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  1. AndyB

    60lb power hammer build

    Well because of my park management I'm limited on what kind of tools I can have for this. lol
  2. AndyB

    Drop point knife

    Nice knife, I could probably shave in that mirror polish.
  3. AndyB

    60lb power hammer build

    I may just have to do that one day.
  4. AndyB

    60lb power hammer build

    If there were only such a thing as a working "silenced" power hammer lol Id be able to have one at my place.
  5. AndyB

    Soon my old shop will be coming down...

    Wait no dynamite in taking your old shop down??
  6. Your talkin to someone that's never done this before lol. I've screwed up things right off the bat even with the first time of doing things. Heck I probably even screwed up some how putting the satinite in my forge lol.
  7. I was actually just reading that it's good info. Hopefully I wont screw up too bad the first time I attempt it lol.
  8. I may wind up heat treating incorrectly the first time doing it lol because I actually plan on using my forge to bring it up to temperature and then run a quench. For quenching I do plan on using Vegetable oil for it.
  9. Yep my brother has been crafting my anvil stand for me. So at the moment that's really the only thing that I'm actually waiting for is that to get done. I'm interested to see what he actually comes up with and what it will look like. But ya glad I found the forums here you guys have been a pretty big help with this.
  10. AndyB

    First handle

    I was looking at that photo very closely did you make the knife out of an old file? I know that has nothing to do with your question but I was just curious.
  11. Sorry guys I can sometimes get forgetful in things and thanks for the info.
  12. Lol I don't even have the burners in my forge at the moment I wasn't sure if it was thick enough. From everything that I've watched on you tube things are telling me to forge thicker for when it comes to stock material. I guess I have that mental block telling me that more is better.
  13. So I'm hoping I didnt mess up again but the 1/4 inch by 1 1/4 by 60 should be plenty of material right? I think I may have goofed on the thickness I don't know. Unless when I make the first knife actually cut a piece off long enough to fold over and weld the fold together to make the knife. I'm just not exactly sure if that's the way to do it. But for some reason my brain is telling me I didn't get thick enough metal on this order. Would you guys have any suggestions for me being this noob. I feel dumb constantly asking questions about things that may or may not have been answered or even covered here on the forums. But my steel got here today so i am hoping I can work with that. I mean if I have to fold it over and attempt to weld it then that's what I have to do. But I'm a bit on the lost side at the moment. Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions.
  14. Not to mention they also want to try and sell me something I don't or wont need. I've been trying to do everything properly well as properly as I can for the most part. My problem is I'm the type of person that wants every thing right away. I'm an overly anxious person. But eventually I wind up hurry up and waiting for everything else that I need. And thanks Wayne.
  15. Only problem with the big cylinders at the moment for me... Is basically park management. I would have to purchase a good sized clyndar dolly for the cylinders and then Id have to be able to chain it up according to park managements rules on that. That's the only downside I have at the moment in purchasing a large propane tank unfortunately so at the moment I am stuck with the "20Gallon" tanks.