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  1. Can we see the finished daggers please
  2. Im not a butcher thou i dont rate butcher's knives at all I've trained a few butchers to bone beasts and their knives are always poor grind poor edge im always fixing them thenthey can winge and quit because its to hard if you bone say bovis 10 hours with a straight back knife your arm, hand are sore the curve helps to ease the wrist
  3. 20 years inside a meatworks swinging of a knife Couple of beer's in the shed and schooling is gooone haha
  4. I thought that was the whole interesting thing about giraffe bone the way it died. If not that is it the fact its giraffe what makes it different to bovine i would be all types of interested in a custom job one off boning knife but died as
  5. The top one with the duck is really striking love it
  6. Oh wow oh wow oh wow thays a stunning collection you have there absolutely beautiful work id love to swing off a couple of them
  7. That's a ripper garry a whole set of your kitchen collection with giraffe handles would be amazing. I've been looking more and more into the giraffe bone what is it they / would be dying it with?
  8. Giraffe bone sounded interesting so i looked it up i was a bit weirded out at first but it comes up really nice how do you go through customs have any issues? Both receiving and shipping
  9. Looks good mate thats the kinda thing me an my brother get in to
  10. Wow sir very impressive do you have a website?
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