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  1. I just purchased my first store bought knife metal after five years of repurposing mystery metals.I bought 1095 and I was wondering if I should normalize it before working and shaping it into a knife?
  2. Thanks Wayne and Alan I appreciate the reply.
  3. Thanks Timgunn if I don't have luck with the doors open more ill get smaller jet ports and see what happens.
  4. Thanks Robert ill try opening up both ends and see what happens. Btw what is ITC-100?
  5. venturi forge? Is that the name of a two burner model? It's made by majestic forge and it's called the knife makers model. It's the same as the ones they use on forged in fire only one less burner.
  6. I am having some trouble getting my two burner majestic forge up to forge welding heat. I have fire brick closing all of one side except a small slice and the other side closed off so the opening is just big enough to get the work piece inside. I have the valves cranked on high and I can let the piece sit there for 15 minutes even after I have been heating and beating the piece for over 45 minutes. So the forge is heated and working great but I just can't get it to welding heat. Any tips? Do I need buy one with more burners to get to this heat?
  7. I was working in my forge and I was pounding out some hot steel for a while. When I put the steel back into the forge I laid my tongs on my anvil and they slid off and landed in my water bucket. They were pretty hot so they made a hiss when they went in. I pulled them out quickly but now they won't open or close. I tried to heat them back up and nothing changed. Is there a fix for this mistake, besides not being a bone head?
  8. Thanks for the help, I got it hotter and let it sit in the quench longer and it worked. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Jeoff, I get it to non magnetic and quench it in peanut oil. When it cools I check it with a flat file and it states right off, but when I check it with a triangular file it digs in. I did the spark test on the metal before starting and looked like it was high carbon so I thought it would harden well. I'm going to try what you said about quenching it in water and hitting it with a hammer and see what happens.
  10. I am trying to make some hot tools out of a coil spring. I get the working ends up to quenching temperature and I quench in oil. But they don't get as hard as I think they should. Do I have to do something special with this kind of metal?
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