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  1. Mike Andersson

    Frozen tongs

    I was working in my forge and I was pounding out some hot steel for a while. When I put the steel back into the forge I laid my tongs on my anvil and they slid off and landed in my water bucket. They were pretty hot so they made a hiss when they went in. I pulled them out quickly but now they won't open or close. I tried to heat them back up and nothing changed. Is there a fix for this mistake, besides not being a bone head?
  2. Mike Andersson

    Coil spring

    Thanks for the help, I got it hotter and let it sit in the quench longer and it worked. Thanks again.
  3. Mike Andersson

    Coil spring

    Thanks Jeoff, I get it to non magnetic and quench it in peanut oil. When it cools I check it with a flat file and it states right off, but when I check it with a triangular file it digs in. I did the spark test on the metal before starting and looked like it was high carbon so I thought it would harden well. I'm going to try what you said about quenching it in water and hitting it with a hammer and see what happens.
  4. Mike Andersson

    Coil spring

    I am trying to make some hot tools out of a coil spring. I get the working ends up to quenching temperature and I quench in oil. But they don't get as hard as I think they should. Do I have to do something special with this kind of metal?