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  1. Yeah, it's greener up there than most places in the area. Bummer about the classes, and I've been watching a LOT of videos (I can't get enough of 'em). Mostly Christ Centered Ironworks, Black Bear Forge, Liam Hoffman, and Alec Steele (those kids have a GIFT, I'm telling you), but I was really hoping to get some hands-on tutelage.
  2. Good afternoon, I am a beginner, no, I'm even worse than a beginner, I've never even put hammer to steel. (I've started putting hammer to aluminum though, so I'm not completely hopeless...I hope.) . Aaaaaanyway, I am DESPERATELY interested in learning how to smith (both blade and black) but at the same time, being a father of 6 and a husband, am a little gun shy to jumping in head first and dying. (Also, I'm still trying to bring my lovey wife around to the idea as a whole, so having some education under my belt would help) That said, I'm looking for beginner classes/an experienced
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