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  1. In fact my cilinder is quite hard to move by hand, but I opened to clean, because it is very old, and it didn’t had any sign of oil inside, so I assume it is pneumatic.. about the ram, I’ve mande a nylon bushing inside a steel tube, to work as guide.. the ram runs easily inside the guide, I’ve made it with 0,1cm difference and added a lot of solid Vaseline to lubricate the ram.. one thing that may be slowing it down is in the air inlet.. Im using a 1/4” hose connected to a 1/4” air outlet, because it’s the only one that is long enough to reach the hammer... i have in my workshop another outlet with 1/2” and I think I’ll be using it later, but I don’t know if that will affect the speed.. This is the air inlet hose (1/4”), the ball valve is 1/2”, followed by 1/2” check valve
  2. That’s basically what I did.. the video I’ve posted shows how it’s aranged, I don’t know if you can see now, here it seems to be ok.. the only thing that is different is the port 1 connections.. I’ve added a check valve before connecting to the pilot valve. The ball valve at the end of the circuit is exactly like this but I forgot to record it
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Andre, I’m naturally from Brazil.  I am finishing my kynion style pneumatic hammer but I’m having a low bpm problem and I don’t know what is the main cause, since I have a 250L compressor running with 15bar.. this is the compressor. My piston is kinda big, but I don’t think that it would be a problem to this compressor... it have 115mm on its base, and the arm diameter is 45mm ( don’t know if this is the right word). The length of the closed piston is 85cm and opened is 145cm. to create the air circuit I’ve based myself on crickets air hammer plans, but I’ve dove with only one roller valve and I’m starting to think that this might be the problem This picture shows the basic scheme that I’ve used, but I’ve removed the venting valve.. the pilot valve is not the one in the picture, I’m using a 1/2” 5/2 spring pilot valve. All the main connections are 1/2”, only the roller valve and its connections are 1/4” And finally, this is the video of the air hammer running... I think you might be able to see the air circuit and tell if the problem is in it... Just remembering that this air hammer was made entirely from scraps... that’s why it’s a little bit ugly, hahahaha. CF2992AA-F93C-4BDA-ACF9-2BE65A5F32CF.MOV 57BC66BC-7A67-48D2-BF5A-E84FFDDC8FB6.MOV
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