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  1. I reckon I can make an oven and a trough, sounds much more doable I will probably do a batch of 2or 3 at the same time which will most likely keep me going for a while
  2. I've just read a bit more on salt. I think I might be ok with a low temp one if I can get over my fear of wiring and electrical diy stuff and make one, might ask you for a few pointers when you're down Mr Hobson :-)
  3. Maybe I will go with tin or possibly bismuth, unless anyone can direct me to a salt pot with greater than 45 inch depth that doesn't cost more than a small country even then I know nothing about salt pot safety except the people say it can go off like a volcano, whereas molten metal I know quite well
  4. I've been looking at molten lead or tin or a combination, as that's what wilkinson sword were doing and it's less expensive and dangerous than salt pots
  5. Thanks! Is this combo of Damascus bainite doable? Or will the welds fail on repeated flexing?
  6. Hi does anyone know where I can find a ttt for 15n20 I vaguely remember someone mentioning a book with all this kind of stuff in? Im wanting to experiment with forming bainite for Historical martial arts fencing swords as they need a good amount of flex without breakage and there seems to be bugger all information out there
  7. I tried using a spring but it seemed to develop a kind of bounce to it which was very irritating so I used a car boot gas lift from eBay
  8. Made from simple plate steel bolted together
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