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  1. Randy Griffin

    I'm a Blacksmith

    First thing I ever tried to Forge. Scribe and small punch from a hay tedder tine. They didn't get as hard as I thought but will be fine for the light use they will see. I'm mostly enjoying the practice. Planning to make lots more practice items.
  2. Randy Griffin

    Buffalo Forge Blower

    I found 2 Buffalo Forge blowers today. Both are locked up but one will turn about a quarter turn. I don't think they are the same size or model so couldn't use one for parts. What is one worth? The owner said he would take $50 for the one that will turn a little. Seems a waste if it can't be repaired. What are your thoughts?
  3. Randy Griffin

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I have this small piece of black walnut.
  4. Randy Griffin

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    It removes metal. You can start with a dull blade and make it razor sharp. Would take a while as the texture is pretty fine.
  5. Randy Griffin

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    You should try the tungsten electrode. It'll put an edge on a knife Schick would be jealous of.
  6. Randy Griffin

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    Actually, what I am talking about is like a ceramic rod. Or, in my case, a tungsten electrode.
  7. Randy Griffin

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    I think I read somewhere that you are not supposed to use anything round to sharpen a blade with. Is that correct?
  8. Randy Griffin

    Brand New Leeson Motor Noise

    I think it is the fan. Take the cover off and see if the fan got damaged in shipping.
  9. Randy Griffin

    Knocking Off For the Day--Time for a Little Cooking

    I'll have to agree with you there. Of coarse, the best Pot Boy I ever had was catfish down in "The Big Easy".
  10. Randy Griffin

    Knocking Off For the Day--Time for a Little Cooking

    Looks good Gary. I love Cajun food. I love okra any way I can get it. Ever tried a boiled okra sandwich?
  11. Randy Griffin

    Seeking advice

    What does the brake cleaner do? I would never have thought to use brake cleaner on a knife.
  12. Randy Griffin

    Saw blade melt (failure?).

    I'll look good and try to get a picture this evening.
  13. Randy Griffin

    Saw blade melt (failure?).

    Is that true for all the lumber mill blades? I picked up a 3' section at the scrapyard and noticed when I got home it has carbide teeth. No rust on it from the scrapyard.
  14. Randy Griffin

    Spring gardening

    I can imagine what those temps will do to a garden. The 90's we have here is bad enough.
  15. Randy Griffin

    Spring gardening

    That's my kind of garden. I have cabbage, lettuce and onions planted. Pepper seeds are started. I'd like to get the rest planted in the next couple of weeks if the weather coops.