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  1. Thanks for viewing and commenting, Alex. Padauk has a beautiful range of red/orange and/or rusty orange color I really like for many of my knives in combination with ebony. I have been using it for almost three years and have not had a problem with splintering. Thank you Chris. I try to carry that theme on the knives I make.
  2. I have had six Puronvarsi blades for the last couple years and decided it was time to do something with the remaining five. The Puronvarsi 120mm x 23mm blade was reworked to make all grinds true and the 800x satin finish was buffed with gray Scotch Brite.. The bolster is nickel silver with a peened finish. The padauk handle has a ebony spacer and the butt end is slightly convex. Simple, utilitarian and comfortable in hand. More to come.
  3. Thanks Alex. Being out of commission for a few months and the Covid shutdown lit a fire to get producing.
  4. Newly completed puukko May 2020. 110mm x 22mm blade 80crv2 with an 800x polish and gray Scotch Brite satin finish, spine is a continuous curve from bolster to tip and has a bevel along the entire length. Bolsters are brass with a peened finish on the front and rounded polished rear. The cocobolo handle has ebony spacer at the rear and black fiber up front.
  5. I will be making her a traditional Finnish puukko sheath. I enjoy making them, so its a win/win.
  6. Thank you Rob. My wife has commandeered this puukko for her growing collection of knives. She was just mentioning her knife now needs a traditional sheath.
  7. This puukko was completed 5/10/20. The blade is 100mm x 20mm, the black ash burl handle has nickel silver bolsters with ebony and redheart spacers.
  8. Latest knife completed today. 100mm x 24mm blade, cocobolo handle with black fiber spacer and brass bolster with peened finish. I reground the Brisa flat ground Nordic blade, added a swedge, changed the ricasso and finished with an 800x polish and gray Scotch Brite finish.
  9. Thank you Wes, Zeb and Doug. I'm working on two more knives; one is a puukko and the other is what I call a small flat grind chore knife.
  10. Thanks , Rob and Garry.
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