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  1. Interesting points. I thought I saw someone on Youtube drifting with a slot punch and then opening it up a drifting further on the horn. I really think that's a stupid way to do it though, now that I stop and think about it. I'll try with some flat bar - the rebar is very unforgiving.
  2. Drifting looked like one of the simplest things to perform, and yet I'm having zero luck. My holes always end up off center, or oblong, or just plain too small. I'm trying to make a bottle opener out of 1/2" rebar... what's the biggest size hole you can drift in 1/2" rebar out of that material? (Maybe I just need to use more steel?) Also... I don't have a tapered punch with a large enough diameter and I'm not sure how to use the anvil horn to make the hole bigger. How do you hammer the iron over the horn without ruining the whole thing?
  3. actually amazing! You, sir, are a craftsman AND an artist.
  4. wasn't really looking for 'knife steel'.... was more or less wondering what would make corrosion resistant, sturdy flatware like spoons and butterknives
  5. I never knew food grade mineral oil was a thing! If I read correctly, 316 doesn't harden? I was wondering if that would be an issue at all... I hate those utensils that bend when you are trying to enjoy a steak.
  6. Gentlemen, what are things I should consider if I hope to forge knives/spoons/forks that I intend to eat with?
  7. you beat me to the questions on stainless, Alan. Thanks again. Also... I'll be keeping them happy because I'm going to mount the anvil into a silicone bed as you recommended. That should keep the TING, TING down to a ting ting.
  8. well now that the forge is running well, I've been practicing by drawing out tapers and other beginner stuff. The 'ting, ting ting' of the anvil has drawn a lot of inquiries from neighbours and fortunately no one has complained yet. Mostly they're curious and I've gotten a lot of requests already. One neighbour wants a couple of stainless gaff hooks made for his boat, another neighbour has asked if i'd sell him my forge or build a new one for him, and yet another neighbour has requested I forge up something so he can hang his hammock without hurting/damaging the trees. Goodness! Blades may be
  9. ask and ye shall receive! and..... working on my rebar tongs! Just need to drift in a hole and set the rivet!
  10. Figured it out... I actually didn’t have a perfect seal on the one mig tip. Just needed more Teflon! Now it’s running great! Just made myself some tongs from rebar! :-)
  11. So, with the .023 tips I'm getting a blue flame as well as a purple flame. Once my forge gets up to heat the blue flame starts to huff a bit. I'm running wide open (no choke) @ 10-15 psi Just can't figure it out...even playing with the chokes and the regulator. Do you think I need LONGER tubes than 8"?
  12. I got lucky again... I moved last year and figured that the corner of my yard, behind the garden shed, would be a good place to set up my forge. I started moving some brush and cleaned up about 1-1/2" of pine needles and debris back there and discovered that there were paving stones actually already laid there!
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