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  1. Thank you Joshua. I appreciate all that good information. I hope to one day be able to use this information to attempt damascus.
  2. Ben Hoover

    San-Mai pattern welded Chef's Knife

    I second Ross. San Mai looks really good, and I like the choice of materials and the pattern that you got for the handle. Well done sir.
  3. Ben Hoover

    Damascus kitchen knife

    I am a huge fan of the kitchen knife. I find them an art of their own. And your knife and sheath combination are just stunningly gorgeous. Very well done.
  4. Ben Hoover

    Design Time

    Gary, your damascus pattern is spot on. I do, however, think we have entirely different concepts of 'plain' when it comes to a handle, but I can't wait to see it!
  5. Ben Hoover

    Random question

    How hard is that to do?
  6. Ben Hoover

    I'm fired up! (forge build w/ pics)

    How'd you do the burners? I'd love to know that and heat output and fuel consumption.
  7. Ben Hoover


    I am a member there as well. I will state that, odd as it sounds, show us your bottle openers is my favorite thread there. They have some good folks and some that lack some social skills. But I lurk a good bit here because of the tone and friendliness of most. Although I now have my forge up and running, I have little productive to offer except how to forge a turd at this point. It's a work in progress...
  8. Ben Hoover

    Big Parong-like knife

    That is a great work of art.
  9. Ben Hoover

    Out of the box for me

    Dunno about that. You watched season one, and two of the best (and the overall winner) weren't exactly built as gym rats and the only running they appeared to do was chasing a van with ice cream. Blade looks really good.
  10. Ben Hoover

    Sneak Peek, Opinions..

    I agree with Ross and Vern. Blade and handle are gorgeous, but that lacing needs to go.
  11. Ben Hoover

    First kitchen knife

    Very nice. Be proud of that!
  12. Ben Hoover

    Would this be a good anvil material?

    So it's like an ex?
  13. Ben Hoover

    Would this be a good anvil material?

    That's why I asked here, Vern. Still getting set up (car decided to eat a few hundred up for repairs, so that is a hiccup), and I know you and others here know much better than I what is and isn't a good thing to have or how to make sure I use it for the best possible outcome. Thus, it shall be designated the point of rebound for my hammer.
  14. Ben Hoover

    Would this be a good anvil material?

    Even if/When I get an anvil, I am thinking I shall keep it as a large surface to work on.
  15. Ben Hoover

    Would this be a good anvil material?

    Thanks Vern. He said he's also going to bringing some 1084, W2 and some tool steel blanks 3X3/4X12 for me to play with, as well as some leaf springs. I had no clue he had access to that stuff. I'll find a chunk of mild block steel to make a hardie hole with and strap it down next to the monster.