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  1. Spent over a hour and a half trying to get my homemade grinders belt to run true, only to discover its a faulty belt . Put on a new belt and it's running fine
  2. Finally got some time in the workshop after work this evening ,got the mounting .plates cut ,drilled ,tapped and mounted for the guide rollers (1 hole left to drill ,but iv'e to remove the motor first to gain access ) , measured up for the Platen plate so I can get one laser cut at work on monday. So far the only things ive had to buy are , the 5/8th Pully boss,,and a Handfull of bearings,(one of our engineers has turned some propper rollers ,the bearings are just for alignment ) along with a magnetic on ? /off switch and box. The 1 1/5 hp motor has a damaged Terminal cover so was scrapped and was donated to me by my boss!, all the steel including the laser cut circle for the Pully all came out of the scrap bin . Nuts bolts and cap screws liberated from the company stores !! Hopefully next week should see the first run with a belt on ,fingers crossed it all works
  3. Thanks, the last few months have been a bit of a challenge, I wasn't sure if I could use hand tools like I used to, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. And I have no fear of using the belt grinder again... Although it appears I've forgotten how to weld!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It's almost 7 months since I had the accident, I've 75% movement in my hand and it's improving every week, been back at work, part days, for just over a couple of months now, and finally got back into the shed to have a day building a new grinder for myself........ I've missed getting dirty!! Just a couple of photos to show the improvement, reducing surgery booked for mid next year . Stay safe in your workshops
  5. Finally got back into the shed today after about a7. Month forced break due to an accident earlier this year (see my post in shop safety). Re started the larger belt grinder project (ironic!!!) got the motor mount welded on, motor mounted, and other little bits fabricated, now I've run out of 5mm steel for the tensioner and guide plates, I'll get some out of the scrap bin when I return to work in the new year, photos will follow when it looks a little more like a grinder. Wishing you all a very happy new year. And please be safe in your workshop
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, I made a promise to myself that when I return to the grinder the ONLY safety equipment that I will use will be eye and respirator, anything lower than my elbows WILL be removed
  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement, but I think the recovery will be long and painful, ironically the use of overalls is mandatory in the workshop, however I'm sure if I wasn't wearing them I wouldn't have had the accident
  8. Just to give you a idea of size of the sca Went in with one injury..... Came out with two
  9. Have a 12 Inch scar on my left thigh where they took the graft from, the left thigh is now 3 1/2 inch smaller dia than the right one the good news is that as it happened at work I'm still being paid full wages and there paying me expenses for the 90 mile round trip to the hospital, would rater be at work though
  10. OK guys we all use belt grinders and for the most of the time they are perfectly safe...... UNTIL!!!! your overall sleeve gets caught up in the belt /contact wheel and drags your hand in. The photo shows what happens after 3 bouts of surgery, one of which lasted for 9 hours, PLEASE, PLEASE, make sure that nothing is loose, ( not even protective overall) when using the belt grinder
  11. Thanks, the team of surgeons are positive that I'll make a full recovery, ironically I caught my overall sleeve caught while turning off the industrial size belt grinder I was using, a press of a button, a large jolt and a chopper ride later, Already planing and trying to draw left handed in my hospital bed
  12. Not going to get in the shop for a few months, had an accident @work on Wednesday. mangled my right hand, damage to trigger finger tendon and massive loss of skin and tissue was taken to hospital via Air ambulance, two opps in and a third on Tuesday scheduled chopper piolet took my photo while I was being off loaded
  13. Finally I got this folder finished yesterday ,I took it out to the gun range this morning tried it out on a couple of non conforming 12g shells,. It cut them up no problem and the 1095 blade is still sharp, even though I did catch the brass on one shell !!
  14. Final got to start fabricating my new belt grinder this evening, I cut a flange plate on the laser cutter at work this afternoon. ( Sooooo glad managers have meetings every day ). Welded the flange to a 4 inch wide section of pipe, will take it back to work tomorrow and tru it up in a lathe, I didn't realise until I put the parts together this evening how out of tru the pipe section is . Apologies for the state of the workshop, we were hit by a small tornado ( yup !!!!, we got a tornado in the UK!!) and I've been fixing fences etc and haven't quite got round to tidying up.
  15. https://www.hunker.com/13408521/how-to-test-a-thermal-overload-switch Try this seems quite straight forward Could be a faulty switch
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