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  1. Thanks Daniel, I'll keep that in mind. Ironically, at the beginning of the year I had a supply of ceramic blanket recovered from our old oven. I'd had it in a corner for over two years, until I decided to totally clean out the workshop and put it in the wrong pile, and my helper decided to take the "pile" to the dump. Tomorrow I'll start cutting up the old gas cylinder so I can get an idea of the size it's going to be and to decide on the best way to support it at a comfortable height.
  2. Yes I have just found that, I might try using it as insulation but protecting it with fire bricks, so I will get a nice square forging area inside
  3. I like being on my own, I get a more intelligent conversation that way
  4. I've just started to make my first gas forge, ( single burner for a start) the burner parts have been ordered, an old gas bottle has been found for the main forge body, and the gas vented ( for over a year,!!!!!!!!!! I had it stored at work while it was venting and some one put a shipping container next to it so I couldn't get to it). I was wondering about insulation, I have a supply of Rockwool insulation stored in my garage, it says on the wrapping its fire proof, has anyone used this in a gas forge and was it successful? Obviously it won't be as good as a ceramic blanket but I've lots off it and wouldn't mind replacing a few times a year
  5. I an get a12kg butane tank for not a great deal more money over here in the UK. I suppose that propane is more common and readily available
  6. Im getting fed up with my charcoal forge, it's dirty, smelly, and when I have the blower on high it spits sparks out like a demented Dragon!. So I'm considering a gas forge, my question is whether to use butane or propane?, Butane burns hotter than propane, it also costs a little more in the UK, but I can run a butane forge at a lower pressure so in theory should use less gas. Also would I be able to use a low pressure butane regulator in a single burner forge (haven't built one yet, just in the thinking stage) as with a propane forge I would have to use a high pressure regulator?. Has any one been able to compare propane against butane? All this thinking is hurting now, I'll go and hit some metal with a hammer until the pain goes Photo of the mini charcoal forge in full dragon mode, my wife calls it mount vesuvius
  7. 'Got a set of kitchen knives roughed out, there going to be a Christmas ( never to early to start making Christmas presents) present for my daughter, I can't decide what to use for the scales, English oak, American white oak or mahogany, I've totally run out of beechwood at the moment
  8. Got really fed up with my homebrew belt grinder, I had to keep adjusting the belt tracking every few minutes, I stripped it down again, made some brass bearings to fit between the tension arm and the main frame, fitted a gas ram tensioner and replaced the aluminium belt backing plate with one made from stainless steel ( was the right size sheet I had spare). It now only needs a slight adjustment when I change the belts, and the thicker belt backing plate has made the whole thing a lot quieter, the alloy plate was thin and tended to amplify the noise
  9. The brick cleaner didn't work to well today, its been in the back of the garage for around ten years, so I expect its deteriorated beyond use, However, I put vinegar in an old coffee tin and heated it in the coals of my mini forge and it seems to have worked, I've left it soaking in oil overnight and I'll clean it up tomorrow and see if it req another etch VID_20200518_173909.3gp
  10. At the time I took the photos it wasn't level, when the grinder finally cooled down enough to continue I did get the bevels equal
  11. We've had a few spectacular sunsets during the lock down here in the UK, I took this photo from my bedroom window looking over the village
  12. and Went into the shop today fully intending to finish of the grinding of the damascus blade I'm making for a friend's sons birthday present, having just replaced a wind damaged fence the shop was in a state, tools all over the bench etc so I Cleaned them away and found a length of 1/4 inch thick 1075, when I picked it up it kinda spoke to me and I knew exactly what I was going to be doing with it, I've got the shape roughed out and the 4 bevels are 75% of the way there, I only stopped because the grinder motor started to get hot so I cut out some (black?) walnut for the scales and cut the guard from mild, Never did get round even looking at the intended project, hey there's always tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.
  13. Time indeed flys when your having fun in the shop,
  14. The parts of blade smithing I hate most are. A, Cleaning up the shop at the end of the day, even though my wife bought me a workshop vacuum for my birthday. B, Trying to explain why and how much money that latest pack of steel or the latest special tool/part /accessory cost to my wife C, Explaining to my wife why when I said I would be in the shop for a1/2 hour I'm in there for 5 or 6 hours
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