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  1. Rob porlier

    Help with forge

    Thanks alot guys i all ready replaced the line to just pipe and yes there is a regulator i had it set to 10psi for this ill change the tip to .035 tommrow and let you know how it worked
  2. Rob porlier

    Help with forge

    Hello every one im new to black smithing and decided to build my own forge to save money. Im having trouble getting the right flame im getting very little flame in side the forge and a whole lot out side any help would be great here are some pics and vids to show you whats going on. The top of the burner is a 3/4 by 1 1/4 reducer then a 3/4 ×8" pipe screwed to a 3/4 ×1" reducer the propane nozzel is all 1/4 with a plug in the end it has a .06 hole drilled in it for the nozzle 20180606_093953.mp4 20180606_093940.mp4