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    Gardening, self-sufficiency, making things, and learning. Always keep learning.
  1. Scott Davenport

    Another Hunter...

    That is a truly beautiful piece of work. How are you doing the sculpting? What tools do you use to get those lines/grooves?
  2. Scott Davenport

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    I judge a person by how they treat the wait staff in a restaurant.
  3. Scott Davenport

    Small Update

    Is it a Buffalo Forge blower? I have seen several websites that sell replacement parts for those. I have a fiend with a small rivet forge and hand-crank blower. He can get that pretty dang hot.
  4. Scott Davenport

    Small Update

    If I could ask a question, why are you using that coffee can inside what appears to be a usable rivet forge? Is it a lack of solid fuel?
  5. Scott Davenport

    Knifemaker Interview Series, a biography workshop

    This thread has been an incredible read. So much info from so many great makers here. What happens when it stops dead like this? Is it over?
  6. Scott Davenport

    Ambitious Damascus Project

    This is pure magic. It's easy to understand why pattern welded blades were so revered in ancient times.
  7. Scott Davenport

    Ambitious Damascus Project

    I don't know. He lost me somewhere on the first page....
  8. Scott Davenport


    I stopped going there because I found too many attitudes toward beginners. Actually, towards anyone who wasn't part of the clique
  9. Scott Davenport

    who are you?

    Hello. I have been lurking on this forum for quite a while and finally decided to join. I am a retired home builder, so I have a lot of experience with tools and machinery. Did some iron working (well, steel working really) for my clients and decided to take up a new hobby. What I really want to do is make swords, or at least learn how to do so. This seemed like the kind of place where there were enough sword makers (sword smiths?) that would actually talk with a beginner. I have read a lot of the pinned posts and have dabbled in a few knife making projects. I have a pretty good shop set up already from my home building days, so I won't be asking a bunch of questions about forges and grinders and such. I will get right to the heart of the matter. Thanks to whomever the administrator is that does the screening for admittance. I assume that's is Alan Longmire?
  10. Scott Davenport

    Chain damascus kitchen knife

    That's a very peculiar pattern. Do you mind if I ask how you make that?