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  1. Thanks Garry. Your work teaches all of us what a good working knife should be.
  2. My latest project: 95mm Scandi ground blade, brass bolster with peened finish, black fiber spacer, padauk handle and bison leather sheath.
  3. Thank You Matthew. BTW, your interests are in the proper order.
  4. Thank you Jason. Only one 2018 puukko remains waiting for a sheath.
  5. I purchased Bison leather from Springfield Leather Company. The two hides I have vary in texture from relatively smoothe to heavy pebble grain. they also vary in thickness. I learned to thin them if they are too thick. https://www.springfieldleather.com/Leather/Deer-Elk-Bison .
  6. All components and design work together for three outstanding knives giving life to your vision. Natural materials will hand you surprises from time to time, but each one is a learning experience and many times can be incorporated into the piece.
  7. Latest Tommi puukko sheath. Bison leather and urethane sealed wooden insert.
  8. Your knives and sheaths have graceful lines and perfect craftsmanship. Nordic knives, puukkot in particular, are the only knives I make. The puukkoseppa of Finland are some of the most talented craftsmen in the world. Please continue posting your work.
  9. Thoroughly enjoying your WIP Adam. Well done so far.
  10. The bar is already very high, now you raise it up even higher. Way to go Wes, your work encourages us to be better knife makers.
  11. Wes is right on target. Beautifully done! Your meticulous documentation is teaching us all now much can be accomplished with a positive creative attitude to bring your vision to fruition. And, three at once...very impressive.
  12. Bison leather, brass D ring and a brass Chicago screw post were used for this sheath.
  13. Joshua has given some very good tips. I like the acetate idea.
  14. Adam, If you keep the ricasso, sharpening after assembly won't be a problem. Whether there is a ricasso or not, the blade should be at the final dimension when fit to the bolster. This will assure a tight fit. My final sharpening and stropping is done after final assembly
  15. Adam, This is a very interesting WIP. The design elements, thought process along with your craftsmanship are making gifts that will be used and admired for a lifetime. 80crv2 is a good steel choice and your other materials both traditional and non traditional will combine to create a beautiful knife. Throughout the fabrication process let your hands tell you what feels right. A knife, no matter how beautiful, must be useable. The T.L.A.F.A.R. That looks and feels about right principle be your guide. Thanks for taking the time to show us your methods.
  16. Thank you Brian. I started making sheaths about 2 months ago. I had some buffalo scrap from Tandy for practice. It is veg tanned, 2.5mm thick and is very easy to form when wet. Some of the scrap was thicker and some were smaller. I buy larger pieces of bison as 5 square foot pieces from Springfield Leather Company. Veg tanned Bison has very interesting textures, is very strong and also easy to wet form.
  17. Thank you Andrew. This particular piece of veg tanned buffalo scrap was purchased from Tandy. I buy my veg tanned bison leather from Springfield leather Company. They are good people to deal with and have a nice selection of leather.
  18. While recovering at home after surgery, I made another sheath for one of my puukko projects. This sheath is buffalo leather I dyed black. I made the oval jump ring from 3/32" brass rod and the belt loop is secured by a Chicago screw post. The carved wooden insert is sealed with urethane.
  19. Bison leather and hand formed brass jump rings were used for my latest sheaths.
  20. Three more sheaths for the knives I made. I used bison leather for all.
  21. I made my first sheath this past week. It was made as a Christmas gift for my pastor. He owns this puukko I made for him as a birthday gift this past June. I used traditional construction methods and chose bison leather because of its strength and texture. I made the brass jump ring from 3/16" rod.
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