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  1. Thank you very much! Since I started, about 3 years ago, I always tried to go my way, maybe it is the longest way, but I like to try to create something outside the usual. Greetings from Argentina!
  2. Muchas gracias amigos! me alegro les guste mi trabajo!
  3. Hola amigos, no he mostrado ningún trabajo por un tiempo, he estado terminando varios pedidos de cuchillos, les dejo algunas imágenes de ellos. espero que te guste
  4. Thank you very much for your words, I take many hours of work, it is not a traditional format, I try to go looking for my own style in each job
  5. Thank you, notice that there I added more photos of the blade and a video
  6. Hello people, I show you my latest work, Damascus style knife, forged with recycled 1095 and 1070 steels, kept in San Mai, oak cape and cowhide leather sheath. I hope you like it video-1590785025.mp4 video-1590784957.mp4
  7. Magnifico trabajo!! estoy copn muchas ganas de intentar esta tecnica,me fascina
  8. Thank you!!!! I really enjoyed forging it and shaping it! Now I am thinking about the next
  9. Thank you very much!!! Very happy that you like my job! it inspires me to continue learning
  10. ¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!! sí, el yunque es hermoso, tuve la suerte de obtenerlo hace poco tiempo, hoy hago mi trabajo de forja y ese es mi martillo favorito jaja
  11. Hola amigos, les muestro las fotos que salieron de una sesión de fotos que tomamos para la Sword of the Battler. ¡Espero que te guste!
  12. Mil gracias!!!! gran parte de esto se los debo a ustedes,que son mis referentes!!!
  13. Thank you very much Rob! I'm glad you like the job. Regards!
  14. Thank you very much Mr. Alan, I am very glad you like my work. Many greetings from Argentina
  15. Thank you!! Yes, really this man's story is very interesting!
  16. The distant twelfth century was running and a legendary king lived in Aragon ... Alfonso I, The battlesman. His story of bravery, religious fervor, heroism and mystery endured to this day in his lands. A couple of years ago, I fell into my hands a very small contemporary coin to the Battler, which led me to inquire into his very rich history ... Son of kings, lived until his youth in a monastery, married a queen as powerful as the , separated, lived in struggles, with the austerity of a monk. He managed to unify the kingdom of Aragon, fought against the infidel until his mysterious death. His
  17. Thank you! yes, I really liked the result despite being steels not recommended for these processes
  18. Hello colleagues, in this opportunity I bring you this chiquitin. San mai sheet, with recycled steel that was lying on the bottom. In the steel center 5160 and in the sides 1070, the rope made in deer, the leather cover worked by me. I hope you like it
  19. Thank you! Yes, the first one published yesterday and I just sold it, I really like it for luck, I have another similar sheet and I will try to do something better
  20. Good morning, I show you the last two forged knives that end. The first is a damask, with steel 15 n 20,1095 and 5160, the wood is Palo santo, with a bronze guard, the second is a blade that forges from a steel cable, the wood of the cape I could not identify, but it is beautiful to work with. Both cases are made of leather. I forge the blades forge and hammer only by hand. I hope you like it!
  21. Thank you for allowing me to share, very happy that you like my humble jobs
  22. Thanks Brian! now at this moment I am working with small things, soon I hope to get into another sword project, which are my favorite, and where I want to guide my future work
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