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  1. Busted this thing open then cut some slices off the outer race and threw in the fire. What came next was totally unexpected. This stuff don't want to move. I gave up until I have more time. Check out the grain in the break.
  2. @Alan Longmire here is the belt buckle I was referring too. I'll post a pic when I get the belt done.
  3. @Joel Mercier I've always wondered why anyone would live that far north. I can't imagine the cold you have every winter. I'm sure summers are nice but I could only take so much cold. Do you ever wish you could move south?
  4. My Dad always said the hardest part of any job is getting started.
  5. You should look him up. He has some very good videos. Wilderness living, craft and blacksmithing. Mostly Viking based.
  6. Nice hooks. Looks a lot like the belt buckle Bertram-Nielson posted on YouTube about a week ago.
  7. Keep praying people. It's working. I felt pretty good today, considering what I've felt all week, so I built my new forge. I've been wanting a jabod for some time now and I must say, this is the way to go if you're using charcoal. This thing gets hot fast. I hooked it up to my shop vac but realized real quick I didn't need that much air. I'll mount my buffalo tomorrow. Was late when I got finished and I didn't build a proper bed of coals but a piece of 1/4" round got to yellow heat in no time flat. I've got a 100mm bearing I want to cut up. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. Thanks guys. It helps knowing someone cares.
  9. Medium rare steak is top of the list. Doesn't get much better. I love smoked food but the smoke gives me heartburn now. I'm about to go on a crash diet. Got to lose some weight before my next surgery. Keep cooking Conner. It's a good skill to know.
  10. So, your cutting skills are improving. More importantly, how are your cooking skills?
  11. Looking good. I'm guessing you are using the power hammer to forge these. Does the dogs head hammer make a difference?
  12. Guess I'm too far south. TSC doesn't offer coal in any form and will not order it. I'm going with side blast and charcoal. I tried the brake drum. Its ok for small stuff.
  13. I like it. What type fuel did you get? I hope I can make a fast recovery this week. I'd like to start on my new forge.
  14. I'm going to need your help folks. This past spring I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had surgery in July to remove a massive tumor. The procedure went well and I was to have a second surgery in 3 months to clean up anything that may be left. That was today and my doctor had to remove 2 new tumors. I was supposed to start treatments in January but looks like that's off now. I'll see the doctor next Monday and know more then but looks like I'm looking at removal of my bladder. With your prayers and GOD'S will I'll get through this.
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