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  1. Hey guys been busy. Switched gears for the last few months. Formed a club with my dad and uncles called Smoke abs Fire. We’re making knives and apocalypse type weapons. We just finished our power hammer. Came out great. Runs great. Just needs a few tweaks, electric, welding and some paint. I think it’s around a 35-40# hammer. Will try it on some hot steel next time we get together. Next I plan on reviving my press with a brand new design. I hope is well. C3B978A3-5028-4492-836D-417C08AA76E6.MOV
  2. Update: So I put the press to the side for now and built a new 3 burner forge. I’ve put on the front door and some misc supports since the attached pics. It’s running pretty good. Burner temps running about 2100+ degrees. The burner design is from a Utube video I found. I got some great welding advice from a friend’s brother who has been welding for over 40 years. Wow did it make a difference. I hope to start back on the press in a few weeks once I get my hydraulics all hooked up.
  3. Cal - Great design. Originally I wanted my cylinder on the bottom. Based on everyone’s concern I may rethink my frame design. I only have about $100 in steel plus my time so to start over isn’t the worst. I’ll do a redesign. Hopefully your ok with me using your machine as a base. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Salem - yet another element of welding I did not know but makes absolute sense. Most times I have a large floor oscillating shop fan blowing to get the fumes out of the garage. I’ll keep that in mind next time I fire up the welder. Thanks again!
  5. Zeb - I’m using 75/25 Argon. It was set at 7 psi. I was told to set it around 5 psi. I’ll try 15 psi next time. Can you weld vertical and overhead with this set up? Salem - I appreciate the concern. I did mention that area was me just trying to fill in a gap. I failed for sure. I will grind it out and most likely weld on another piece of metal. At this point I’m not going to abandon this project. Once it’s up and running if I think it’s unsafe I’ll abort the frame. Matt - I’ll check out the website Thanks for all the comments and concerns.
  6. Power Mig on 220 v with .35 wire. Remember I’m not the most experienced welder. The excess mess at the top of the press was a half assed attempt to fill in a gap between the metal. I should have welded in a filler. I do plan on grinding it down to see how deep I got and rewelding if needed. I did take the time to clean the metal and some of the welds came out nice, almost professional, but then I decided to fill in over and butchered them.
  7. Steve - Good Point! The specs do read 3500 psi on the detent for the splitter. However I am going to run a separate detent for my press that will be adjustable up to 3000 psi. So it shouldn’t exceed the max rating of my cylinder which is 3000 psi. Let me know if I’m wrong in my thinking. It is hard to see from the pics on how this will run but I’ll try to explain. The ram will slide over the bolt and welding in place. Once I can test run the ram up and down I will tack on the large angle to the bottom of the ram that spans the full width of my press frame. The angle is 1/8” smaller that
  8. Well I’ve made some progress. I bought a 27 ton Dirty Hands splitter for $750. I do not like the auto return detent so I’m going to buy a second “spring center” detent. My plan is to install quick connects only on the supply and return to the splitter comtroller so I can just connect my new controller mounted on my press frame. I’ve reinforced the frame. Again some welds are pretty but I feel they will hold. Once I can run the ram I will add more supporting. I have my ram designed with a series of 1/2” thick square stock that I will weld to the ram bolt. The pic only shows 3 but there is a 4th
  9. Thanks guys for your input. I know I still have a serious amount of structural work to do. I want to get the vertical guides in for the ram before I do anymore steel work. I just found the 1” - 14 fine thread bolt I needed for the end of the ram. So I can design the press plates. However I realized I need be able to run the cylinder to test my design. I’ve looked at all the options and for the investment I think the log splitter is my best option. I’ve located a new 22 ton unit for $750 w/ a 6.5 hp engine. I’m going to leave the gas engine and just install longer hoses and quick connects to fl
  10. Started welding the press. The weld are not pretty but they will hold.
  11. So far I have $210 for my cylinder including shipping, $60 for a press frame I picked up at a steel yard and $100 in misc steel for frame reinforcing and (10) 5” x 5” x 1/2” plates for my dies. $370 into the project and I don’t have the hydraulic system. Most of the used complete hydro systems in my area are $400 to $800 but are all 3-phase. I would need a rotary phase converter..$$$! Used log splitters run about the same but I would still need to swap the motor. Or I did have an idea to buy a larger log splitter and install quick connects so I can swap between my press and splitter. I won’t
  12. I have explored the 3-phase option. The motors are actually less expensive but the rotary phase converters aren’t cheap. I am trying to keep the project under $1000 if possible. But I can build my press frame for now and figure out the heart of the system later and take my time on the equipment. A power hammer is on my list!
  13. Steve - Thanks for the safety concern. Believe me I am not running into this blind. I am taking as many precautions for safety design as I can. I own two companies and safety is always first. When I built my 2-buner forge, I built all the components even the burners. I used double shut-off protection and quick connects to remove the gas lines when not in use. My press design should keep the hydro lines clear from any forge scale and I will install deflector plates. I also plan on getting the slip on fire rated shields for the hydro lines. I know they are expensive but I'm over cautious. As of
  14. Marten - Thanks for this info. I think I did this calculation once with some online research but this confirms what I did. You do not need to to reply today but any thoughts on motor size (3, 5 or 7.5 hp), RPM of motor and GPM for hydro pump based on my cylinder size? You seem to have extensive background on hydraulics. Hopefully one day I can return the favor to you. Thanks in advance.
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