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  1. Thanks for responding Don. I’m using all four and a drill press. A carbide bit was my next choice. This is some hard steel and I didn’t want to crank too hard with my press and snap the bit. These are brand new bits.
  2. Those are awesome knives Kevin. For a newb like me posts like this are very inspirational. I get just as excited as you making the knives watching them finish their transition from a hunk of metal to a beautiful work of art, and those are gorgeous.
  3. Hey guys, I forged a blade out of a 3” x 1/2” piece of coil spring. It hasn’t been heat treated yet and the problem I’m having is that I can’t get the pin holes for the handle drilled. I’ve tried iron oxide, titanium and cobalt drill bits with no luck. I got one hole drilled half way with the titanium bit then it stopped. I tried the second hole with the cobalt bit and it just made a small dimple. I’m at a loss on how to get it done. I’m thinking about trying to heat the blade then allowing it to cool overnight in the wood ashes I have in my annealing bucket. Do you guys have any other suggest
  4. DMW

    What is this?

    Lol...I haven’t picked it up yet. She’s about 700 miles away, I’m heading out for the holiday and picking it up
  5. DMW

    What is this?

    Alan, would it make a good anvil? I like the fact that all the mass is under the face. The face appears to be flat.
  6. DMW

    What is this?

    Here’s a couple of pics of bottom and side of the anvil. I know it’s at least 40 years old. It was in my sisters house when she moved in.
  7. Hey guys my sister is giving me something that resembles an anvil. Do any of you guys know anything about it. To me it’s very unusual looking. I see it’s got a hardy and pritchel holes. She says it weighs about 50 pounds.
  8. It will be a full tang. Got some grinding to do then I’ll drill the holes for handle before going in for the heat treat.
  9. Thanks you guys. I’ll take all the advice I can get...lol. I’m just in awe of the knowledge you guys possess. I enjoy this craft and everything involved with it, I just wish I started 20 years ago. I just started as a form of therapy and never realized how addictive it is.
  10. I heat treated the letter opener. I got a little more grinding to do on the knife
  11. Well here’s my first 2 attempts at the forge. I made a letter opener out of an old chisel and a knife out of a piece of an old leaf spring. Welcome advice or constructive criticism
  12. Thanks Geoff, I’m still new to this and never looked at it that way
  13. Is it possible to use metal used in pry bars? I have a couple of old pry bars I got at a yard sale. I’m not sure if they would have to be annealed before heating and hammering. I’ve been using scrap metal I have around the house to work on my hammering and shaping before investing and possibly ruining good metal
  14. Thanks Alan . I have to be honest, I’m so impressed and in awe of your knowledge of metal and anything about knife making. I try to do a little research on my own before posting my questions
  15. I have a good size 1/4” thick steel I-beam. I read that they use carbon steel in their construction and I was wondering if it were true. If it is true would this make good knife making steel?
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