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  1. Billy harex

    First Axe. Mixed Damascus

    Wow thats very appealing absolutely love it is it going to be for sale
  2. Billy harex

    Something old and something new

    Now thats a beautiful looking knife garry love the shape bolsters really set's it off
  3. Billy harex

    Filleting knife

    Looks Very rustic even the pouch fantastic!
  4. Billy harex


    Indeed a great looking knife very neat
  5. Billy harex

    Design for a boning knife

    Understood indeed sir my apologies are fair dinkim. im about to grind out a blade from a unknown steel wish me luck
  6. Billy harex

    Design for a boning knife

    Sorry im not even sure how to msg or that we can im super new to all the groups and 100% understand ive been a bit brash Thanks for your advice i am taking it all on board im new to this whole talking on a computer thing as well so my communication skills need a kick in the pants
  7. Billy harex

    Design for a boning knife

    You do seem to have a very opinionated idea on boning knives both here and on the other forum. You might use a boning knife (and teach others to use them) but just as there are differing sizes of animals that require differing sizes (and styles ) of knives it does not mean that one style is wrong and only your idea of a style is correct. A self proclaimed "expert" is not a good look.Your posts have become tiresome in a very short order and I will not be responding to them again.this is my telling of here i said to get this reaction no one seems to understand what a seasoned boning knife looks like. So i can see where his coming from i just didn't know it was tge same bloke his name is von gruff on the other one
  8. Billy harex

    Design for a boning knife

    On another furum told me he will no longer speak to me i said something that offended him an it probably was in regards to me being new and unknown definitely not my intention he quoted this thred i didn't even know i was speaking to the same person im Just trying to apologize and move on because i would hate to lose his seemingly amazing knowledge of knife building i thought if i apologized on here also where i may have upset him would help
  9. Billy harex

    Design for a boning knife

    So it seems ive greatly upset you garry it was not my intention i wish to apologize on this forum also you say im a self proclaimed expert m not an expert at all n any fashion and defiantly dont think that in any way shap or form i thought i was just pointing out the obvious as some times that gets over looked. Hope you can take this for what it is and not take it personally as for the whole never replying to me again im here for knowledge for people wishing to pass on their skills. Again my apologies for upsetting you ill tred lightly in the future
  10. Billy harex

    Lightweight W2 custom harpoon Bowie

    Yes i all my bought knives have similar handles much prefer to wood
  11. Billy harex

    For the fishermen

    Yes exactly what i i think about for fishing looks great garry your work is inspiring hope to get brave enough to start my own soon
  12. Billy harex

    Cawood sword, finished work

    Looks Very authentic love it
  13. Billy harex

    Next Group

    Yes yes yes i like them what a great collection for me the last sword is perfect
  14. Billy harex

    Design for a boning knife

    The The back of this knife garry is the perfect style for boning its curves hurts your wrist with a striaght back
  15. Billy harex

    Design for a boning knife

    Ive been boning beasts for years garry i trained a lot of blokes to bone also. I don't rate butcher's or their knives to be honest but they wouldn't rate my small cuts either. Boning is all about hitting the right seems and pulling to vet a super clean bone rather than cutting down the bone. I know plenty of blokes that use a smaller knife its all about personal feel my reference to trying one was to one of yours