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  1. I was given inspiration, a couple of year's ago we had our house roof replaced, around the pallet of slate tiles was birch bark, used to protect the slate, I'll be trying a birch bark handle soon
  2. I found this on you tube today, I love the way the handle has been made from birch bark.
  3. I was thinking a day or so ago, that if I could only make one more blade ever, what would it be and why? For me it would have to be a kukri to, for the simple reason I've never made one, and getting the angles Corect so it looks authentic would push my skills and probably my patience to the limit I'm interested to what you're "last" blade would be, and why??
  4. Roughing out scales to get the contours symmetrical is a chore
  5. The adjuster is a slightly modified out door stove burner, but the original design used a .8 mm mig welding tip. The burner had a .6 jet I'll try that first and either modify or replace the jet. I'll let you know how I get on
  6. Noy entirely sure if it will work, it's based on the candle 2, that I saw on on utube, I'll let you know if it works when I get to test it in a couple of weeks
  7. Started to make myself a gas forge this weekend, got the tank cut, legs on, rear access door welded on, and front tong rest made, I made the gas nozzle a few weeks ago, I'm waiting for the postman to bring the ceramic mat and the refractory bricks for the bottom to insulate. Next job make adjustable feet for it because the space outside of my wooden shop is uneven and I don't want the whole thing wobbling about when it's at temperature.
  8. I buggered up a kitchen knife while grinding, I didn't notice a twist in the blade when I pressed out the warp when I quenched, The result was an uneven bevel, I wasn't happy with the result so I broke it in two to look at the structure, at least that was OK, I'll make a replacement at the weekend if I have sufficient steel left
  9. Charcoal is easier to obtain than coke, I can get it in all 4shops in our village. I did try Coal once, but the smoke was to much for me. I c
  10. This covid 19 is a real nightmare!, we were on lock down in the UK and I was off work for almost 3 months and loved it, Typically, 3 weeks ago I got the call on a Friday night to return to work on Monday ,... But I hadn't finished my latest blade project, 3 kitchen knives for my daughter, I didn't have any time to get back in the shop, until this evening, I got home after a typically manic and stressful Friday, I was in a foul mood, I sparked up the forge and heat treated the 3 blades, the middle sized one warped 4 times before I was happy with it, I got burnt by the charcoal sparks and q
  11. Nor mine I'm afraid, number 1 son must take the credit for that one. A very good photo considering that it was one of the first pictures taken with his first proper digital camera
  12. My son and I went to a nearby woodland a couple of weeks ago, hoping to photograph the local wildlife, We didn't even see a sparrow, the woodland was empty!, Got a couple of good sunset pictures though
  13. Thanks Daniel, I'll keep that in mind. Ironically, at the beginning of the year I had a supply of ceramic blanket recovered from our old oven. I'd had it in a corner for over two years, until I decided to totally clean out the workshop and put it in the wrong pile, and my helper decided to take the "pile" to the dump. Tomorrow I'll start cutting up the old gas cylinder so I can get an idea of the size it's going to be and to decide on the best way to support it at a comfortable height.
  14. Yes I have just found that, I might try using it as insulation but protecting it with fire bricks, so I will get a nice square forging area inside
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