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  1. Hey all. So I've recently began incorporating engraving into my knifework. The first few knives I've engraved are all skeletal. No scales or hardware, but fully engraved and inlayed with 24k gold. Heat treating without scale is of course my main concern. Well now that I'm about ready to heat treat my first one (80crv2) I am pretty stressed about oxidation ruining the fine detail. I've put about 60 hours and a couple hundred bucks into it so it's imperative I get it right the first time. Well I decided to try a test piece. My plan was t
  2. Hey All, thanks for the encouraging words!! Believe it or not the handle sections are pinned together! Certainly an interesting challenge, but necessary to keep things in line rather than rely on adhesives that may fail when the stone heats from being worked. I had the opportunity to take a lapidary apprenticeship around the time I started bladesmithing about 2 years ago. I immediately saw the potential for using it in knife making. Between cooking full time, stonework, and bladesmithing on the weekends I got burnt out and had to stop. Unfortunate
  3. Thanks Jeff! I just lowered the price to $950 with free shipping if that helps!
  4. haha I thought this was about the Holdfast wood stabilizing vacuum generator, which also does not hold at all.
  5. 6.75 inch "Gothic Style" Integral Nakiri:Details:- Hand Forged- 6.75 inch Blade- 2 inch Heel- 4.75 inch Handle- 0 Degree Grind- Damascus Pattern forged from 1080 and 15n20 High Carbon Steels- Partially Hidden Full Tang- Precision Machined African Blackwood Handle for a Pinless Construction- Faceted Front Integral Boster- Gothic Style Faceted Rear Integral Bolster This was my first ever attempt at a feather pattern and as I'm sure some of you know my layer count was too high, and the straight horizontal lamination muddled the effect a bit especially when forging out the blade. Asking
  6. 3.5 inch "Hearth" Pattern Mosaic Damascus Paring KnifeDetails:- Hand Forged- 3.5 inch Blade- "Hearth" Pattern Damascus made from 1080 and 15n20 High Carbon Steels- Full Distal Taper- 0 degree grind- Tapered False Edge on Spine- Clipped Heel for a Comfortable Choked Grip- Hidden Tang- Octagonal Wa Style Handle made from Stabilized Buckeye Burl, Copper Spacer, and Pacific Rhododendron Burl Foraged in the Olympic Mountains- Saya made from Live Edge Pacific Rhododendron Burl foraged in the Olympic Mountains.- 3000 grit Finish on Blade, Handle, and Saya This was my first ever attempt at a "Key
  7. 8" Clipped Point Gyuto:Details:- Hand Forged- 760 Layer "Rocky Brook" Mosaic Damascus made from 1080 and 15n20 High Carbon Steels- 8" Blade- 2" Heel- 0 Degree Grind- Recurve Heel for a Comfortable Choked Grip- Clipped point for Added Versatility- Hidden Tang- 5" Octagonal Wa Style Handle made from an Exquisite Specimen of Live Edge Pacific Rhododendron Burl, Copper Spacers, and Lapis Lazuli.- Saya Made from Live Edge Figured Pacific Rhododendron Burl, Copper "Staples", Lapis Lazuli Toggle Pin, Braided and Waxed Cotton Thread, andLeather used to line the opening.- 3000 grit Finish on Blade, Han
  8. Just finished this 8" Gyuto: Paisley Pattern pattern welded steel made from 1080/15n20 high carbon steels. Integral Bolster, Full Tang, Distal Taper, 2" heel, heirloom fit Thuya burl handle scales, and damascus pins. Leave a message if you're interested. Thanks!! VID_91230212_172627_195.mp4
  9. If anyone has any questions or want to make me an offer feel free to contact me at hollandaise.in.the.sun@gmail.com.
  10. $1000 obo *Hand forged 120 Layer 1080/15n20 damascus. *8" blade *4.5" handle. *Front and rear integral bolsters. *Precision machined stabilized padauk wood handle for a pinless construction *0.110" thick spine with full distal taper *2" wide heel I am a professional cook of 15 years who added bladesmithing to my set of skills. I used this knife on the line in a fast paced fine dining kitchen setting (day job) before making final adjustments. I tried to design this to last a cook their entire career and hopefully become an heirloom with proper care. The p
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