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  1. Thank you! yes, I really liked the result despite being steels not recommended for these processes
  2. Hello colleagues, in this opportunity I bring you this chiquitin. San mai sheet, with recycled steel that was lying on the bottom. In the steel center 5160 and in the sides 1070, the rope made in deer, the leather cover worked by me. I hope you like it
  3. Thank you! Yes, the first one published yesterday and I just sold it, I really like it for luck, I have another similar sheet and I will try to do something better
  4. Good morning, I show you the last two forged knives that end. The first is a damask, with steel 15 n 20,1095 and 5160, the wood is Palo santo, with a bronze guard, the second is a blade that forges from a steel cable, the wood of the cape I could not identify, but it is beautiful to work with. Both cases are made of leather. I forge the blades forge and hammer only by hand. I hope you like it!
  5. Thank you for allowing me to share, very happy that you like my humble jobs
  6. Thanks Brian! now at this moment I am working with small things, soon I hope to get into another sword project, which are my favorite, and where I want to guide my future work
  7. Thank you!! a pleasure to share the things that one does
  8. At this moment I have saved these works, next to the publication knife. I hope to finish new jobs and fill it haha
  9. Hello Charles, that's right, I recently started in this world of forging, and there I have some of my pieces that little by little I'm finishing
  10. Thank you very much for your words! in the glass cabinet, I have some of my works
  11. Applause and more applause for that wonder !!! I really like it a lot, someday I will try to do something similar regards Lisandro
  12. Knife forged from 5160 steel, recycled, guard forged entirely, rope worked in wood and detail of stag horn with bronze. Cow leather cowhide, handcrafted. He named it the knife, by the style that was used in the war of American cessation. The leaf measures 37 cm, full measures 50 cm long. I hope you like it! greetings from Intendente Alvear, Argentina Lisandro
  13. Thank you so much for your words!! my idea is that it looks authentic, it makes me happy that it looks like that!
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