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  1. I forgot to add that this is my first post. I am a beginner/amature. I have been forging for about 9 years. I am a member of a local blacksmiths guild. I am a welder by trade and I think I'll be good with a localized heat treat. 300 degrees. But I have been lurking this site for about 9 years. So I was hoping someone with more heat treating exprience could chime in. Thanks. Also, why does my post have a star instead of a black dot?
  2. Would it ruin an anvil face if you just dressed up a 2” section of the edge by welding? The pictures highlight the area I want to fix. I plan on using 8018 c3 rod to build up. The anvil is a 196# Peter Wright. I’ve been using for two years and I really want to put a bit of good edge on it. Thanks for any input.
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