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  1. I have heard of using Gorilla Glue (and pins) for fastening scales to a blade or attaching a hidden tang blade into a wood handle . 

    I would appreciate hearing the pros and cons of using this method.  Preferably from bladesmiths who have used this method. 


  2. I am a blacksmith working at a local museum. I came across an old pair  of tongs in their collection. The surface shows a little rust and lots of grain , typical of old wrought iron. It's clearly hand forged and massive. 

    It's about 24 inches long overall. The bits are (each) one and a quarter inches square and about five inches long.  It's clearly designed for holding flat stock .

    Can anyone suggest what these tongs were used for?  Possible for heating the spine of a blade ??


  3. There's not much room for error with 1/2 inch rebar. You would be better starting with flatbar about 1/4 by 3/4  or 1/4 by 1 inch. 

    Then carefully centerpunch  to mark the exact midline . Do this cold and don't trust your eyeball guestimate, measure it carefully. 

    Your better off slitting or punching a slot and expanding it with a drift. A drift isn't too hard to make. Draw a long square taper and then round it off. Mild steel is good enough unless you're planning to use the drift a lot. Suggest you take a look on youtube and see some videos how to make a bottle opener. 

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