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    Restoring my 1967 Impala SS convertible.Woodcarving.Wire rope hand splicer.
  1. Free is the right price. it is 4 foot tall and 2 feet wide.my Kohlswa will look great on it.
  2. Ken Soltys

    Ford ranger leaf spring

    As far as coil springs i will test each set i get, but i will try to get truck leaf springs.For important stuff i will order that to be safe.Thank you Alan.
  3. Ken Soltys

    how epoxy changes with age

    i had epoxy on a radiator leak for years and sold it like that.
  4. Ken Soltys

    seax knife

    The bit of unsharpened steel between the blade and handle saves the hand/fingers from riding forward and getting cut like the way my Snody Big Boss hurt my palm.
  5. Ken Soltys

    Alabama Damascus Filet/boning knife

    Nice.i like the size.
  6. Ken Soltys

    First handle for critique

    sand with 2000 grit and buff the wood shiny.
  7. Alan Longmire Said : I have it from a former manufacturer of axles that American passenger car and truck axles from the 1960s to around 2000 or so are 1050H. This can be water hardened, but oil is safer. Axles larger than 1.25" diameter may or may not be 4140, which is never a water-quench steel. Stuff newer than 200 is an unknown, but is heat-treatable. They use scanning induction surface hardening now rather than quench hardening, which apparently makes a difference in the alloys that work. Personally i have a wire rope corperation in my town and will buy their scrap as i know what steel is good as far as wore rope is concerned.
  8. I hear about some modern hardening process that is new, my sources say to get pre 1999 .i want to make specialized autobody tools like the hammer and dolly sets for cheap.now the real steel ones are too much to afford thus i hope for word of mouth advertising.Thank you kindly Daniel
  9. Ken Soltys

    My collection of Viking artifacts

    I live on an old battlefield.
  10. Ken Soltys

    Pyramid Lake, Nevada High Desert

    Nevada has Mount Charleston https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Charleston Ok Tanner i got a real mountain .i have been there i will return.a mountain in a desert!
  11. Are the thick axles inside rear ends of rear wheel drive vehicles only good for hammers and tools? i hear it is 4140 steel and it should be water quenched.this is something i can get redily as well as coil and leaf springs. Wire rope comes in 3 different steel types p.s.=plough steel i.p.s. = improved plough steel e.i.p.s. = extra improved plough steel. get 6x19 or 6x25 so you do not burn tiny filler strands. does this sound right?does the oily lubrication on the wire rope need to be degreased? Thank you
  12. Ken Soltys

    New forge

    Wow you guys really don't know how i appreciate this.thank you very much!
  13. Ken Soltys

    New forge

    Sweet, i will read it.thank you.
  14. Ken Soltys

    New forge

    After i get set up i have 2 thick coil springs i could beat on .i have no teacher so wish me luck.any good books?