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  1. That looks like the one! You're right that there is no legible markings on the spine so that valuable clue was missing. I'm researching it further myself now, and am reaching out to extended family to see if I can get any more information, unfortunately most family members that may have had any knowledge on this have passed away. Made for a Kropatschek rifle, which down the road I will try to acquire to remake a set. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Yes there is "D532" engraved on the guard, and unfortunately I have no idea what type of rifle it was fitted for.
  3. I recently came across this Bayonet in my father's things, and am looking for help in identifying it. The blade is 18.5" long and the total length is 23.5". The most I currently know is that it belonged to his father, who went to the war from Newfoundland, Canada. It's not in the best of shape currently, but does still have it's scabbard. I plan on cleaning it up and restoring it as best I can, but any info on its origin or value would be appreciated.
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