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  1. The exotic wood in these knife handles is absolutely beautiful.
  2. Thanks Wes. Coming from a knifemaker whose work I admire, your positive comments mean a great deal to me.
  3. I decided to complete this puukko yesterday. Blade is 103mm x 24mm x3.5mm with a 600 grit satin and Scotch Brite finish. This blade was an early attempt prior to getting a vfd and new motor. It is not a rhomboid grind. The handle is black ash burl with ebony, padauk and redheart accents as well as brass bolsters. I had to use a flash for the photos; it is very dark and pouring this morning.
  4. Thanks for looking and commenting, Doug.
  5. I finished this puukko last evening. I had forgotten about some Puronvarsi blades that I put away. The blade was 120mm now shortened to 110mm, the bolsters were made from .188" brass, the handle is padauk with ebony and redheart accents. J
  6. The fighter is now complete. I added a pin which was a p,i.a. to install at the final stage of construction.
  7. Today it will be on to the Wharncliffe. I ground the bevel last night and will finish polishing today. Pics to follow.
  8. Thanks Alan and Joshua for the advice. I drew both versions with a pin and wanted to use a pin, but I started to put the cart before the horse. Went to the garage and proceeded to drill the handle and fit a brass pin. The sixth sense said forget the pin use epoxy and all will be fine. I drilled and the edges of the hole on both sides are not clean. There is slight break out. Not terrible but enough for me to kick my own butt around the town a few times. Can I make a new handle? Yes. Will I ? Don't know. I make puukkos by epoxying them together. I had to hammer the hickory handle off one. Well the lesson for today is follow the tried and true game plan and don't change the sequence of steps. Truth be told, I liked it better without the pin.
  9. Thanks Zeb and Alex. Answer to why no pin: I'm not finished yet. I just got a little bit ahead of myself with the Lin-Speed and not following the plan. The tang is retentive, but I will drill it with a carbide bit today. I should have drilled for the pin when the handle was still a block. Lesson learned...the hard way.
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