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  1. Just started to make this fairbairn_sykes commando knife, a double first for me! First time in the shop since December, after health problems First commission for a knife, hope I can pull it off!!!.
  2. I guess Danish oil would be OK, it leaves a durable finish, I only use the mentioned oils /waxes because they are what I use on gunstocks when I refinish them, I've often wondered what a gun makers red oil would be like
  3. I like to use wood for the scales on my knives, generally either English oak, wallnut, or mahogany and finish them with either boiled linseed oil, teak oil or a beeswax / linseed oil polish that I use when refinishing gun stocks, What do you favour for your wooden knife scales and why do you favour this product?
  4. In our auto paint shop we use maroon for rough keying and the grey scotch bright for a more refined finish, I generally finish with a 800 grit on the belt grinder then work with various grits of wet and dry upto 2500grit used with alight penertrating oil then a final polish with the grey scotch bright and penertrating oil , then a light polish with an automotive paint cutting polish if I want a mirror finish. I'm glad we have a paint shop at work or I would spend a fortune on abrasive paper
  5. Had a hour or two in my "cave" replaced a couple of rollers on the belt grinder, manufactured a new tensioner and made a tracking adjuster that actually works.! , the belt now runs true and no noise from the worn out bearing, peace at last, I can now hear the radio while I'm grinding and I bet my neighbours appreciate it too
  6. The belt grinder problem is pretty much down to me, fingers and moving things, for me don't mix to well.! I can't seem to get a crisp plunge line with the belt sander, even when using a guide, I always end up cleaning up with a file, The other problem with the sander is that it is of the home made variety and is slightly underpowered and slow, but it cost next to nothing to make the short video was taken before it was fully finished VID_20190325_191620.3gp
  7. I managed to get into the shop today, the first time since November due to a reoccurring bout of pneumonia, While I was away from the shop I had an idea. to shape the bevels on my blades I have used a filing jig, although slow it enabled me to get the bevels symmetrical, I struggled with this on the belt grinder!. I drilled a hole in the grinder handle and inserted a length of stainless rod. For the guide rod, I then welded two washers on to a vine eye, for the front guide and drilled them out to accept the guide rod.......... Simple! It seems to work well although I haven't tried it properly, yet. But when tested on a scrap piece of 1075c a clean bevel was formed, I think that with a little practice this will be an invaluable tool in my workshop.
  8. My favourite hate is cleaning up the work shop after working in it!, I can stand the filing, sanding, polishing even to a point sheath making, but the sweeping up and vacuuming after that's the bit I hate, although, if I've been welding at the end of a session, I do use the clean up to make sure that there's no smouldering embers hiding.
  9. Oh that's sad, I hope you're little guy is OK, we have 3 dogs buried in the yard all died within 18 month's, it's heart wrenching. Nice blade though
  10. I went to a party and lost a whole weekend, that was a good party..... I think !!!
  11. I have to store my cameras in a plastic box in the loft, not the best place for some of the older cameras, along with the 'spare' Durst enlarger!, you never know when you'll need that extra enlarger!!
  12. I have always wanted a Hassleblad, but could never afford on, or to be honest the "BOSS" would never let me have one . At this point I would like to wish everyone a happy winter Holiday ( , not wanting to offend anyone and their beliefs) Drink sensibly, drive safely, enjoy having your family around you, and all the best for the new year
  13. I sometimes wish it's the turkeys neck that's on the anvil, while I'm swinging a hand axe instead of the a hammer. It is almost Christmas and don't your wishes come true at this time of year?????
  14. I must admit the dark room has remained dark for about 8 years, Kodak in there infinite wisdom dropped there Portra vc line I tried various other films but they just didn't cut it, so the Mamiya 645 medium format been mothballed and I await the rebirth of Portra vc
  15. Don't thank me thank my son! I think that he did well with those shots, considering they were taken with his phone camera! He has a talent that I am nurturing, I'm trying to get him to use film and process it himself in my darkroom.
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