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  1. Hello everyone, I show you the last thing I have done, an order from a friend to use on their trips to the mountain. It is 1095 steel about 9.5 inches (24 cm) long, 5 inches blade (12.5 cm), and 1.5 inches wide (4 cm) with a spine thickness of 0.2 inches (5 mm), with an edge hardness of approximately 57/58 RHC. The grips are made of black G10 with red spacers and the sheath is kydex lined with leather. It is my first attempt to do a differential / hamon quenching. Greetings to all IMG_1915.MOV
  2. thank you, the truth is that handle was the biggest challenge since I had never done anything like.
  3. Well, at last it is almost finished, it needs to be sharpened, as it is a gift for my brother, I am going to take it to be sharpened by a professional. This has been an interesting project because it is the first time I do many things that I had not done before. It's the first time I make a knife of this "kitchen" and more "Japanese" style, that I make a hidden tang knife and that I make a handle for this type of knives, that I make a handle composed of several materials and the first Once I use ebony. The knife is made of semi-stainless steel D2, 9,8 in total long, 4.3 of handle, 5.5 blade and 5.t in of edge with 1 in wide and 0,13 in. The handle is composed of red heart and ebony wood with separator of brass. It is wider at the end becoming narrower towards the leaf. The adjustment of the blade and the handle is not perfect but I think that to be the first time I do it I think it's not bad. Well, actually there is a lot to improve but, in general, I am quite happy with it considering that I'm just an amateur A greeting Cj
  4. Hi, I leave you some photos of a little guy ready to open packages. It is made of 1095 steel with red heart wood handles and brass pins. The sheath is made with kydex and leather.
  5. Hi, thanks for commenting. This is a model for testing ideas only. Today I finished it and this is the final result.
  6. My last job. The blade is hand forged in 9260 steel, measures 195 mm with an effective 80 mm blade, a 3 mm spine thickness, a 15 mm blade and a handle thickness, red heart wood with brass pins, also of 15 mm in its thickest part with a weight of 70 grams and a semi-silk polish reaching 1200 sandpaper. With a simple leather sheath of vegetable tanning.
  7. Hello, I wanted to show you the design of small EDC knives for urban environment. Any comment or criticism is welcome 4534DE93-E380-4765-BA3A-F0A8CB733663.mp4
  8. Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to show you some sheaths I've done, comment that I'm just an amateur and I do this as a hobby. The sheaths are, for the most part, kydex lined with leather A greeting 4C033B07-63B1-4883-8993-C5CD1F521BF6.mp4
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