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  1. This. Just make sure you pre-heat the seams before you weld them together and use a heavy clamp to keep them together. I have two 18" long welded together on end and I have great rebound. I'll get some pics.
  2. Call Pferd and Bahco customer service. Those are a couple of your best choices. They should have anything you need. Get part numbers and then search the web for the best price. Good luck.
  3. First thing I ever tried to Forge. Scribe and small punch from a hay tedder tine. They didn't get as hard as I thought but will be fine for the light use they will see. I'm mostly enjoying the practice. Planning to make lots more practice items.
  4. I found 2 Buffalo Forge blowers today. Both are locked up but one will turn about a quarter turn. I don't think they are the same size or model so couldn't use one for parts. What is one worth? The owner said he would take $50 for the one that will turn a little. Seems a waste if it can't be repaired. What are your thoughts?
  5. I have this small piece of black walnut.
  6. It removes metal. You can start with a dull blade and make it razor sharp. Would take a while as the texture is pretty fine.
  7. You should try the tungsten electrode. It'll put an edge on a knife Schick would be jealous of.
  8. Actually, what I am talking about is like a ceramic rod. Or, in my case, a tungsten electrode.
  9. I think I read somewhere that you are not supposed to use anything round to sharpen a blade with. Is that correct?
  10. I think it is the fan. Take the cover off and see if the fan got damaged in shipping.
  11. I'll have to agree with you there. Of coarse, the best Pot Boy I ever had was catfish down in "The Big Easy".
  12. Looks good Gary. I love Cajun food. I love okra any way I can get it. Ever tried a boiled okra sandwich?
  13. What does the brake cleaner do? I would never have thought to use brake cleaner on a knife.
  14. I'll look good and try to get a picture this evening.
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