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  1. Cool which shop and by what does it go
  2. I have almost completed the the bevel but im still about 3mm thick at the edge. I also did some file work on the spine, as i wanted to give it a try. It didn't completely go as planned but its ok for a first try8
  3. Not sure how to much a tapered tang with hand tools. Balance is allready a bit forward
  4. Not going to use it in the kitchen but i stil opted for theentire length
  5. Filing jig is built so its time to start filing. The knife is not exactly perfect because i tried to straighten it with a hammer. It was not a good idea. Not only did i not straighten it but i also left hammer marks in it so on some edge its not gonne meet op with the handle nicely. I then decided to take some flat rectangular tubing heat the knife and the clamp it to a flat surface. It sort of worked its all most perfect but the hammering thinned a part of the tang.. I geuss atleast the knife will be a good learning experience.
  6. I didn't think off that. Will look into it not sure how good it wil worl for a mini cleaver though.
  7. But then naturally if the file isn't in the middle of the board it will give a slanted plunge line (if the edge of the knife is parallel to the board edge) . Do i just angle the knife then in relation to the board edge so the direction i want the punge line, lines up with the file?
  8. So have started the knife and i want to start filing. So I have started making the jig but i was wondering about the file stop that forms the plunge line. Where do i place it if i want a straight plunge line because it seems as though i would have to put the stop just right or left of the centre line in order for the file edge to be perpendicular to the knife edge but then consequently there would have to be a hole in the same place opposite side of the line for when i flip the knife over, or should i simply angle the the knife and put the stop in the middle
  9. How expensive is leather connection vs nakara on average
  10. Where do you suggest getting leather?
  11. What do i need to know and have tool wise to start making sheaths. What are useful resources for beginners.
  12. Very cool thanks for the idea
  13. So this is my first knife and i want to make a mini cleave because i like the way they look. I've only done a bit of grinding to get the shape a filing to smooth it out a bit. Its made from a scrap piece of leaf spring which is thick, making it quite beefy. The piece is a hair under 7mm but im on holiday so im for the job of working with such a thick piece. Any ideas and helpful critique is welcome and i also need ideas for handle mateial
  14. Could you please show me a picture of it
  15. Thanks i dont know why i didn't think about that. How long is your jig
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