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  1. Mike, Thanks again!! I just got home and I am so very thankful for your generosity! I can't wait to make a knife for this wood!!!
  2. My grinder arrived!! I’m still waiting for the stand and flat paten (Monday stinking fed-x). But I got it together and was able to play with it a bit! I’m so amazed at what a difference it is from my little 1x30 !! The steel doesn’t get nearly as hot and comes of at quadruple speed! I’m still learning how to properly grind but this machine will make my journey much nicer. the grinder is an AmeriBrade 2hp(1.5@120v) VFD, 10in wheel, flat paten, small wheel holder both with accessory arms.
  3. Thanks for all the responses! I am a transplant to the desert! I grew up in the Appalachian mountains and heated with wood for several years. If I still lived there I would have no problem with getting down trees. Here it’s a problem. I like the flooring contractor idea. I will try a contact some. I need to learn how to make micarta!! Thanks for the idea!
  4. I make blades as my stress relief hobby. I do give away some stuff I have made here and there so I do not have the needs for exotic handle parts. What are some sources for inexpensive handle scales? I have scrounged pallets, bought a piece of poplar, and have even used a part of an old chair. If anyone has some ideas I could use it would be very helpful. I am looking for something more durable than the poplar board. Should I just suck it up and buy some handle scales? I did like trying my had with the scraps to make hidden tang handles using my router and chisels.
  5. Congrats on the grinder! I just got the shipping notice on my Ameribrade 2x72. I just yesterday had an outlet installed on it's own breaker as my shop (garage) was woefully lacking in outlets, plus they were 15 amp , I mow have some 20a outlets. I wish I could have been able to add a 220 line but after spending money like a a drunken sailor I had to cut the wish list down. I just did a sorta upgrade for my lighting I would like to share. I bought a three panel LED that screws into an existing light socket. It is 4000 lumens and Daylight bright. Make a surpricing amount of light and I will get one or two more.
  6. I'm in AZ so that's why I don't see it all the time. I was using my portable "swamp cooler" so it will add humidity in my shop. Thanks for the answer!
  7. I was forgeing on a section of coil spring and after it cools it looks like rust. What would cause this? I was cleaning the steel with a wire brush when forgeing. I had this happen before and after grinding it goes away. I’m just curious if it’s the steel or the atmosphere of my forge? I have a single burner propane.
  8. The edges felt a bit sharp from running my finger over them. I used a fairly worn 80 grit flap disk and only smoothed the sharp edge on the sides. I can feel the difference but it is hard to see any changes. I agree that you can't put metal back so I was very cautious. I will forge on it some today!!
  9. I made an anvil stand and mounted my brand new Kanca 110# anvil. Torch finish by my daughter! Now comes the scary dressing the edges of the anvil. It’s a bit daunting to take an angle grinder to this.
  10. Yeah Doug, I was looking at the Atlas. I just couldn't hold out till they had more. I was able to get a great price on the Kanca from Centaur forge. They were the lowest and had the cheapest shipping and right now they have a code for new customers of 10%!!!
  11. Thanks Alan, I have been having a very hard time with being able to drill in the older leaf spring I used. I had to take a torch to it to have any chances. I’m embarrassed at the number of drill bits I destroyed in frustration!
  12. Yes, I meant 5160. I was going to cut off a small part and quench it to make sure I can harden it properly . Any tips for working and hardening 5160?
  13. Hello all, I’m a novice and doing this as a hobby and for my enjoyment. I first started using mild steel making some leaves to learn what end of the hammer to hold. I then used a file for my first knife (prison shank). Then I used a coil spring from a 4 runner and a large coil spring from a off-road shop. What a difference from getting mild steel to move! I then was given a old leaf spring. I just recently went to a spring shop where they repaired and make spring packs for very large trucks. Most of the cut offs are new steel. They are a little thicker than the other leaf spring. I was wondering if any one could identify the steel? I think it’s 1060.
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