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    Clay pigeon shooting, range safety officer for the local gun club vintage radio , film camera collector
  1. Martin Tiney

    Beer = better forging?

    Erm..... The Cork ones are made of Cork, but the metal ones are indeed made of metal
  2. Martin Tiney

    Beer = better forging?

    Hears a plan, save all the bottle tops, forge them into damascus, then forge into a blade....... The ultimate in recycling
  3. Martin Tiney

    Very first blade

    I did cheat A little with this knife , I downloaded a template from dcknives.blogspot.com ( HOPE I DON'T GET INTO TROUBLE FOR THAT !), it's not exactly the same, a little longer / wider etc, The 1075 was a treat to work with, just using hand tools and it tempered really well.
  4. Martin Tiney

    Very first blade

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum have only been making knives for a couple of months, I thought you might want to see my first attempt, Made from 1075+cr and hardened and tempered in my converted gas cylinder coal forge. Forge scale was left on intentionally as I though it was "different" The scales are special to me, the were made from an oak branch that was cut from a tree in my garden, the tree was grown from an acorn about 25 years ago by my son, so as I said special to me. I gave the knife to my son this Christmas and he loves it I've started the next project a Tanto, but with 6 bevels to file and get symmetrical it's proving to be quite a B #@ch! Perhaps I should have finished the belt grinder first!!