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  1. Thank you very much Josh! Merry Christmas!
  2. The one with Ivory in the name seems to be a numbered piece?
  3. I presume that Clark was a member of www.americanbladesmith.com at one time at least to be considered that correct? Wonder if they would have a record of past members or past way members.
  4. Yeah the Ivory one I don't know if that is supposed to mean that the handle is ivory or not but it has a BWC or WBC or something too that might be the forge that made it. The one that looks like Jr is very heavy, very well made for certain. Shows a lot of nice finish and craftsmanship in it and is a joy to hold but no idea who this person is, lol.
  5. Yeah I contacted the R.Clark on that website and he said its not one of his, he uses the same type of stamp but in script font. Thanks
  6. Hopefully this is being posted in the correct board :) I came into a lot of knives recently and most of them I have figured out but these few I have not been able to narrow down. The one looks like the handle is meant to be of a Colt 45 design, it says Ivory on the blade but not sure that means the handle is ivory.One has a name on one side but that could be who made it or who it was made for, sort of like what Randall knives does for their customers and on the other side it has a J.S. for journeymen smith. The piece is old so its possibly 30+ years old. Any info anyone can give me would be awesome !Thanks in advance!
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