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  1. Yours is a newer model than mine. I looked at the breakdown and yours is made different. Do you think you could modify Josh's disc to mount on yours? Looks like the shaft is threaded to take a screw from the front of the disc.
  2. If it's an older delta 1/2 hp, it probably has a 3/4" shaft. That's an odd size.
  3. I would rather have a skinning knife with a separate gut blade. Outdoor Edge makes the swingblade that has both in one blade. That is the best combination I have ever used. Would be simple to make a set and a double sheath to hold both blades.
  4. I would start with the 1075 or 1084. Both are super simple when it comes to heat treating. Edit: Doesn't matter which you choose. They both make great knives.
  5. I saw this morning NJSB is closed due to covid. Praying it is not serious and they get back up and running soon.
  6. They must be pretty tough to handle the abuse of coupling rail cars. Welded together they would make a fine anvil substitute. Or use a single one and only have 2 1/2" width. That's plenty wide enough.
  7. What steel is it? I welded the vertical sections of two fork truck forks together and it works really well. I use it more than my old London pattern.
  8. That's going to be nice Geoff. No shop time for me either. I been sitting on the porch. It's been 13 weeks since my surgery and I still can't hold out to do anything.
  9. My wife wouldn't let that hat in the house. She's ready to sell this house now.
  10. Caught him climbing my chimney.
  11. I'm bumping this one back up as I'm curious also. I'm using wood that's not stabilized and am having other issues. Some wood cut a year ago I'm not having problems with and some cut 10 years ago I am. Why would red cedar cut 10 years ago turn a blade brown? Also, when left in the heat will get a sticky residue on the metal.
  12. I like it. I'll be making one once I get this surgery behind me.
  13. Thanks guys. I was discharged today. Feels good to be at home but scary also. I have a lot of responsibility taking care of my new bladder. It was touch and go the whole time. The pain is excruciating at times. We'll get there.
  14. Thanks everyone. It went well. I was under from 7am till about 5pm. Doc said it was textbook and almost boring. Last night was terrible. Nausea and vomiting was bad but the pain from midnight till about 6am was worse. Oxycodone nor morphine would help. I gritted my teeth for 6 hours. They gave me to toradol at 6 and I started feeling movement in my bowels. I guess it was pressure. Not had any pain meds since and slept most of the morning. Keep praying. I have a long way to go.
  15. Thanks Joel. That thought is appreciated.
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