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  1. Just completed this traditional back sewn puukko sheath for my Puronvarsi project from two years ago. Sheath is made from 2mm black buffalo leather. The wooden insert was carved from poplar and coated inside and out with two coats of urethane. The sheath was hand stitched and the dangler secured by means of a brass ring and Chicago screw post.
  2. Thank you all very much for your kind thoughts.
  3. Thank you for your most generous comments. I was unable to post due to my problems with the photo hosting site, and my inability to speak computerese. Something changed and could only show the codes and no pics. All is well now. The posted photos are not all of my work, but a good sampling of what I have been doing. Nice to hear from you Brian; thanks for your kind words.
  4. Paljon kiitoksia means Thank you very much.
  5. Paljon kiitoksia! Just practicing my Finnish.
  6. Completed last evening. Puukko: 115mm x 22mm blade with beveled spine and slight drop point. Black ash burl handle with brass bolsters and contrasting ebony.
  7. Thanks Rob. Later today, I will be posting another puukko I finished last evening.
  8. I completed this puukko utilizing a Puronvarsi 125mm blade shortened to 115mm , removed the brut de forge and polished the blade to 800x with a Scotch-Brite gray satin finish and slightly reprofiled the cutting edge. Nickel silver was used for the front bolster and end cap on the cocobolo handle. The cocobolo has darkened to a golden reddish brown after a boiled linseed oil and rottenstone rubdown then a couple of hours in the sun.
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