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  1. Possibly the final update, Owen and Tod have made a video about the sword. I'm sure it will be interesting to a lot of you!
  2. True, you cannot! (Amazon doesnt let self published authors do pre-ordering, for..... literally no conceivable reason) but you would still have got it before the e-book published on the 19th. however, due to boring COVID admin reasons, the launch date was moved up, and its actually today! So both versions are now available, worldwide, for your reading enjoyment.
  3. Just a little more sword smut, all oiled up and shiny..... mmmmmm, shiny swords.
  4. Paperback will be out on the 12th of march! So those of us who like real books actually get it first.
  5. That's kind of you, but don't worry about the book, the PR stuff is for elsewhere. This is all about the sword.
  6. And some fun staged fight photos from a PR shoot we did. Don't worry, these were completely posed, no mythical swords were harmed in the making of these photographs! Done with a group of re-enactors in a 'Viking' village in Poland.
  7. Some might be wondering why I had this wonderful sword made? And with such specific features. I was writing a series about an alternate history of the end of the Viking era, and constructing a fictional saga around the idea of a mythical sword in that time, inspired by some of the Icelandic sagas, including the sword 'Tyrfing', featured in the saga of king Heidrek the wise, and other sagas. Given that I was writing the books, I wanted to have the actual sword made. Its been a long process, but I couldn't be more pleased with the results. So this sword has an entire story bein
  8. Its been a year, and actually the sword was completed and in my hands six months ago I must admit (sorry) But here, for your viewing pleasure, is Ljós a Norðan, The Light of the North. Some details: The scabbard is dark leather over wood, decorated with a one piece bone carved Norse dragon who guards the throat of the scabbard The frontside of the pommel shows a Norse warrior standing in the open doors of a great hall, Valholl itself, eternally waiting for the bearer to die in battle and join him in the celebratio
  9. I don't make normal things, and this is one of the more eccentric projects i have completed. A vaguely tanto inspired letter opener that pairs a san mai blade with a lovely bit of two tone blackwood. The blade resembles dawn over dark mountains, and the two tone case pairs with it perfectly. The reverse side of the blade is very different. pure dark heartwood, and a blade that is mostly dark, with pools of light. I like the contrast between the two sides. Everyone here knows t
  10. Genuine question not meant to 'start' something. But why is this a Bowie? i know there are broadly varying styles of Bowie, and it changed over time, but this seems more like some sort of sabre hilted dagger? no clip point, pretty much symmetrical etc.
  11. The wood 'might' be black walnut but i also think its too hard to be walnut, it might be some sort of tropical hardwood, honestly i don't know. i had it on the shelf for years. For this i wanted something very dark and with clean, simple, straight figure, to give good contrast to the metal. The other one is black ash burl, and it is such a lovely bit of timber. look at it all oiled up and fresh. Thank you Chadd. It was a total nightmare to assemble, I would never do it again without a solid through tang. having to make a pinjoint and then put that massive bar of Bronze
  12. I recently posted an Anglo saxon style seax blade that i had fitted and finished. This time its a blade that I forged myself, 3 bar construction (random, pinstripe, twist). the blade style isn't historical, it is my own design, and the handle isnt historical either, it is in art deco style. I expect the aesthetics to be divisive, but i like the fact that this is, as far as i can tell, a fairly original style. I haven't seen anyone make this style of layered handle although these days very little is truly original, i'm sure someone some where has done this before!
  13. That is a damn fine first knife.
  14. yeah im looking forwards to it all aging differently. i thought about doing some forced aging, blueing etc. but i have time and dont need it in a hurry. im keeping this one so its not going anywhere. It will particularly make the nickel silver layer stand out against the bronze. The downside is Aluminium bronze isn't the prettiest aging grade of Bronze, but i had it, and i didn't have tin bronze. so, we'll see what happens.
  15. This is a seax blade that i bought, not forged myself, and re-finished, etched, and did all the handle and fittings for. I have another seax in the works that i forged myself, but this one was just because it was such a pretty blade and i wanted to finish it up. It also gave me a chance to try some techniques i haven't used before, and get a little practice. The blade is yet unnamed. dont feel like naming a blade i didnt forge. suggestion box at the bottom though! The blade is 3 bar construction, a matched pair of twist bars over random pattern. the pattern
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