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  1. Old Chinese proverb says: "If you think something can't be done, don't interrupt man who is doing it."
  2. It's a 3 1/2" blade. Probably a larger folder but still fits nicely in my back pocket.
  3. 1/8” – 1095 Handles – bocote Pins – Steel and brass Pivot bolt is a brass bolt.
  4. Stabilized or cast in resin? Typically they are stabilized then cast. Casting fills the voids and creates the scales.
  5. It just needs to be stable enough to hold the epoxy. It doesn't fill holes or gaps, but you can fill any holes or gaps in many ways. If you want to try it send a chunk. I'm always testing this kind of stuff anyhow. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  6. It all boils down to how long you can go between sharpening. I have no idea why woodworkers get so hyped up about sharpening. You can touch up a plane blade in less than a minute. So hey.....my new expensive hand plane blade will save you 30 seconds a day!! I don't want to be bothered to learn how to properly tune my plane so I'll spend $80 each on a set of new fangled steel for all of my hand planes!! I'll never understand it.
  7. I just wrote an article about this https://bladesmithing.timetestedtools.net/the-cost-of-stabilizing-your-knife-scales-and-handles/
  8. what is the longest knife or other sharp pointy thing you've successfully heat treated in a single burner propane forge?
  9. Wow. I have a simplistic view for knife making. This however is just enough. And the history is the most interesting part. Well done!
  10. That's fantastic and there isn't much wrong with it. If I was going to order a custom knife with that as the starting point though, I'd do away with the black. The black wants my attention, but the burl is where I want my eyes to be. But man, I wish my second knife looked like that.
  11. Handle is a whitetail antler. Blade is from a file about 4" long.
  12. I started making knives semi seriously about a year ago, but at 62 and having built everything from custom rifles to condominium projects it's hard to really say I'm a true beginner. I'm not really sure if I can say I'm more patient than I used to be, but being slower surely does give the impression of patience.
  13. i think I could easily have (or gain) the skill, it's the patience to execute it that I lack.
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