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  1. Thank you Glenn, I definitely think I need to work on making bigger sprues for my molds. The few molds I've made so far are very compact and didn't leave much room for that unfortunately. Also the intake hole in the mold is quite tiny, I'm sure that doesn't help. I will try to make some appendages to these molds with a big sprue, I'd hate to throw them out, but the molds I make in the future will definitely have room for a nice big sprue. My camera is on the fritz, I can't send pics sorry!
  2. I hadn't had a chance to try this out until yesterday. I got a laser thermometer and some beeswax and I can see clearly that indeed the melt was too hot, and the wax does a nice job clearing it up. I'm still having a hard time getting the pewter to go into the fine details of the mold. I think I have to work on making better sprues in my molds. Thank you both very much for your help!
  3. Thank you for your reply, I hadn't considered that it might be too hot, I thought once I was pass the melting point everything was good. I'll get a laser thermometer and keep a closer eye on that. As for the oxides, do you think they're reusable, or should I throw them away? Would borax help with any of these problems I'm having?
  4. Hi, I know this forum is for blade smithing but I'm hoping you can help me with these problems I'm having casting pewter. I've been trying to make my own lead figurines. I've made a mold using Mold Max 60 and I've had moderate success, but now I'm running into some problems. I'm melting all the material in a pot in my kitchen stove at home. In it there are some melted pewter figurines, some lead figurines, and an ingot of lead thrown into the mix. The first few casts were pretty good, and they would be solid about 20 minutes after casting, but the latest ones are more fragile.
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