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  1. Nope. That’s me, the other guy he rolls with up that direction. His truck is “resting” for now. Jokes aside could you find out prices for me? PM me if you prefer. Thanks! I live up that way.
  2. Yeah, and apparently uh...specialty chickens too. I killed a total of 37 opossum between August and October. I got 12 nasty ass marsupial rats one night. All of them on or in the chicken coop. Popped them all within like 45 seconds. Twenty two's are all good and well but I resorted to more....impressive means after a while just for shits and giggles. Used the 450 Bushmaster a couple times, my 300 Short action ultra mag, 6.5 Creedmoor, AR pistol in 5.56, a 45-70 and uh.....well...a fifty four caliber muzzle stuffer...AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Opossum paste! Probably another 20 raccoons in that same time period. Oh and a porcupine that was trying to eat fertilized eggs. A bear got the neighbors rabbits too. I didn't get a shot at that one but given a chance...it would be a done deal. There's a "graveyard" at an undisclosed location with the bodies of all those opossum and raccoons....it's like some kind of redneck mafia dumping ground.
  3. Well brother, I've got some time this weekend but....I'm also off work from the 14th through the 20th.... I haven't told the wife that I'm off yet. I mean, she knows I'm "off" but not that I don't have to work. I figured that way she can't come up with any emergencies for me to deal with. My plans include getting some serious headway on my power hammer, making some other shit (knives and a couple Tomahawks maybe), perhaps now a press, and if the weather cooperates----maybe some ice fishing for some crappie/perch. So uh, plan on doing some shit son!!!!!
  4. I did quite a bit of searching for replacement parts, spares, broke down units that could be robbed for parts and no luck. There are a few parts out there that allegedly "could" fit. According to some folks out there this piece and several other models of different brands are made at the same Chinese manufacturer, the same plant or imported by the same group etc. It would be a crap shoot is the bottom line. And is it worth it? Probably not. However....I have a TIG welder in line to fix it. Apparently my crazy trust fund land baron slum lord's son is a heck of a TIG welder. And he owes me for some venison I floated him after he didn't tag out this year. Long story, REALLLLLLLLLLLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG story...
  5. @JeremyBlohm- while on my search for replacement parts on that Task Force press I found this- https://www.protoolreviews.com/news/task-force-log-splitter-recall/3022/ Careful! It's a death trap!!! (In case you aren't aware, don't put your hand between the wedge and ram! Apparently there's no sticker on it stating not to do that so they issued a "recall". When you contact them about the "recall" they issue you a set of stickers telling you not to chop your freaking arm off! Because stickers prevent stupid!!!!
  6. Should have posted this a while back. Picked up from another local smith. He tells me the main structure is, rather was, a railroad switching post. The top was milled flat then a BIG ‘ol chunk of D2 was welded on at the locally well known industrial metal shop he works at. It weights in right around 150#, sings like a Castrato and rebounds faster than a needy twenty something with daddy issues after a breakup.
  7. i'm in- Chris Briggs. My son, my sidekick, and ever present source of inspiration and AMUSEMENT wants to make one also. He's not a separate member here as he's kind of young. Can I add his name also? Nikolai Briggs
  8. Hey Alan, I acquisitioned a couple handles last night that I'll be able to make work for that hammer. You mentioned the desired relatively shorter handle. How short of a handle are you talking about? I've got several handles up to maybe 16" long which I'm sure is way too long. I plan to cut them down a little at a time until I swing it (from the elbow ) and it feels right. But roughly what kind of length are you talking about? Searched around and found a few pics but it's hard to accurately determine just how long they are. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. You need to come out west sometime with me. The mountains of NH were cool. The mountains of Washington, Oregon, Alaska....different story. If I bring you out there Sam is gonna miss you...you won't likely come back. Once your back is healed all the way up and we're both rich and famous FIF Champs with lots of extra expendable dough we should plan an "Out west blade and blacksmith extravaganza and elk hunt" trip!!! Yup, just gotta achieve the whole famous and extra cash part now. The rest of that plan is easy! LOL!!! "I love it when a plan comes together".
  10. Well Jeremy, take your time to heal up so we can make more ridiculously long road trips for anvils, hammers and whatever else strikes us! But maybe we'll stay at sea level next time... LOL!!!!
  11. I was looking at it and had the same thought, that it looked upside down. I'm uh well practiced in injuries so anything to prevent said issue is a must! Thanks Alan!
  12. A colleague of mine was in at my office yesterday carrying an old plastic shopping bag that caught my eye. Curious but I didn't initially question what it was. Part way through our conversation- not a professional type meeting either- we mainly focused on deer hunting, motorcycles, and beer- although it was INTENDED as a meeting to talk about actual professional stuff (he's a pharmacist and I'm a physician assistant). He said "hey I got something for you" and produced this hammer from his tattered plastic bag. He went on to tell me that when he bought the farm house he lives at now there was a small "shed" with some old tools and such in it. He cleaned it out and kept a few things, traded a few things like "a real old looking anvil, some other hammers, big pliers and some other stuff I wasn't sure of". He described a shop full of tools of our trade. That was almost 20 years ago. However, he did keep this "funny looking" hammer figuring it would be a cool decoration piece or maybe it had some purpose he wasn't yet aware of. It had been in his garage in the same plastic bag now for almost 20 years. He said "then I watched that Forged in Fire show and I immediately knew what it was and who needed to have it". I weighed it last night, and it came in just shy of 3 pounds. No maker marks I can identify yet. I got some steel good and toasty last night and gave it a couple swings. I do use a couple different 3# hammers I have in my repertoire however I don't just swing 3# 'ers all day every day and this hammer is a beast to control! But I love it. I needs a proper handle as the one on it is clearly a replacement that someone tried to MAKE fit it. But how cool is that?! Any thoughts on this behemoth? It was from a farm in West Michigan. The farm is known to be at least 100 years old. Although who knows when or where this hammer came from. Just curious what anyone might think about it. Thanks all and keep on bangin'!!!
  13. I'm in for EDC or folder. I've got a working model for an EDC cleaver blade. Could be a folder as well if that's the topic chosen.
  14. I'm always creeping around in the corners and shadows but figured I'd actually do something productive! I mean I'm at work so I have to do SOMETHING.
  15. Well, well, well...this looks an awful lot like a pic of a blade a friend of mine is working on. Coincidentally he just sent me a pic...
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