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  1. This are Cold Steel pipe hawks and a Spike hawk I remodeled with files seven years ago. I just saw this thread today and it has great info. I made stars out of the screw holes and filled them with pewter. The last picture has a couple of CS Trail hawks. All work was done with files. 1 r
  2. Robert, thank you for complimenting my work. The Nordic style and Finnish puukko bug bit me a few years ago and I have never been the same since. The quality of the work I see from blade smiths here and other sites provides the impetus to keep working harder just to try and keep up.
  3. Thank you Gerhard for viewing and commenting.
  4. Thank you Mike. I am grateful to Everyone who take the time to look at my work.
  5. Thanks Doug, nice to hear from you.
  6. Thank you Adam. Your recent exquisite three knife build and tutorial still has my head spinning. Thank you Alan for your positive comments. I am not doing as much knife work since I have been designing and revamping the interior of the house. I will be getting some puukko blades completed in the next month or so.
  7. Hi Clifford, thanks for viewing and kind words. Once the Nordic/puukko bug bit, I was a goner.
  8. My recently completed Nordic knife: 97 mm Scandi ground blade, cocobolo and ebony handle and peened brass bolster.
  9. Exceptional design and fabrication, Adam. Well done!
  10. Thanks Garry. Your work teaches all of us what a good working knife should be.
  11. My latest project: 95mm Scandi ground blade, brass bolster with peened finish, black fiber spacer, padauk handle and bison leather sheath.
  12. Thank You Matthew. BTW, your interests are in the proper order.
  13. Thank you Jason. Only one 2018 puukko remains waiting for a sheath.
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