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  1. Finally I got this folder finished yesterday ,I took it out to the gun range this morning tried it out on a couple of non conforming 12g shells,. It cut them up no problem and the 1095 blade is still sharp, even though I did catch the brass on one shell !!
  2. Final got to start fabricating my new belt grinder this evening, I cut a flange plate on the laser cutter at work this afternoon. ( Sooooo glad managers have meetings every day ). Welded the flange to a 4 inch wide section of pipe, will take it back to work tomorrow and tru it up in a lathe, I didn't realise until I put the parts together this evening how out of tru the pipe section is . Apologies for the state of the workshop, we were hit by a small tornado ( yup !!!!, we got a tornado in the UK!!) and I've been fixing fences etc and haven't quite got round to tidying up.
  3. https://www.hunker.com/13408521/how-to-test-a-thermal-overload-switch Try this seems quite straight forward Could be a faulty switch
  4. Is the motor getting physically hot? I had a similar problem with my saw bench thermal switch kept cutting in, but the motor was cool, striped the motor brushes out and replaced one that was sticking and its been OK since! I'm no electrician so please don't take this as gospel,
  5. I managed to do exactly the same thing when I was welding a loading shovel bucket , but I was wearing proper welding boots!! Lumps of molten metal finds every little hole
  6. Jealous of that motor !! Not jealous of the next electricity bill
  7. Well, 1hp is better than I have at the moment, a converted grinding wheel set up at just over 1/2 hp,. As it was a freebie I can't really complain. The old grinder has served me well but the new one will be mounted on its own base and should give me more space in the workshop
  8. Started to build a new grinder today. Found an old but never used, damaged motor at work, was going to the scrap pile so I rescued it, A 1hp single phase beast, got the damaged parts repaired, broken self tapper drilled out ( thank god for tct drill bits) and tested, Found a few pieces of box section that will make the base, will have another dive in the welding shops scrap bin for more steel on Monday, As it only runs at 1425 rpm, can anyone advise on what the optimum size drive wheel I should use??
  9. FINALLY.....! I got some time in the workshop managed to get clean up the blade down to 400 grit, was going to start hand polishing tonight but two things happened firstly I ran out of wet and dry, secondly my 7week old grandson came to see his grandad, Ah well there's always tomorrow
  10. Finally got to harden the blade today, What with gun range duties and family commitments its been a rush, Will upload a photo or two later on when I have a little more time
  11. I will do, I down loaded a template for this project from DC knives website, and it's been a n easy project so far, I'm planning another folder but with a damascus blade this time
  12. I've just started to make my first folding knife, it's made from 1080 and mocked up with brass pins, The question is should I harden the silver steel hinge pin that I'm going to fit when I'm satisfied with the way it opens and closes?
  13. Went to a vintage Tractor show at the weekend, picked up a stunning wallnut plank just under 6ft and an inch thick for just £30 Had to cut off 2ft to make a new chopping board for the wife, she wanted the best bit of wood though. The whole plank had been pre oiled so I had to remove that before using a food safe oil on the chopping board
  14. It's the First time for ages I've managed to get into my workshop, New job ,cold weather,my wife And I caught covid,but this evening I started to make a folder ( my First folder) marked out the blade, liner's And spring,drilled the hole's And cut the part's out only to discover I picked up the wrong pieces of steel for the spring, I've cut it out of mild steel,,I must get out of the habit of hording all those "useful" offcuts. Tomorrow I'll re cut it out of sping steel
  15. Alex, I did the same today, i was repairing a weather vain that had been damaged in a storm, I didn't notice the rag on the floor that I had used for wiping over a blade with solvent, after a week the sparks from the welded found the remaining solvent in the rag, Won't be doing that again in a hurry!
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