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  1. Paljon kiitoksia means Thank you very much.
  2. Paljon kiitoksia! Just practicing my Finnish.
  3. Completed last evening. Puukko: 115mm x 22mm blade with beveled spine and slight drop point. Black ash burl handle with brass bolsters and contrasting ebony.
  4. Thanks Rob. Later today, I will be posting another puukko I finished last evening.
  5. I completed this puukko utilizing a Puronvarsi 125mm blade shortened to 115mm , removed the brut de forge and polished the blade to 800x with a Scotch-Brite gray satin finish and slightly reprofiled the cutting edge. Nickel silver was used for the front bolster and end cap on the cocobolo handle. The cocobolo has darkened to a golden reddish brown after a boiled linseed oil and rottenstone rubdown then a couple of hours in the sun.
  6. Thank you Gerhard, I am thinking about it since your last post to me.
  7. Chris, your comments about my work are most gracious indeed and coming from a fellow craftsman means a great deal to me. Thank you.
  8. Thank you Clifford. Glad you like them.
  9. Than you very much Mr. Craft for your very kind comments. The makers mark is not mine , but the Finnish craftsman Yro Puronvarsi. I have had these blades for a few years and recently decided to use them for knife projects. I modify the the blades to true up the spine and bevels slightly change the length and belly shape. I do not have a makers mark myself. The YP Mark is stamped in during the forging process. These blades are made one at a time.
  10. Thanks Doug. The handle is very comfortable.
  11. Just completed the Puronvarsi 120mm knife. The blade has a slightly modified belly. The spine and bevels were straightened and the blade was hand polished to 800x then gray Scotch Brite for a soft satin finish. The handle is goncalo alves with padauk and ebony spacers and Lin-Speed oil finish taken to 800x for a low luster finish. The butt was convexed. The nickel-silver bolster has a lightly peened finish.
  12. Thanks for viewing and commenting, Alex. Padauk has a beautiful range of red/orange and/or rusty orange color I really like for many of my knives in combination with ebony. I have been using it for almost three years and have not had a problem with splintering. Thank you Chris. I try to carry that theme on the knives I make.
  13. I have had six Puronvarsi blades for the last couple years and decided it was time to do something with the remaining five. The Puronvarsi 120mm x 23mm blade was reworked to make all grinds true and the 800x satin finish was buffed with gray Scotch Brite.. The bolster is nickel silver with a peened finish. The padauk handle has a ebony spacer and the butt end is slightly convex. Simple, utilitarian and comfortable in hand. More to come.
  14. Thanks Alex. Being out of commission for a few months and the Covid shutdown lit a fire to get producing.
  15. Newly completed puukko May 2020. 110mm x 22mm blade 80crv2 with an 800x polish and gray Scotch Brite satin finish, spine is a continuous curve from bolster to tip and has a bevel along the entire length. Bolsters are brass with a peened finish on the front and rounded polished rear. The cocobolo handle has ebony spacer at the rear and black fiber up front.
  16. I will be making her a traditional Finnish puukko sheath. I enjoy making them, so its a win/win.
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