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  1. Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amanda. My husband and I have three grown kids, six grandkids, a dog and three cats. I live in the mountains of south-central California and I work for the county at the Department of Human Services.

    My mother used to tell me: Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do something because you are a girl. Tell them you CAN do it because you are a girl. Therefore, I have many interests/hobbies, some of them girly, others not so much: from sewing, to assorted varieties of needlework, baking, jewelry making, gardening, target shooting and woodworking. I love learning about things that are not traditionally of interest to women. I am a lifelong LA Dodgers and Seattle Seahawks fan. I enjoy watching Formula One racing, World Rally Championship, Discovery channel, History channel, FoodNetwork and Cooking channel. I think a good way to spend an afternoon is to go window shopping...at the local quilting store, the craft store and a gun shop that also carries knives. Something I never leave home without is my Ken Onion Blur.

    The first time I saw a Damascus blade so long ago was a sort of epiphany for me. I wanted to learn traditional metalsmithing, using as few power tools as possible. {Am I ambitious or just out of my mind?} I never really had the opportunity or the space to take on forging until now, so I am going to start small. I read somewhere (it might have been here) that a good way to start is to go spend a few bucks on tongs and good gloves, buy some old files and maybe an anvil at a yard sale, cobble together a homemade forge and start hammering. I may find out it’s too much, or that I dont have the patience or the knack for it, but I have to try. 

    So thats me. I will be spending a lot of time reading the posts in here, taking in the information and expertise of those who are skilled. Hopefully, I will have something to share with everyone in the coming months.


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