and I wouldn't have to use epoxy.
  10. Well it's kind of got me at a stopping point or delay rather. I'm not sure if I should fit and attach the scales before I actually finish sanding the blade and sharpening it. Or do I finish sand first and sharpen before I put on the scales. I don't want to cut the crap out of myself while I'm trying to work with the handle. I just am not fully sure so I've been stuck lol.
  11. I'm at the point where I'm trying to make the decision. I really like the way cutlers rivets are easy to install into the blade. How ever I'm decisive on whether I should use those or I should just use the pins and epoxy method. How ever I've got to learn how to do both. But for epoxy I don't really have clamps or epoxy for that matter. But from my understanding with cutlers rivets all I've got to do is drill out matching holes in the scales and tang and put them in pound them flat handle scales secure. I'm not sure if that is a correct statement. But I'm planning on ordering scales this week and picking up drill bits but Im not exactly sure what size of everything I would need. Not to mention should I only do one hole or two or three on this smaller tang. I don't want the handles falling off during use. I've also been delaying doing any more finishing work really until I get the handle material on the blade itself. Not sure if that's wise or not. Any thoughts on this?
  12. AndyB

    All things Monty

    I still have a f.b. Account but I no longer use it I’ve actually removed it off everything.
  13. AndyB

    Another W.I.P. blade in the works...

    Hmm those might work may have to invest in some of those.
  14. AndyB

    Another W.I.P. blade in the works...

    Well the small blade isn't really a kitchen knife it's more of a multi use knife as I said. It can be either or.
  15. AndyB

    Another W.I.P. blade in the works...

    I'm not sure if my phones camera really does the trick with pictures, but I went out and did a little bit more sanding, I wanted to try out my 600 grit belt. I can't believe how plumb thin those things are. How ever with putting the steel up to the platen I'm starting to notice that it likes to jump off and back towards me. It gets quite loud at times. Not sure if that's a normal thing with belt sanders. How ever I only did a little bit of sanding. I don't want this to be the absolute perfect knife. I want it to show the mistakes I've made in the process of making it. So of course when I make more I have something to look back at. So this particular blade I will probably leave with some inperfections. I do want to sand smooth the inner side but I have to wait until my sanding kit gets here for the drill press. But I feel that this blade is ready for holes to be drilled but I'm not sure what size bit I'll need to buy in order to make a 1/4 inch brass rod fit fairly snugly into the hole. Anyways here's a shot from today's sanding.