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    my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Texas, Freedom, guns, blades, hunting, fishing, rare steaks and good looking women.

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  1. Forged this one out about a year ago and finally got around to finishing it as a gift for my brother. Blade is 1084 with stabilized Holly scales, micarta pins and buffalo horn liners. cutting edge is 5.170 and over all length is about 9.90. Pictures are by my brother.
  2. Thanks! I had it about twice that thick so definitely too much.
  3. For a heat treated, 7-10” flat ground Bowie what thickness should the edge be at before I start to sharpen it? going for a convex edge. I’m having a hard time getting a good edge on some larger blades and believe I might be leaving them too thick.
  4. Thanks for the reply’s y’all. The edge was pretty thin so I’m hoping that is the issue. I think I’ll get it sharp again and see how long it will hold an edge cutting rope, plastic, old garden hose etc. it’s meant to be a skinning/hunting knife, not a chopper so maybe I was too rough on it.
  5. will the edge of a correctly heat treated knife roll if it’s thin? or is it a sign it’s a little soft. I’m working on a 1084 hunter that I believe I heat treated and tempered correctly. (2, two hour cycles in oven at 425, did use an oven thermometer) edge was probably 25 thousands when I started to sharpen it. once I got it hair popping sharp I started testing it. chopped into an antler, through a 1x3, then spent 10 minutes chopping 1/4”-1” thick mesquite and cedar limbs. when I was done the edge would cut but would no longer shave and out towards the tip th
  6. anyone here have the email address for High Temperature Tools & Refractory? if so would you please message it to me? for some reason I can't get the link on their website to work.
  7. thanks y'all, i thought there might be enough steel there for two smaller blades but i really didn't want to start anything till i knew for sure. may play it safe and just do one but i haven't decided for sure yet.
  8. How large a blade could i forge out from a 4 1/2" x 0.925 x 0.460 bar? Would that be enough steel for say a 5" hidden tang hunter? I completed my first successful forge weld last night using some 1 1/4" cable. ended up with about a 10" bar which i split in half. The plan was to forge weld the two pieces together and then forge a mid size blade from that but now i'm leaning towards making a couple small hunters instead.
  9. Thanks y'all! was able to re texture the ricasso area this evening. as soon as i have time i'll finish grinding it and then try for the heat treat.
  10. had some time on Christmas to do a little forging so I decided to try and forge out my first full tang blade. gotta say i'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so far. I used a 1 1/4" x 5" x 3/8" piece of leaf spring and ended up with a blade that has a .225 thick spine at the ricasso, a 5 1/4" cutting edge and is just under 10 1/4" oal. was able to get the distal taper in the blade and the tang, forged in the bevels and made sure it was completely straight. first time I remembered to get all that done in the same blade. here are some pics right after it was forged.
  11. hahaha! well it looks nice but it sure doesn't hold up very well!
  12. thanks everyone! i definitely want to get better so I really appreciate all the advice!
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