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  1. I took everyone’s advice and picked up some Kast O Lite and Metrikote from Mr. Coe and coated the ceramic wool as instructed. My forge is now curing with a heating light bulb I borrowed from my chicken coop since it’s summer. I’ll let it cure for one week to be safe and try er our next weekend. Thanks to everyone for their advice! This is my anvil too, it’s 3’ long standing upright buried in sand. I’ve got one more 3’ section in case I need it later for another type of anvil. BTW that’s just the hammer I used to make the stand.
  2. Amazing, I especially like the look of the African Blackwood handles and shape of the handles.
  3. Haha, I'm just drooling looking at all this steel he's been acquiring.
  4. That looks amazing, I especially like the hamon.
  5. That's just the information I was looking for. My forge arrives Friday then I have to coat it after my supplies arrive from Mr. Wayne Coe and then begin practicing with the forge with various lower grade steels. In the meantime when I start to purchase steel I'll look for 1/4". I checked out a few of the places recommended on this site but the shipping charges to Alaska stopped me in my tracks. I may have to look on Amazon (Prime) and Ebay.
  6. would you recommend a thickness for a newbie forging a knife or would the type/size of the knife matter? I was thinking 1/4” might give me a little more forgiveness in the forge and during the quench as opposed to 1/8”.
  7. Me. Coe, Per GPrimmer and Mr. Wimmers recommendations I’d already reviewed your website. I just had to wait until I got home from work, had dinner and settled down to place my order with you. Email sent. Thanks again everyone, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to beginning this.
  8. Thank you all for your knowledge. I've been wanting to do this for so long and hope this forge will help get my feet wet (or hot). Now I've got to get back to the search engine on this site...so many questions...so much to read...so little time.
  9. Thank you for saving me from a possible problem. These forges are lined with 1" ceramic wool so after reading everything on this site I absolutely plan to coat it. Do you have a preference, ITC-100 or Satanite or any refractory mortar?
  10. Hi all, I'm brand new to the site (but I've trolled it for about 2 months). I've been wanting to get into blacksmithing for a few years now and finally made the jump. I've got a homemade coal forge but really wanted to try a propane one. Every single thread talks about making your own but when I saw the price on this I couldn't pass it up. The reviews on YouTube were positive, it now comes with the American fittings and the price of purchasing 2 burners is darn near as much as this entire forge. It doesn't have the 2" of recommended coating (only 1") and it'll still need ITC-100 or something similar but for someone just starting out the price was amazing. Even if it only lasts 1 year I figure I could make a better insulated one when I have more confidence and utilize the parts from this one. Well, I hope I didn't make a mistake but regardless I'm just really glad to finally be on this site! Take care everyone!
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